Crazy rumour on Vettel replacement at Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel’s future in Formula 1 remains uncertain, the four-time world champion still has a contract with Aston Martin until the end of the year but it is obvious that the team has failed the driver and all expectations for 2022, therefore it is unlikely the German will continue. The latest crazy rumour reveals an unexpected replacement.

Instead of a contract extension, there is speculation about a new driver at Aston Martin. Vettel could lose his place in Formula 1 to another German. The new season is still sobering for Sebastian Vettel. The hoped-for upswing with the revamped Aston Martin has so far failed to materialise. Rumours of a career end have been rife in recent weeks and months. Vettel himself leaves his future in Formula 1 open.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin is already looking for a successor and that successor could be Vettel’s best buddy Mick Schumacher, of all people, according to the Italian edition of


Aston Martin is said to have set its sights on the youngster in particular – and for two reasons: Because of his name and his origins. The racing team wants not only sporting success, but also to become economically active on the German market with Schumacher. Obviously, questions remain about how successful the team would be with Mick, particularly when the team itself appears to be in free fall.

Whistleblowers within the Aston Martin factory contacted this website back in January warning us of the issues since the Stroll takeover.



The British racing team allegedly wants to boost its business in Europe again after recent poor sales figures. One of the most important markets is to be Germany. But first Schumacher has to get out of his contract with Ferrari. The German is tied to the Scuderia and is only “on loan” to Haas. However, it is not only Aston Martin that is said to be interested in Schumacher. Speaking to Sky, his uncle and pundit Ralf Schumacher said that Mick, in his second year in Formula One, already “has value” and there were several teams interested in him. “It’s not just Aston Martin,” he says.

So it remains to be seen where Mick Schumacher will drive next year, if he retains a seat at all within Formula 1, performance is everything.




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  1. This is a dignified exit for the ‘cucumber’. Hamilton has a larger-than-life image and if he wants to protect it, he too needs to make a decorous exit. Instead, he seems to be intent on rambunctious and turbulent behaviour, leaving more of his fans bitter and disillusioned. Both Ham and Wolff were exceptional in their social interactions as long as things were going their way. But they are out of their depth when in adversity.

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