Wolff comments on Russell Hamilton clash

For this Formula 1 season, Mercedes is fielding a new driver duo with George Russell as Lewis Hamilton’s teammate. Toto Wolff is pleased with the good atmosphere between the two British drivers despite an on-track clash at the Miami Grand Prix.

After five years, Valtteri Bottas was not retained by Mercedes AMG F1. Things changed with the departure of the Finn who was replaced by George Russell. The latter became Lewis Hamilton’s teammate and for the moment, the relationship between the two British drivers appears excellent on and off the track. Toto Wolff is said to be delighted with the partnership between Hamilton and Russell, who no doubt has fresh memories of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton’s antics on and off the track.



Wolff is alleged to be “happy”,

“George has integrated very well. It’s almost like he’s been here forever and I’m really happy with the two of them, the way they interact, the respect they have for each other,” said Wolff,

“Even the situation in Miami where they clashed and it became ‘I’m not giving you any space’ has turned into ‘OK, I’ll find another way to get through and get the position back’,

“I think that’s how two teammates should compete. So I’m happy with the way George has integrated into the team and his relationship with Lewis,” said the Mercedes boss.



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