Ferrari under investigation, again

A number of Ferrari rivals are questioning the parts used by the Ferrari Formula 1 team. Ferrari was one of four teams on the track at Imola for a two day test using the latest Pirelli tyres, and the FIA is seeking clarification on the conditions under which Ferrari took part in the test due to suspected infringements when testing the development of the 2023 Pirelli F1 tyres. 

In question was Ferrari’s compliance with the regulations after it was reportedly running different floor specifications during its test day on Charles Leclerc’s car. Photos clearly show two different versions of the floor between Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr.

F1’s regulations for tyre testing are very restrictive for teams, and Sainz taking to the track with a different specification is a potential breach of Article 10.8 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations sets out the requirements for teams as to what parts they can use, and prohibits any use of experimental components. 

The version used by Charles Leclerc was the one used at the Bahrain Grand Prix, but there are doubts surrounding Carlos Sainz’s and whether it was fitted at a previous Grand Prix in the Ferrari. However, it could have been fitted during winter testing, which would then allow the Scuderia to be in the clear.


“Cars at these tests must only use components of a specification that have been used in at least one (1) race or TCC [testing of current cars] during the current Championship year. These cars must fully comply with the provisions of the Technical Regulations.” states the regulation.

“No test parts, component changes or set-up changes will be permitted which give any sort of information to the Competitor that is unrelated to the tyre test.

“Mechanical set-up changes, driver control changes and component changes are permitted if agreed in advance with the tyre supplier that they are necessary for the correct evaluation of the tyres or to complete the tyre test.”

According to, at least two teams have been in contact with the FIA to verify the legality of the situation, but other teams are following the matter closely.



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