Verstappen comment on impressive Ferrari

Max Verstappen enters the 2022 Formula 1 season as a favourite. However, the Dutchman is keeping a close eye on the other teams, especially Ferrari.

In 2021, after an intense rivalry with Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen was crowned F1 World Champion for the first time in his career. Now the Dutchman goes into the start of the Formula One 2022 season as a favourite.

The Red Bull driver will be keen to defend his title, especially against a determined Lewis Hamilton. However, Max Verstappen is keeping a close eye on the other teams. As a result, the Dutchman was pleasantly surprised by Ferrari’s progress. The 24-year-old driver has set a date with the Scuderia in Bahrain for the first Grand Prix of the year.



“Ferrari seems to be consistently fast. We’ll see next week who is faster.”

“It’s always difficult to say who is the fastest,” admitted Verstappen to,

“But what I’ve noticed and what is great to see for Formula 1 is that Ferrari seems consistently fast. It shows that they clearly have a stable car at the moment.

“It looks good for them, they have had very few problems as well. We’ll see next week who’s faster, but so far they’ve had a very good test,” said Verstappen.

Certainly Verstappens observations seem to ring true in terms of testing laps. Over the course of the two tests, Carlos Sainz (1,399 miles/2,251 kms) completed the most, ahead of George Russell (1,368 miles/2,202 kms) and Pierre Gasly (1,281 miles/2,062 kms). Ferrari marginally edged out Mercedes, the Italian team completing 2,650 miles of testing (4,264 kms), while the German team manged 2,616 miles (4,210 kms).



8 responses to “Verstappen comment on impressive Ferrari

  1. Sorry Judge I like this website but you are way off on this one. How would Max be favourite this season when he didn’t really win it last season, that goes to Hamilton, denied his 8th title by Masi and who is next seasons favourite. Max is second and Le Clerc way back in third just like last year, which is what you would expect. Also, if you think Max is looking at Ferrari as his rival then you haven’t been paying attention to all the mind games Horner has being playing with Mercedes and his unhealthy obsession with Hamilton and also Max constantly baiting Lewis. Ferrari are going to be really competitive but LeClerc or Sainz being world champion is a long shot according to the odds.
    I do agree that races will be much more closer and exciting and not a two horse race like last year but the title is an endurance and not a sprint which Max forgot and blew a large lead to let Lewis level by the final race. To be honest he looked lost in those last four races, so it will make compelling viewing this season but Max favourite, according to who Red Bull??

      • I really like puzzles Judge but your reply was a little cryptic 😊
        I’ve read it again and the crucial parts I picked up on were, Max starting as favourite, Max looking closely at Ferrari as competition and then comparisons from testing. So I don’t know what I missed. I corrected you on Max being favourite as he isn’t and interestingly, Ferrari are second favourites for the Constructors title with Red Bull in third. I can imagine Max being both pleased and intrigued by Ferrari’s progress and I’m told they will be very fast next season but I cannot see either driver as world champion this season.
        As I said testing never reveals anything you can use for comparisons next season, you will need to wait for practice to see that. A few weeks ago I was told by someone I trust that Red Bull were fighting to catch up after taking their eye off the ball after last season. As a human being I find Horner repulsive and I met his wife a few times who was nice but crazy as a box of frogs but Horner really does know his stuff. He pulled a sleight of hand when they released their new car as the one in testing is much different so with him being so devious you wonder if he doesn’t have anything up his sleeve. I get told a lot of things and mostly you can hang your hat on them but when it comes to Red Bull often it is not as it seems but I still feel Horner is bluffing and will be playing catch up and the bookies agree but you really never know until race day.
        Anyway, please tell me what I missed as if I misunderstood I’m happy to admit it but after reading again I’m still none the wiser, put it down to me being old 😊

          • I apologise I missed that, senior moment on my part 😊
            Carry on the great work judge, I’m guessing you favour Max more than Lewis but you are definitely a racing fan

          • I agree, had it not been for Horner beating Masi down like a crazy stalker and influencing his decision and therefore Masi not stopping the race instead of a ridiculous green lap with Max on new tyres, the outcome would have not only been fair but very different and these columns would look very different. I don’t think Horner has any mirrors in his house as how could he look at himself every morning after what he did. As it turns out I missed ‘as a favourite’ instead of ‘favourite’ which are quite different, so my bad.
            Anyway, much as Horner wants us to forget what happened last year as long as Max stays champion, we all having to move on and next season promises a lot. I just struggle with the words Max and champion in the same sentence but onwards and upwards and roll on F1 2022.

  2. Also, sorry I forgot to mention, testing doesn’t give you any true indication of who will be fastest as all teams mess around with weights and fuel tanks and keep their true performance hidden until the start of the season. it’s been like that for years. Practice in Bahrain will be really interesting as that should show who is faster.
    Based on what I’ve heard it will be Mercedes, Ferrari then Red Bull but that could change as although the new W13 is really fast I have a feeling Horner has something up his sleeve and he did get a lot of new funding, so I guess we will see.

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