Verstappen praises the Abu Dhabi controversy decisions

Max Verstappen on the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy: Several months after his first F1 World Championship title, Max Verstappen has spoken out about the controversy that followed his win. The Red Bull driver took the opportunity to praise the decisions taken by the FIA.

The last season of Formula One was a thrill right up to the last lap of the last Grand Prix. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were tied on points at the start of the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but the battle between the two teams was exceptional. And despite the way the race went, with the Englishman leading throughout, it was Max Verstappen who won. A victory that gave way to controversy over the decisions taken by the FIA. At the beginning of March, the reports were published, allowing everyone to understand the choices that were made. A decision welcomed by Max Verstappen.



“This kind of investigation should take place every year”

“I think it’s a good thing that the FIA has shown the world what it has been investigating,” says Verstappen,

“For me, this kind of investigation should happen every year. I think as an organisation or as a team you always want to try to improve and do things better.

“For me, it’s a very natural process that you have to do anyway. I think for this year at least, we want to be a little bit clearer before we start a weekend about what is allowed and what is not allowed. Even when you’re talking about track limits,” Max Verstappen affirms.



7 responses to “Verstappen praises the Abu Dhabi controversy decisions

  1. At least Max the ‘Human Error’ champion, has won one title this season without FIA help, he is now the F1’s biggest Whinger champion. Nominated by his own team, fed up with him whining to them over the radio. I hear Max’s response was to whine about it 😂

    • Of course Hamilton never whines … about his tyres, about the strategy, about the pitsstiops… I can’t remember a race where we did not hear Hamilton complain about something over his radio…

  2. Let’s see the real value of Hamilton this year, so far he is not making such a great impression. It’s easy to have good results when you have the best car on the circuit, let’s see how he will do with an average car.
    As Max said, a title is not won in one race, he had very good results during the whole year otherwise he would not have been in that position. Not accepting this is a clear lack of sportsmanship.
    I do believe that the FIA should also check how to improve their decisions in other incidents throughout the championship.

  3. He didn’t say he’s ‘happy with the decision’ like your toxic headline says he said the FIA should do more of this investigations… He didn’t say they were correct but he didn’t say they were wrong either… At the end of the day he’s the driver and respects what the FIA does at the end of any race even if it was against him… Report better

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