Verstappen mocks Hamilton’s Chelsea bid

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton wants to join a bid to take over Premier League club Chelsea; this appears to have caused fellow Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen much amusement, with the Dutchman mocking Hamilton’s role in the bid.

“I thought he was an Arsenal fan,” mocks World Champion Max Verstappen when asked for a reaction to Lewis Hamilton’s involvement in a takeover bid for Chelsea FC.

Hamilton, however, had repeatedly admitted to being an Arsenal fan on various occasions in the past. The fact that he now wants to take a stake in his heart’s local rival is both amusing and astonishing for Verstappen.


Verstappen takes a dig at Hamilton

“I thought he was an Arsenal fan? And if you’re an Arsenal fan and you choose Chelsea, it’s quite… ‘interesting’,” begins Verstappen,

“I am a PSV fan and I would never buy Ajax!” the Dutchman told the PA news agency.

“And if I were to buy a football club, I would want to be the full owner and make the decisions myself, not just own a small percentage.”

Verstappen follows up with a little snipe: “But, hey… everybody does what they want with their money, so let’s see what comes out of it.” 

If the group’s bid is successful, an insider suggests to Sky UK that Hamilton’s role in the club will probably have something to do with promoting ‘diversity, equality and inclusion’.




12 responses to “Verstappen mocks Hamilton’s Chelsea bid

  1. If this is even true, the news said Lewis was part of a consortium and as such would have nothing to do with managing the team that is what a manager is for. However, I do find it hard to understand why an Arsenal fan would want to be involved with his clubs nearest rival other than Spurs but if its true I guess its about business not football.
    Not the most flattering photo of Crashstappen, he really was hit with the ugly stick. If he wasn’t a successful F1 driver he would probably still be a virgin at 40! 😂

    • I had heard that one before. Apparently LH is an Arsenal fan.
      Must be purely for the money.

      Off-topic, if the Judge continues to use this photo of MV I’m starting to wonder if it hasn’t become an anti Max site

      • Haha I thought the same thing myself, I don’t think you could find a less flattering photo 😂

    • hmmm, I just looked at the pictures of MV on this site.
      Bottom line, they don’t have any photos that depict MV in any way advantageously. So TJ13 is here an anti-Max site!!


  2. Gentlemen, and ladies, I’m not certain how long you’ve been following this site but it celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

    Personally, I wrote quite a few articles back in the early years, something that I feel like doing again…

    But the point I need to make, be it Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel, Wolff, Horner or Arrivabene, every ego in F1 when they perceived themselves beyond public perception would be pulled apart by the writers here.

    Remember Vettel’s dangling balls comment? At the time, allied to his multi-21 shenanigans and his driving across Webber in Turkey 2010, he was ripe for a non ‘blow smoke up your arse’ rhetoric.

    Hamilton in recent years has made similar comments which show both a lack of awareness and lack of irony, I mean how could Max only be winning races last year in the fastest car…

    I agree, neither Max or his father were blessed with looks, I’d add even less charm but in Max’s case I do love the bluntness.

    You will never get honest opinion on any regular website, they’re too in fear of the big players ignoring them, something that dates back to Bernie’s time in charge, but provocative opinion… bring it on

    • Really liked the post 😊 Just to be clear Bernie is still in charge, that poisonous dwarf may have stepped down but he installed his wife as director and he has his tentacles firmly involved in everything F1. Also, just to confirm Max did have the fastest car in the first half of season 2021 until MB found more power and pace after Silverstone allowing Lewis to claw those lost points back.
      I’ve met a lot of F1 drivers in my time, like Damon Hill who was delightful, he drove me around the Monaco circuit and wouldn’t be drawn on his thoughts on Schumacher, he just said ‘he is who he is’. I also met Schumacher who was supposed to provide autographs and talk to us but chose to act like we weren’t there, he was an arrogant arse! I also met Josh Verstappen once at an F1 do many years ago, he had a bad reputation and didn’t disappoint and swore and threatened some poor guy who was filming him, Max clearly has the same charm.
      I do enjoy posting on this site much to my wife’s disdain. Some of the anti Hamilton posts show they know nothing about racing and just want to rubbish someone who has proved that he is not just a great champion but a decent human being too. So I reply and try to make them look like the idiots they so obviously are.

      • Well Steve, in the past I’ve invited you to put pen to paper and we will post your thoughts on this website proper, should the fancy take you. The offer stands.

      • Wonderful how you think you can judge people based on one meeting. Btw…. It’s Jos. Not Josh.

        • Where have you been Duckey, I thought you had finally been committed and in a straight jacket. You correcting me on spelling has to be the funniest thing ever given your hopeless grasp of the English language 😂
          Unlike you Duckey with the intelligence of a ham salad, with Carlo I recognise someone with intellect and who knows a lot about racing and makes meaningful and interesting posts not hateful posts about Hamilton. He knows about racing of which you know nothing more than playing on your PlayStation. Good luck with the lobotomy 😂

  3. Verstappen is in MY OPINION a typical arrogant upstart who when faced with someone better then him he resorts to wreck less and dangerous tactics just look at his past actions with Hamilton on the receiving end

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