Hamilton investigated by FIA

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes was inspected by the FIA after the Saudi Arabian GP: The technical delegates of the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix held in Jeddah on Sunday the 27th of March chose the Mercedes of Britain’s Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race for the now traditional post-race technical inspection.

Since the beginning of the 2021 season, the FIA has decided to implement a more thorough technical inspection after each race in the Formula One World Championship. After the finish of each race, the technical delegates choose a single car at random from the top ten to inspect it in depth and detect any non-compliance. The results of this inspection are not known until the next race. After the Saudi Arabian GP, it was Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes W13 – which finished tenth – that was inspected by the FIA.


“After the race, the number 44 race car was randomly selected from the top ten for thorough physical checks. All front suspension components were subjected to these physical inspections. All components inspected were found to be in compliance with the Formula 1 Technical Regulations,” reads the Stewards’ report.

In the event of non-compliance following a post-race technical inspection, the competitor concerned may be penalised or disqualified. So far, no non-compliance has been declared by the FIA during this post-race technical inspection.




14 responses to “Hamilton investigated by FIA

  1. Who wrote this rubbish? Hamilton wasn’t investigated! His car was! Lying headline!

  2. Never heard such a pointless statement, who ever wrote this needs to consider their career options

  3. A top 10 finisher gets picked at random after the race and thorough checks done. But it’s never had coverage like this. But because it was Lewis’s car that was picked. It’s like oh let’s make a mountain out of a mole hill. Get a grip

  4. What a complete non-story. Unadulterated click bait and lazy journalism. I am now going to block this site from My Google. I suggest others do the same.

  5. This is why I suggested that Hamilton leave F1. He’s a marked man. This type of harassment is not conducive to him maintaining focus.

  6. Why in gods name would anyone pick a car that finished 10th or is this another witch hunt as in pay back for causing a stink over his robbed title, which was instigated by one of red bulls team and the race director, it seems funny that the occurrence has been swept under the carpet so quickly but the harassment of Hamilton is still being instigated, and here we have Horner mouthing off at everyone just to put them off their game, but if you cheat at one thing and you don’t get punished you just keep on cheating.

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