Hamilton “Tired of the grind of F1”

Ted Kravitz has been around the F1 paddock for decades and to be fair is one of SkyF1’s better pundits. His grid walk with Anthony Davidson in Imola put regular Martin Brundle, absent this weekend, to shame.

There was no celebrity hunting for inane comments on a sport they know nothing about, just insight after insight to the moments the drivers experience before the start of the race.

Davidson as an ex-F1 driver was Ted’s grid walk sidekick and provided invaluable insight into how the teams prep the car in those final minutes before the lights go out.

Well done Sky F1.

Less well done Sky F1, was the girlie double act anchoring the weekend show. Neither have the appropriate depth of knowledge or capability to ask the tough questions or understand the complexities around the incidents during the race.


Rachael Brooks of Sky would be a far better option for ‘female anchor’ for the weekend. IMHO.

However, in the Sky F1 feature called “The Notebook”, Ted Kravitz was brutally honest about Hamilton’s current demise and future in F1.

Kravitz rhetorically asked, “Where does Lewis go from here. Clearly he’s annoyed. Is he thinking about the future. Clearly he likes things going right, he likes the fighting, he likes being on the podium. He’s clearly looking for the 8th world championship.”

From an impartiality perspective, Kravitz, he has no axe to grind and is fair to all F1 participants, verging on the ‘over nice’. Yet he isn’t scared of tackling the big issues and asking the difficult questions.

The most shocking comment he made during The Notebook was, “Has he [Hamilton] tired of the grind of Formula 1. Definitely by now.”



“Does he need Formula 1…. That’s an open question”, added Kravitz.

Ted then went off piste and kind of meandered and appeared to reconsider his thoughts as he spoke.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if, do you know? What….. clearly he considered retirement”

On the issue of a Hamilton retirement from F1, Toto Wolff has been open about this prospect for Lewis Hamilton. During the period the Brit went dark on social media for 2 months following his defeat in Abu Dhabi, Wolff repeatedly claimed Hamilton may not be back on the grid for 2022.

This was in hindsight clearly PR to force the FIA to sack race director Massi, but if we consider the prospects of Mercedes producing a championship winning car in the next two years, the Hamilton retirement option is becoming even more likely.

Kravitz surmises Lewis’ only chance of another WDC is with Mercedes. “Can he change teams No”.

Clearly Red Bull and Ferrari will be the front runners for the next two years and the door is closed to Lewis joining either of these teams. Budget caps and wind tunnel restrictions will significantly hamper Mercedes from buying their way out of their current predicament.

So Lewis is getting obliterated by his team mate. He has a contract for another year with Mercedes who have little chance of producing a championship winning car.



What is the outcome?

There’s no 8th WDC for Hamilton in the foreseeable future with Mercedes and there’s no winning team prepared to recruit him.

Having threatened the FIA and F1 fans with a Hamilton retirement, Wolff et al may now in fact see their predication come true.

And the final word goes to Red Bull Racing’s grumpy grandad when asked about Verstappen lapping Lewis in Imola. Helmut Marko observed, “Maybe he [Hamilton] should have stopped last year.”

Food for thought as sports men and woman always struggle to know when enough is enough.



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  1. it is obvious for anyone by now that hammie never was the great driver he pretended to be, it was always the car and now he gets obliterated by his teammate, who is obviously the better driver.. It makes one wonder what MB did to the number 2 car to keep it behind lulu

    • Good point. It makes Rosberg’s defeat of Hamilton even more special. He had the team to fight to even be in with a chance.

        • Oh well, it’s only the opinion of probably the most experienced F1 pit lane commentator – who’s been around since the 80’s. I’m sure you know better.

        • Hamilton is nothing but a pussy, just because you lost last year you don’t have to winge like a baby get your fight back and show how good a driver you are, show some british grit

    • Hamilton has always been a sore loser. No comparison to Michael Schumacher. He should retire.

      • No comparison of course but two complete drivers and two of the best there is. He will eventually retire in his own terms just like what Schumacher did.

          • Hamilton is the best . It’s really tough to fight back after what happened in 2021. He won 8 championships.

          • He won 7. Read the history books. Saying something repeatedly never makes it true

      • I tend to agree. But I’ve only really come to this conclusion this weekend. Previously it seemed there was a magnanimous exit available, but now each weekend is utter humiliation – with no end in sight. Ham Lucky to get out of qualy 1 – smashed by his junior team mate again. No hope of a competitive car.

        The near and medium future is grim for Loo – and he’s not equipped mentally for that.

      • He’s no comparison with Michael Schumacher, for sure, having a heart, compassion and fair play as attributes, things the German never had or understood. It’s amazing how you forgot to mention the best car in your fawning.

      • You certainly hit the nail on the head most normal f 1 drivers would have won most of his championships as he was so privileged to be in the best and fastest car.same when button won his.great to see so many people replying to as to say same.gone is the days of the silver spoon treatment for Hamilton now we know he is just a bang average driver.reckon the white van man or the stig would beat him.lol.

    • He didn’t pretend, he was the greatest F1 driver and he didn’t become a 7 time world champ by pretending.

      • Wow non of your idiotic comments have anything to do with F1 and particularly Mercedes current situation. It’s all driven by racism or hate. The fact of the matter is Lewis is driving a substantially worse car than almost anyone on the track. And Toto admitted it. Please if you can’t be impartial then she your pinhole…this blog is for pure F1 fans not keyboard warriors that I’m sure started watching f1 since they were lockdown and had nothing better to do.

        • As usual another commentator resorting to accusations of racial bias. The persistent argument of racial bias in life is simply creating further racial tensions.

          Well done BLM.

          Lewis is driving the same car as George Russell and has been beaten soundly by his teammate over the first 4 F1 race weekends.

          Further, Hamilton went dark on social media for a couple of months following his defeat in Abu Dhabi – Lewis loves his social media connections. So this is some kind of evidence of a mental crisis.

        • Russell drives the same car as Lewis. And russel finishes 4th

          So either Toto is spouting nonsense or Russel is an extremely talented rider. As he declassified the seven-time WDC

      • The only reason Hamilton won seven world championships is because any teammate he drove with had to pull over and let him past if they were ahead of him so that Hamilton got most points, otherwise he would have been lucky to have two championships

        • I guess you aren’t a great fan of Hamilton then to make such a stupid statement. Just how many races on his way to 7 WTC titles did Bottas have to pull over one, two maybe three? There are many ex drivers and greats in F1 that regards Hamilton as the best driver there ever was. There are also some seasons where he won by such a large margin it was embarrassing and without Bottas having to move over.

    • Why do you Hamilton haters perpetuate this nonsense about it always being the car! What do think they drugged Bottas to make him slower, who incidentally is a great driver by the way. Bottas would be the first to admit that being team mate to the GOAT is hard and if it is the car why do they pay Hamilton £30m a year, generosity!
      You need to come up with some new lines because ‘it’s because of the car’ is getting tired now and to be honest just makes you look daft!
      I don’t know if you read newspapers but it is well known that as well as the car being rubbish, Hamilton has not been himself for a while now and his team are rightly worried, he is all over the place. However, he will take the next few races to get himself back in shape and then we will see what happens.

      • You need to stop accusing people of being haters. They are entitled to their opinion. Unlike Putin’s Russia, people are entitled to differing view points. I’ve warned you before. Tone down the rhetoric or be blocked

        • Understood but if you read his posts Judge it is just puerile hatred of Hamilton, no real content just character assassination and no truth to any of it. I could say Max is gay and loves to dress up in ladies clothes but it doesn’t make it true, so why do people post this garbage! If you want to warn anyone tell Dave to rein it in as his anti Hamilton hatred is offensive to everyone that doesn’t loathe Hamilton. I wont use that term ‘Hamilton Hater’ any more but some of these posts have nothing to do with racing just attacking Hamilton which I find totally pointless.

          • you consider criticism the same as hate.
            and just as you say that not everyone likes MV, this also applies to LH.

            and as long as you keep blabbing that LH is the GOAT, people who don’t find LH so godd will react to this. get used to it

          • People are allowed to dislike or as you call it “hate” Max, Lewis, etc etc….. As long as they articulate their arguments without name calling and abusive behaviour.
            And you need to follow these rules.
            Much of your accusation of a “hater” is your interpretation of someone who does not like Hamilton
            He is a marmite character and inspires devotion and dislike equally. Get over yourself.

  2. Clearly lot of hamilton criticism. He doesn’t need to prove teto anyone else.He wasnt a 7 time for nothing. Still the GOAT even if he decides to retire.

      • I have never heard the truth being put in such an honest and blunt way!
        Truth always hurts!!

        • As a regular anti Hamilton poster I doubt if you would recognise the truth if you fell over it. What truth is it you are talking about? Max being known as the ‘Human Error’ champion and not accepted by anyone unless a diehard Max fan. He may win a title one day without help from the FIA but for now most people consider Hamilton 8th time WTC by default and Max still having to prove himself. That is the truth!

          • Something to add Dre, or is laughing your arse off the only intelligent response you can muster? Is there anything I have said that isn’t true, I would love to hear an intelligent constructive comment?

          • Well if I give my opinion you burn me off that I do not understand it all and have an unfounded opinion.
            so if you also want to hear a different opinion than your own, but then you have to be open to it i van Hove it to you. As I did before

          • You need to stop calling others names or you will be sanctioned – even banned. You could have made a constructive response to the previous commentator but chose to make it a slagging match

          • You can’t prove most people don’t. Stick to the facts. Ya boo on social media is not the general consensus

          • You need to restrain yourself. Ya boo I was right is boring. You make intellegent comments – but don’t need to react to others in such a defensive and at times personnel manner.

          • I apologise Judge it wont happen again. In my defence, I don’t like to see people rubbish Hamiltion after all the great achievements he has made only to be written off by some of these posts as average or worse. Dre makes a stupid comment and I challenged it and instead of a meaningful reply he just wrote nonsense or just laughed which is annoying but I’ll tone it down in future,

          • look there you go again. You wanted a discussion. I give my opinion. Then you say I write nonsense because I don’t have the same opinion as you. I don’t think you’re arguing then.

          • Oh come on Dre and strangely your posts seem to have disappeared, why is that? You were arguing that the crash happened because Hamilton forced Max onto the kerbs when in reality it was the other way around. Have you ever seen anyone make such a ridiculous and reckless move in a chicane ever where there is no room to pass, because I don’t remember one, it was kamikaze stuff. Max seriously expected Hamilton to just move out of the way, such arrogance is unparalleled and yet as one of his followers you buy into it. Fortunately the stewards and the rest of the world agree with me and Max was slapped with a two point penalty and I think he was lucky to have gotten away with that, he could have killed Lewis with such a reckless and dangerous manoeuvre. Your counter was to say that you believe Max was in the right and I’m wrong but unfortunately for you, you are in a minority group of one, apart from the lunatic fringe of Max’s followers. We are all entitled to our opinions Dre it’s just that in this instance you are very wrong.

          • you only read what you want to read. I never claimed that LH pushed MV on the curbs. I indicated that the Curbs was pushing MV against LH. Because MV’s car was pushed to the right. I have never accused LH of doing anything wrong here.
            I did respond to your allegations that MV was not even going to look at LH. to which I said I didn’t think that was strange since LH was in full force to back out from under MV’s car. MV had gone there and LH had shot loose, what could have happened.
            but you probably can’t believe that someone isn’t completely lyrical about LH.

          • Your entire first response which has now mysteriously disappeared implied it wasn’t Max’s fault as he was pushed onto the curbs. The truth being he should never have been there in the first place, it was a reckless and dangerous move and the end result and two penalty points proved that, Hamilton was simply on the driving line with Max trying to force a way past that wasn’t there.
            I respect your response Dre but even if Hamilton tried to reverse he had the whole rear of Max’s car on his head, I would have done the same whatever condition I was in. The fact that Max didn’t even bother to check and worse tried to blame Hamilton was what upset everybody. It was the epitome of selfishness and a massive lack of care and respect.

          • That is how Max is known by everyone who isn’t a Max fan, he didn’t earn his title he was given it and that whitewash of an investigation claimed it was human error! So no one respects Max as 2021 WTC just ‘Human Error’ or ‘Paper Champion’, in a real and just world his title would have been rescinded and I don’t know how he had the nerve to even collect it but he is special in that way!
            What sort of name is Duckey and my name is Simon??

  3. All this brings me to the following thought train… an analogy: People that play computergames will recognize this. Sometimes a game is difficult to play and then there are cheatcodes you can use. Keycombinations that make the player invincible or get unlimited money. Playing the game with those cheats is easy and you still get all the spoils of war. However, if you stop using the cheats you’re back to the real game that was difficult to play. The fun than is quickly gone and you don’t like the game anymore.

    Something like this could be happening to Lewis. His car was always the ‘cheatcode’. Fighting was fun and getting some resistance was fun as long as he knew for sure he was going to win. He also got al the money and attention and admiration. But the cheatcode has been taken away. He can actually loose now. So he doesn’t like playing F1 anymore….

    • I think your analogy is off. Hamilton is an athlete who works hard to stay in shape (whether he gives always 100% is another point) and with all the work, he got to drive this car and get barely results, that is when someone will lose the joy for the game.
      I wonder how he will deal with it, too often when the Friday and Saturday were bad, the Sunday would be a disaster, hopefully he did outgrow that, otherwise it will be a long season.

  4. For me, he is and was a brat who became self entitled as time went on. I agree, it was the car, and riding on the coat tails of the previous experience of the real experts who owned the team. Slowly but surely, the team has been stripped down to where driver experience and expertise is back at the forefront of the team and it has been found to be somewhat lacking. He will never go to another team…… because nobody will take him with his attitude and extremely bad behaviour….in the words of Michael Massi ” that’s racing Lewis…..”

  5. He isn’t a quitter & already reiterated this over the weekend, so thinking otherwise is foolish.
    He will see out his current contract until next year’s end. I’ve zero doubts about this.

    • Maybe. But Schumacher, Kimi and Alonso quit when they felt entitled to do so. Hammy is more likely to quit than them

  6. The level of Eurotrash bigotry directed at Hamilton mirrors exactly the same racial animus and jealousy that was directed at Tiger Woods during his years of dominant play. Hilarious and pitiful.

    • That’s a bit weird. I don’t know much about golf but i do suspect the material is not 85% of the performance. So any comment or animosity directed to TW can’t have the same origin as it has in F1 / LH,

    • Grow up. He is entitled to criticism whatever his colour – and playing the race card when it justifiably happens denigrates true racism

    • Yeah and losers will always cry racism without a shred of any evidence of any actual racism. Easy way out of the truth and criticism. Shameful. Go back and try again with intellect.

  7. Lewis Hamilton has always been F1’s token golden boy! He’s always had an unfair advantage because F1 needed him to succeed. From being given the best cars to questionable F1 rulings they’ve always been protecting him. Even when he supported the racist democratic parties financially supported blm movement F1 still kissed his a__! When he’s gone good riddance. A want A be F1 driver who F1 has made a very rich man and who has never given anything back! Once a talentless hack always a talentless hack!

    • The FIA allowing Hamilton’s political BLM statements was appalling. Turkish promoters were fined $5m for sending up a delegate to award a trophy stating he was the president of the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus

    • Monaco 2011.

      Anyone else would have been given hefty penalties, maybe even banned. But if the FIA were to be impartial he would have just used it to further his cause.

    • I’m staggered Dave by your breath-taking stupidity and your blind hatred of a man who does give back, talentless hack, really!! You wouldn’t know of course as he doesn’t brag about it because he isn’t like that but he is a generous philanthropist (you may need to look that up) and gives back to many just causes. It is well known that Bernie hated Lewis and made life difficult as often as he could, so F1 Golden Boy is just nonsense. Hamilton is F1’s only black driver and he has suffered for it, so if wants to speak about it why shouldn’t he. You think losing probably the greatest ever F1 driver would be good for F1 then? That’s the view of many experienced f1 people including many F1 drivers but of course you are an expert.

  8. How right you are about “better pundits” the poor quality lovey assessments but these girls that seem to know so much about what we died in the wool enthusiasts want to hear is nil .
    Where do they get them from Natalie `Pinkham knows a bit but the others are useless and are doing nothing to keep my interest alive ! at all .

    • Rachael Brooks is pretty good too, but where Sky found the token diversity box ticking South African is beyond me

      • That token South African you speak of is an actual racing driver. Don’t speak about what you don’t know about. Idiot.

        • Name calling will be sanctioned…. so I suggest you desist
          Anyway, let’s get League 2 players commentating on the premier league. A player is just a player huh?
          Maybe she should stick to racing, she’s of the Herbert quality stating the obvious.

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