Red Bull driver claims he can beat Verstappen for the title

Mexico’s Sergio Perez says he still enjoys being in F1 and firmly believes he can still win a world title in his career, beating current Formula One world champion Max Verstappen for the title.

Sergio Perez joined the Red Bull team in 2021 and has become Max Verstappen’s teammate in a team that is entirely focused on the Dutch driver. Although he was considered the number two driver last season, Perez says he is still enjoying being in Formula One and believes he is in the right place to fight for the world title:

“I really enjoy working with the team, with this group of people, with the engineers, with Red Bull. I really enjoy being part of it, working with Max and all the engineers,” Sergio Perez said on Red Bull sponsor TAG Heuer’s podcast The Edge.

“For me, at this stage of my career, the most important thing is to enjoy. The day I stop enjoying will mean it’s time for me to stay home and I won’t need to be here anymore. I am here because I firmly believe I can be world champion.”



Since joining the Milton Keyne-based team in 2021, Perez has noticed the difference with his former Racing Point team, particularly the many commitments to marketing events organised by the energy drink brand:

“With the Red Bull brand, you have a lot of commitments, we have a lot of partners,” Perez said.

“But on the track side it’s also different, you are fighting for the world championship, at least you are trying. So off-track and on-track, it’s a lot of work. There is a lot of demand, you are always in the spotlight, so it is very, very intense. Compared to a team that is not fighting for the world championship or is not a big brand like Red Bull, it’s much more difficult.”



In general, Sergio Perez still enjoys Formula 1, not least because the sport continues to develop year on year:

“I’ve been in this sport for eleven years and I’m still learning new things because the sport is always evolving, you’re always faced with new challenges, a new way of driving, new ways of communicating with your team.”

“I think we never stop pushing. This sport pushes you to your absolute maximum, and that’s not just on the track, it’s off the track. That’s why I always enjoy Formula One so much, it’s always a new challenge, it’s never boring, it never gets old. There are always a lot of changes and always a lot to learn.”

In 2021, Sergio Perez finished fourth in the World Drivers’ Championship and scored 190 points for the Red Bull Racing team.



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  1. Red Bull won’t let their 2nd driver to win a race they have only one job to slow the pack so that max can overtake and win the race

    • You are right. And from whom could Red Bull learn it from? From the incomparable Mercedes team naturally!

  2. Red Bull won’t allow their 2nd driver to win a race, for them they have only one job slow the pack so that max can win

  3. Thejudje13 stop sucking crashtappens cock we all you can’t get enough of it crashtappen is so done now hahiha that even perez can beat him but don’t worry our goat sir lewis hamilton will beat them all

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