Fighting talk from Norris against Russell & Hamilton

Lando Norris, who finished sixth in the overall Formula 1 driver standings in 2021, is hoping to get closer to the level of the top teams next season. The McLaren driver is hoping to compete with his compatriots George Russell & Lewis Hamilton, who (at least one of) will be driving for Mercedes in the coming F1 season.

Lando Norris is ambitious with McLaren. In 2021, the British / Belgian driver has shown great progress, including four podium finishes. Now the 22-year-old driver wants to compete with the best teams in the paddock, starting with Mercedes. Indeed, Lando Norris wants to compete with his friend George Russell, and ex-Champion Lewis Hamilton, who will take their places in the German team in 2022.


“I hope we can be wheel to wheel”

“First of all, I hope we can be wheel-to-wheel.” says Lando,

“If we are, it will mean that we have started 2022 well. Or that theirs (Mercedes) has started badly! We are optimistic and hope to start the season well. We hope to get closer to Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

“Especially the last two. So we will wait and see. Time will tell. I don’t think anyone really knows where they will be at the beginning of next season. But we’ve certainly got some ground to makeup and it’s not going to be easy, even if it is new rules.

“If I’m racing against George, then we’re racing against Mercedes, and if we’re racing against Mercedes, then we’ve really had a good off-season,” Lando Norris said



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