Hamilton again suffers DRS failure

Mercedes have significantly improved their poor performing W13 car, yet despite the upgrades proving promising, Lewis Hamilton suffered a hydraulic failure in FP1. The entire rear wing was replaced, yet today in FP3 the 7 times champion once again found his DRS inoperative as he prepared for his qualifying simulation lap.

Meanwhile Pierre Gasley had to retire early in FP3 as smoke billowed from under his engine cover. Alpha Tauri will most likely have the car ready for qualifying but Gasley again has lost valuable time to set the car up for the afternoon session in Barcelona.

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Mick Schumacher meanwhile will probably not make qualifying due to a rear right brake fire. As he returned to the pits with no rear brakes, the front jack man ill advisedly jumped in front of the car struggling to stop.

The fire raged for over 2 minutes and destroyed most of the right rear corner of the Haas, so unfortunately a lengthy rebuild is now required.
FP3 continues with the Red Bull’s yet to set a competitive time.

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3 responses to “Hamilton again suffers DRS failure

  1. Can’t expect everything to work with so little time to do it. Look at RB with a few DNFs. It’s a credit to the teams to even get a drivable car in so little time.

  2. You do mean that Maxipads dsr was not working , watched the race and Hamilton was taken out on the first lap by a Hasse you regards, Maxipad the whiner had the Drs wing problem… Wow you guys get to go on line with such inaccurate bullshit! Piss off.

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