Hamilton set to own Chelsea FC

According to a report revealed by Sky Sports on Thursday, seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is ready to invest around £10m (around €11m) to join the proposed takeover of Chelsea football club, which was put up for sale by Roman Abramovich in March.

For several weeks now, a bid to buy Chelsea has been launched by Sir Martin Broughton, an English businessman who used to run British Airways and was chairman of Liverpool in 2010. The consortium led by Sir Broughton is said to include F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton and former WTA world number one Serena Williams.

According to Sky Sports, Hamilton and Williams would be willing to invest £10m each. Their involvement in the deal came as a complete surprise, also given the fact that Lewis Hamilton is a supposed fan of the Arsenal club. However, this is not the first time that the F1 champion and Serena Williams have decided to make similar investments.


What would have convinced the two sportsmen to join Sir Broughton’s consortium is the diversity of personalities within the group, both of whom have always been promoters of equity, diversity and inclusion, lending themselves to numerous initiatives against discrimination of all kinds, and would be willing to do so at Chelsea should the deal go through.

There are three remaining bids for the Chelsea club: one led by baseball franchise co-owner Todd Boehly, one led by Steve Pagliuca – co-owner of the Boston Celtics in the NBA – and one led by Sir Broughton.



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  1. I had already heard this and one of my sons is an ardent Chelsea supporter who welcomed the idea. After many years under Abramovich a new management with stars like Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton sounds great. Chelsea is in dire need of their winning skills right now and new investment for some new players is desperately needed. Could be something Lewis is planning for when he finally retires which wont be for a while yet much to the disappointment of the Lewis haters 😊

      • Oh come on Judge, Lewis is a great driver, the GOAT even but he is also a sound business man, he doesn’t buy things for no reason. He has a property portfolio worth over £100m and business interests in Neat Burgers a vegan food product as he is a vegan. he also has his own clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger amongst others. So I think Tokenism is a harsh conclusion I just think Lewis is passionate about what he believes in and puts his money where his mouth is. He is apparently part of a consortium made up of stars like Serena Williams, Seb Coe and ex Liverpool Chairman Sir martin Broughton to buy Chelsea. If successful they will have no part in running the team, their manager will do that but knowing Lewis he will use it as a platform to promote Diversity and other beliefs he feels strongly about.

  2. Oh I bet he’s all about that equity, diversity and inclusion. Until one of the players turn up wearing a princess dress.

    • At the moment all the players wear princess dresses which is why they are in desperate need of help. I also think you meant equality not equity 😂

      • No, I’m pretty sure I mean equity. Diversity plus inclusion equals equity.

        And desperate need is a bit much. 3rd in the premiership and an upcoming FA cup final for the team suggests things aren’t as bad as you want to make out.

  3. It’s Sir Martin, not Sir Broughton. If you’re going to publish these ridiculous hack jobs on Lewis Hamilton at least write them properly.

    • Seriously, that’s your only comment! If you are going to make a post don’t make them a stupid nit pick, especially as Judge wrote Sir Martin Broughton on line five and was probably just saving typing space as everyone knew who he was talking about. If you don’t like the hack jobs either post something meaningful or join another site. I don’t agree with a lot of things said here but picking Judge up on his grammar would be a waste of my time and anyone else that views this site.

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