Alonso gives Alpine an ultimatum

Two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso has indicated that he wishes to continue his Formula One career beyond the end of the current season and gives Alpine an ultimatum to sign him before someone else does.

Fernando Alonso is now the veteran of the Formula 1 grid after Finland’s Kimi Raikkonen retired at the end of last season. The 40-year-old Spaniard is under contract with Alpine until the end of the 2022 campaign but said on Friday that he has no intention of leaving the sport in the near future. Further, his French team Alpine needs to resign the Spanish driver, or else he’ll go looking elsewhere.

“I think obviously if I was 25 there wouldn’t be this discussion [about his future], it’s a question of age, people are trying to find a way for young talent, but I think it’s a question of performance,” the Alpine driver said in Melbourne on Friday.

“I think last year I performed well and finished slightly ahead of Esteban [Ocon, his teammate]. We’ll see this year how it goes, but it’s about performance, not age. As I said at the beginning of the year, I still feel competitive and fast and I feel like I’m enjoying my time in Formula 1.


“I guess I’ll race for another two or three years, if it’s with Alpine it will be good, but if it’s with another team it will be good too. But we’ll see, I’ll start those discussions probably this summer.”

The Alpine team has signed Frenchman Esteban Ocon to a long-term contract [until 2024], while young Australian Oscar Piastri is the team’s reserve driver and hopes to secure a starting place in 2023.




8 responses to “Alonso gives Alpine an ultimatum

  1. Bad news for Piastri, but Alonso’s choice, so entirely dependent on him, unless Seb retires & he moves to AM, which I doubt even if Seb retires as I doubt he’d make another team change anymore, so probably Alpine or nothing.

  2. Alonso needs to retire from F1 to give Piastri his chance. He’s had his time and if he wants to continue racing go endurance racing or something. Alonso was great in his day but he’s past it. Being a great blocker is different to fighting for wins. Retire gracefully before you make a fool of yourself

    • I’m going to explain It easy way, only for you.

      Last time Alonso went to WEC, pay-per-view TV audiences literally explode. Same case with Indy500, Dakar… You name It. Now on F1, business grows because of him.

      Piastri? Zhou? Who…? Go get Latifi’s seat, and show some skills first. Alpine is not RedBull, and Helmut Marko is not here to raise a boy into a champion, waisting hundred of milions for paving him his way.

      Alonso gives 3 tenths less than Ocon. And car developement. Piastri gives plus one second, and nothing else.

    • As long as being faster tan Ocon, i can’t see him making a fool. He beated any teammate has gotten.

      I can’t say the same of Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen, even Schumacher at Alonso’s age.

      He has the speed, (not his fault lacking of car since 2013) has the motivación, and developement skills. In fact, with Ricciardo’s car, he inflicted 3 tenths to Ocon. Even with a non optimal hydraulic steering design.

  3. If anyone is blocking Piastri’s seat is OCON himself, he doesn’t hustle he doesn’t do anything which pleases fan or even commentators when Alonso does anything the commentators and fans are on top. They love Alonso and Alonso is great for F1 he is like VR46 of motogp. Currently only Max or Leclerc are on his level even though he is 40

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