Lawrence Stroll’s pet project could go bust

Bernie Ecclestone used to say, F1 welcomed Billionaire want to be team owners but they often left the sport as millionaires – or words to that effect.

Lawrence Stroll is one of the most recent billionaires to throw his hat into the F1 ring, buying Aston Martin Road cars and rebranding the defunct Force India team as the historic British marque.

TJ13 sources had stated there has been a lot of upheaval since Lawrence arrival at the Silverstone based team and that their full spec 2022 race car is yet to debut.

However, since the inception of the cost cap, it is unlikely that F1 will hurt Stroll’s pocket too much. Furthermore, an industry analyst today questions whether Aston Martin road cars have the finance to survive.

Aston Martin has gone bust 7 times since its inception and is apparently burning through cash in its attempt at a Ferrari style model and the huge cost of electrification.


“It’s precarious and is possible for this company to go bust”, said Charles Coldicot of Redbush Equity Research. It’s questionable whether Aston Martin can reach the 10,000 units a year required to pay for the cost of the new EV vehicles down the road.

Caldicott believes it lacks the broader appeal of Ferrari and will struggle to hit its production targets.



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