Max hints Red Bull update

While Ferrari is set to launch its first major upgrade to its F1-75 car this weekend in Barcelona, reigning world champion Max Verstappen says Red Bull also has plenty of new features in store for its RB18 Formula 1 car, but won’t say exactly what the team has in store for Barcelona this weekend.

Scuderia Ferrari who are currently leading the constructors’ championship ahead of Red Bull, will have waited until the sixth round of the year in Barcelona this weekend to unveil a major upgrade to its F1-75, specifically a new aerodynamic package, which should give the two Ferrari drivers a little more performance on a very technical track where teams have become accustomed to running their cars with a lot of downforce.


When asked if he was worried about Ferrari stepping up the pace in terms of development on their car, the Dutchman said he remained confident that Red Bull, who claim to have taken a completely different approach with the introduction of drip developments on the RB18, would be able to respond in this development war.

“There’s still a lot left in the tank! Of course I think we can always do better, but for us the priority is reliability, so we will try to get that under control first,” said Verstappen in Barcelona on Thursday.

“I think we have a team that works very well on the track, but also in the factory, they are very efficient, and I think with the cost cap, that is very important. I honestly think we are one of the best on the grid right now in that respect.”


Regarding his chances of performing well this weekend in Barcelona and for the rest of the season, Max Verstappen says he is rather relaxed ahead of the sixth round of the year:

“Of course we’ll have to wait and see what the others have done [to improve], but I’m rather relaxed. However, it’s a long season and I know that everything will depend on the development of the car. So we have to take it step by step, race by race.”




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