Hamilton angry at public opinion

Lewis Hamilton is clearly feeling the pressure. He is merely P7 in the F1 drivers’ standings after four race weekends and has scored just over a third of Charles Leclerc’s leading points tally.

In his own words, he is out of the drivers’ title race this year already, which must be a huge blow to his goal of an 8th F1 title is gone until at least 2023.


For Lewis to win an 8th drivers’ title assumes Mercedes AMG F1 can produce a title winning car by the end of next season and at present its questionable whether they can recover their position even given 2 years of development.

Further, Hamilton’s team mate is nigh on humiliating him, given George Russell has almost double the points of Hamilton and has bested him in 3 of the 4 GP’s this season.

In a bizarre post, Lewis stated on Instagram today “Working on my masterpiece, I’ll be the one to decide when its finished.”


The coded message says a lot about Hamilton’s state of mind. He appears to be telling us he isn’t about to quit. Yet the reality is there have been only a few media stories suggesting he is about to do this. It seems a classic over reaction from Hamilton when his emotions run away with his rationality.

Of course there is the subtext for this Insta post being that Lewis wants an 8th title before he’s done with F1 – his unfinished ‘masterpiece’.

Yet at present given turnaround times for engineers and F1 cars, its unlikely his current contract to the end of 2023 will be enough time for Mercedes AMG F1 to get on a sufficient up-cycle to deliver for his ambition.

Lewis is a complex character, he has demonstrated his emotional highs and lows over a decade and a half of F1 racing. Yet his apparent anger or defiance in this Insta statement is unusual for him, as he prefers to do his talking out on track.

12 responses to “Hamilton angry at public opinion

  1. Lewis we have had bad times before maybe not as bad as this yr…You can still rise ..miracles can happen ..akeca look at last yr when you was way behind Max .at Amsterdam..in the second part of the season you picked up tremendous ..please please keep your faith up you are still an Legend way in the lead …there’s nothing untouchable ….Et that car right …then your be leading again . Look at Brazil 21 it was just a plane rolling round it isn’t you it’s the car ….do you mean to say there’s nobody who can help ..try and get some meditating in

  2. “Classic overreaction by Hamilton”? Hardly. The press seem to generate an awful lot of speculative waffle about him just because he’s have a rough start to this season. He didn’t throw the towel in when he lost the championship to Nico.

  3. Journalism. Is this what it is. Antagonist, patronising and down right disrespectful. Greatest driver of this generation. Yet still no respect. I don’t blame him for his distain for your collective. Frankly, most of us, would react the same.

  4. You hate Hamilton, what wows me is that this page is obsessed with him so much. We have other 19 drivers, kindly talk about them

    • Exactly! Hamilton is clearly in this person’s head more than is healthy. Very poorly written.

    • I think you’ll find the F1 media was ‘obsessed’ with 7 times champion Michael Schumacher, even on his return when he was nowhere near the front on most weekends

  5. So we’re clear, this is a direct response to helmut marko, who said “maybe [Lewis] should’ve quit last year” in reference to the imola race

    • Hey, Mansell, Schumacher, Kimi, Alonso et all all bailed for a season or two. It’s not unlikely Lewis could do he same

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