Marko admits Verstappen attitude: ‘ready to explode’

With Max Verstappen having to retire from two of the season’s three Formula 1 Grands Prix, Red Bull is concerned about Max’s attitude if this continues.

After winning the F1 World Championship in 2021, Max Verstappen was keen to continue his success in the new season. However, for the Dutch driver, this is not easy. At the wheel of his Red Bull, he is experiencing a number of difficulties centred around poor reliability of the car. Despite winning the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Verstappen had to retire in Bahrain and Australia, leaving Charles Leclerc with a lead in the world championship.



“He can be a ticking time bomb”

In an interview with ORF, the Austrian media network, Helmut Marko spoke about Max Verstappen’s difficulties since the start of the season. The Red Bull manager then gave a strong message with regard to Verstappens attitude explaining:

“Now he is much calmer. After his retirement in Australia, he came back to the pits and we had a calm discussion. He is calmer than before.

“But if we don’t win again, he can be a time bomb.”





5 responses to “Marko admits Verstappen attitude: ‘ready to explode’

  1. Max has been a ticking time bomb since he started in F1 and has gone off many times like Silverstone, Monza and Jeddah last season and just ask Vettel or Ricciardo how Max affected them. Max was the main reason for Ricciardo leaving Red Bull, who wants a team mate that wouldn’t hesitate to take you out if you got close and then blames you for it. Vettel’s opinion of Max couldn’t be printed without a lot of swearing involved! Max is a brilliant driver but very flawed and if Red Bull had any sense but they don’t and continue to tell max he is doing nothing wrong which is why he will flounder there, Horner and Marko are like Laurel and Hardy only not at all funny.

    • Steve, good that you mention vettel in this example. I remember an incident between Vettel and Webber during the Turkey GP. Where Vettel pinches Webber and blames him for this.
      They are all convinced of their own abilities, and always think their own abilities are better than the rest of the field.
      They all accuse, like the kettle, that the pot is black.
      They are all egos.

  2. Well I guess now Chales leclerc is leading the World championship, Max will stop trying to kill Lewis Hamilton, pushing him off the track and landing his car on top of his crash helmet then walking away as if it is nothing.
    Beware Charles, Max will be gunning for you now.
    He is a liability in a car if he sees you as his rival.

    • Totally agree Jacqueline but Max has to catch him first and that doesn’t look likely any time soon so Crashtappen will just have to crash into someone else before he breaks down. 😂

  3. Do Tarot card readings work? My guess is that they probably do. So, where does the power to foretell the future come from, God or satan? My own observations tells me that people who dabble in tarot cards bring a curse on themselves, so it must be satan.

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