Hamilton reveals his future with Mercedes ahead of Baku

Lewis Hamilton has spoken about his Formula 1 future and his ambitions for the season with Mercedes. The British driver said that he is not tired and that for the moment he wants to continue. He still believes in an eighth world F1 championship title…

A few months after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton seems to have turned the page. The British driver was tied on points with Max Verstappen before the last race and led the entire race before seeing the Dutchman come back and overtake him on the final lap. A huge disappointment, especially as Lewis Hamilton had the opportunity to become the most successful driver ahead of Michael Schumacher. Several months have passed and Hamilton seems to have digested.

“There was a moment when, yes, I obviously lost a little bit of faith in the system. But I’m a very determined person and I like to think that if moments like this can define careers, I refuse to let it define mine. And so I focus on being the best I can be and coming back stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” he confided before restarting the season, claiming he had no hard feelings towards Max Verstappen:

“He did everything a driver would try to do given the opportunity. He’s a great competitor and we’ll have another battle like last year, and we’ll evolve from our races and our experiences last season.

“There are no problems with him.”


Lewis Hamilton’s ambition was clear, to come back this season and win his 8th world championship title. But to date, seeing him win anything is a big stretch. The British driver is already behind in the drivers’ standings and he can only watch from afar the fight for the title between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

Hamilton nonetheless returned to this complicated season by talking about his future.

“Let’s take this season – I probably won’t win the title, but I’m enjoying it as much as I did when I started. Why should I stop?

“Maybe one day I won’t be able to take the pressure anymore, I’ll be tired, but that day hasn’t come yet,” the Mercedes driver said. At 37, Hamilton is not losing hope and still believes he can be competitive and still believe in a title.


“Of course I believe in it. I’ve been with these guys (Mercedes) for 10 years. I know how they work and the kind of culture, we win and lose together. They are very motivated. They give their soul to get us back to the top.”

Asked about this season’s title race, Lewis Hamilton did not rule out Mercedes just yet: “You take it for granted that we at Mercedes are doomed? Don’t underestimate us,” he said, before adding: “Ferrari is stronger in qualifying and Red Bull in the race. But that changes with every race, and Ferrari has shown that it knows how to create a great car. And Charles is very strong.”



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  1. Whether ham is tired of F1 or not, most F1 fans are tired of him. So they say to him: “Leave, go, scat”!

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