Strong message on Hamilton’s future, Lewis shocked by fan comments

A strong message on Lewis Hamilton’s future was made by a former F1 driver and fan of Lewis – With Lewis Hamilton’s future still under discussion by many, David Coulthard has given his opinion on the matter.

Lewis Hamilton’s defeat to Max Verstappen for the world championship Formula 1 title has cast a huge shadow over the British drivers’ future. While the Mercedes driver has disappeared from the radar with zero interviews and no social media activity, there are many rumours that the seven-time world champion may retire.

If no official answer has been given for the moment on the future of Lewis Hamilton, everyone has their opinion. An interview with the Telegraph, it is David Coulthard who is the latest to have given their opinion on this issue.


“I don’t think Abu Dhabi is going to change anything.”

“The big decision was when he signed the new two-year contract. I don’t think Abu Dhabi will change anything.” confirms Couthard,

“Of course he would have liked to win. But I think it was less of a shock for him than for Toto Wolff, the rest of the team or his fans,” he said of Lewis Hamilton’s future, which he expects to see again at the start of the 2022 season.


Hamilton is yet to commit to the 2022 season as he awaits the findings of the FIA investigation. TJ13 investigated who is the most likely candidate to replace him should he retire from F1.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes he is ‘disillusioned’ with the sport, while McLaren CEO Zak Brown admitted he would not be surprised if the British driver opted to retire.

Coulthard believes the seven-time world champion is less bothered by the events that unfolded than people think.

“I think he will be bored with everyone saying to him, ‘You were robbed, Lewis!’ or ‘You’re the people’s champion, Lewis!’,” Coulthard told The Telegraph.

Perhaps even, Lewis would be shocked by some of the Ham-centric shocking and abusive comments against other F1 fans seen on this website over the last month or so?




26 responses to “Strong message on Hamilton’s future, Lewis shocked by fan comments

    • “Well said” They have made the politics greater than the sport.
      The underhand tactics they use is ridiculous….
      I am definitely Team Sir Lewis Hamilton.
      Let the media and gossips monguers print there unfounded gossip.

      I’m just 1 fan of formula 1….have been for years. If Sir Lewis Hamilton has had his hand pushed to retire….I can’t continue to support a sport that has been ruined.

    • I be happy to see lewis go. He was protected, should have lost british gp for what he did to Max and though out the season. Let him take his bat and go home the sport will be better without him

      • For what he did to Max? Get real, Max should have been banned for deliberately turning into Lewis. He caused the crash, then ran over Lewis a couple of race on and later brake checked him in Saudi. Max is a danger to himself and other drivers and will remain so until the FiA issue him the appropriate penalties

    • Can we leave alone please. Let talent decide, let individuals endorse, decide and nurture.. For all the hassle for all the media focus let them decide….. They live once… We enjoy as we live once too…… Give the credit and support our champions deserve whatever creed or colour they are…. Too much going on today to focus on criticism of our stars…. Get a grip…..

  1. Shocked by abusive comments online 😂are you kidding? Wrong tho they are who’s shocked by that these days unfortunately it’s what you expect.
    What I am genuinely shocked by is the blatant biased anti Hamilton tone of the articles on here. Which although may not be abusive are at the very least disrespectful and rude in their wording towards him.
    Most unprofessional journalism I’ve come across, which you should consider is certainly contributing to any abusive comments put in the replies here. Think about that maybe thejudge13??

  2. F1 ending was a ridiculous and a sham for the show
    Not Sport which it professes to be
    But Lewis Hamilton silence to long now

  3. Hamilton has been a master of politics all through the 2021 season, with Wolff (who is no slouch when it comes to politics) to aid him along. He showed his real power by bending MB and all drivers to his will and to do his bidding.
    This silence of his is a masterstroke to force the hand of FIA and wreak his vengeance on Masi, who has been so nice to him all through the season, letting him go scotfree on multiple occasions.
    Now Verstappen too deserves to be punished. So Hamilton will return. He wants that icing on the cake of his F1 career.

  4. This is a no win situation for Lewis.
    Was he cheated YES.
    was Masi guilty yes.
    Did Red Bull do anything wrong NO.
    We’re the Fia to sack Masi it would be an admission of GUILT IN AS MUCH AS HE KNOWINGLY INTERFERED WITH THE RESULT.
    They would then have to void the Result.

  5. Unbelievable comment from Max you can’t rely on luck to win 7 championships. His arrogance will be his downfall. I also believe there is a lot of racism against Hamilton in F1, and just for the record i am white

    • Who cares Hamilton is and all has been a bad looser crashiing into his former team mate so he couldn’t beat him he was clearly seen with the on board camara turning into his teammates car it will be a good day when he leaves F1 the sport dose not revolve around Hamilton

  6. I think that people estimate the feeling of something being taken away from Lewis many will say colour has nothing to do with it, but to the supporters especially those of colour it has everything to do with it, in ernest I would not have liked to win like that and I am sure that David would not have liked to win like that either whilst we say we’ll done Max we know that is win was gifted and I cannot see how sky presenters refuse to speak about waht they saw, is it company policy or are these presenters showing their true feelings about Lewis, it does not matter if this was the other way around I would still feel a grieve at the ending of the race this should not happen because it destroyed the legitimately of F1 America is one place but F1 is watched around the world.

    • John, I have not seen a crisper comment than this in all the thousands of pages written on the subject.

  7. Come on Lewis. Your me and my kids hero.Wake up and smell the coffee. It was a set up you were robbed. That’s how it is with persons of colour. Some people don’t like to see people of colour cricket, football, name but a few.

  8. Lewis is a bad looser. He think he is bigger than the sport. There will be more superstars when he retire. Eg Michael and now Lewis. He think he is the best and can keep the sport at gunpoint to get his way. Let him go and cry like a baby. Life goes on.

  9. Have I a bias, yes everyone has. Yes I am a Max fan but I have a theory. Lewis is long in the tooth as F1 drivers go. He has it all well nearly, the record he was persuing and had one hand on it but was taking from him unfairly as he sees it. So has he that fire in his belly as he did when he was younger. He had a very tough 2021 so if that fire isn’t burning strong enough and no one can throw enough fuel on it, we may not see him in 2022.

  10. I think he’s just away focused on next season probably had a holiday and now training harder than before next season we will see the best Lewis back were he belongs on top he is one of the greatest ever everyone can praise max for what he’s achieved over one season Lewis has done it consistently over years that’s the true meaning of greatness let the man enjoy the off season before Australia where the real work begins gd luck next year Lewis

  11. Lewis oh Lewis. I guess you can have talent and then you can be an arrogant arse. He does not have the charisma of a champion unfortunately as talented as he is. There are many talented driver on he’s level who doesn’t have a team like Mercedes behind them ..most of them are in struggling teams. So yes he is a champ but not special at all. Max has the potential to surpass Lewis achievement in the right car. Bye bye Lewis.

  12. He should ‘man up’ and make a decision regardless of what happens to Masi.
    On principle, NO driver is bigger than the sport, regardless of how good or not they may be!

  13. I am new to the sport thanks to Drive to Survive and the F1 game. Being from America and the sport not as popular here, I hope that it catches on. So much more exciting than NASCAR. Anyways, to my point. Let’s stop making this about race/color and call it what it is. Hamilton and Merc got beat plain and simple fair or not. And honestly having an “investigation ” is pointless. By the time they look at everything and make a decision, the 2022 season will have already started. Let’s be real, what are they REALLY going to do, take the championship away from Red Bull and say sorry guys. Ppfffft NO. Toto and Hamilton , (more Toto) are acting like whiney 5 year Olds that are taking their toys home because it didn’t go their way. I think it makes the sport AWESOME to villains such as Hamilton and Verschtappen. I hope some one new wins this upcoming season, lime McLaren, or Alpine, or HAAS. K think it’s great when it gets mixed up.

  14. Should Hamilton retire myself and all our friends won’t be watching F1 a sport that is manipulated by certain officials to the unfair advantage of some.
    Sorry we refuse to watch a new world champion by default.
    Not Max’s fault though an awesome driver sadly he won by default/Masi.
    Thanks but no more F1 for us

  15. Your all forgetting that this isn’t and will not be the first or last time any world championship has ended up like this remember driver’s taking each other out on the last race to make sure they are champions even if you take the last race and switch things around would you be moaning if Lewis won like that !!! no you wouldn’t

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