Hamilton, Russell… Big statement on Mercedes’ 2022 season

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell… A big statement on Mercedes’ 2022 Formula 1 season – Following the departure of Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes has decided to trust George Russell to replace him. Mark Webber was keen to warn the former Williams driver about what to expect at the German team, although he sees him ready to take on Lewis Hamilton.

For 2022, Mercedes has decided to trust in youth to replace Valtteri Bottas, who has left for Alfa Romeo. As a result, Lewis Hamilton, if he decides to continue in Formula 1, will have George Russell as his teammate this season.

After proving himself at Williams, the 23-year-old driver will have the chance to show what he can do at the wheel of what is likely to be one of the fastest cars in Formula One. However, George Russell will face a lot of pressure from the German team, as well as competition from his fellow seven-time world champion.

As a result, Mark Webber was keen to warn George Russell, even though he believes he is ready to face Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes.


“99% of guys need a few races to get used to fighting at the front, but George is ready for it”

“Taking on Lewis will be extremely difficult, but George now has nearly fifty races under his belt, so he’s ready for it.

“Lewis has come straight to the top, which shows his calibre. Only very special drivers can do that. 99% of guys need a few races to get used to fighting at the front, but George is ready for it. However, it’s different from qualifying in a low-performance car and doing well when the pressure is off.

“George will know that there will be a huge change in intensity that will come with having to qualify for the front row every week and finish every race in the top positions,” the former Red Bull driver said in an interview with Formel Austria.




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