Ex F1 Champion explains why Hamilton is finished

While many questions are being asked about Lewis Hamilton’s future, former Formula 1 Champion Alain Prost has spoken out about the British drivers’ case and why he might be finished with F1.

Lewis Hamilton is under contract with Mercedes until 2023, but he may not live up to his commitment. Following the British driver’s defeat by Max Verstappen, the future of the seven-time world champion has been called into question.

For several weeks now, there has been a lot of talk about a possible retirement for Lewis Hamilton and for the time being, it remains unclear what the Englishman’s real intentions are.

what happened to lewis hamilton


The future of Lewis Hamilton is therefore at the centre of all discussions. And an interview in the French publication ‘Le Journal Du Dimanche’, Alain Prost spoke about the issue. Concerning the Mercedes driver, he said:

“It’s difficult to put yourself in his shoes. He surely has as many reasons to stop as to continue. He’s taken a big blow to the head and he could be finished, but it would be really sad if he wasn’t here this season.

“I want to stay optimistic because there’s this eighth title to go and this new technical regulation, with maybe three teams on point and four or five drivers vying for the title. It’s a challenge that Hamilton might want to take on.”



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  1. As long as Masi is still there to gift the title to whomever he chooses, Hamilton might aswell retire.

    • Shut up you melt lewis got gifted 7 titles and max destroyed him for his, get over it and stop crying you absolute weapon

      • A bit rude formulated but true in essence. He was very lucky in 2008 with the rain and from then on always a superior car.

        • I guess his father created the rains eh, and he was also lucky as a rookie to just lose by a single point ah…. foolish talk

        • I am so sick of this pathetic cry Baby get over yourself, If it wasn’t for team orders and a great car you would not have won 7 titles, so piss of bad loser🤦‍♂️

          • Guess you could also win in that Merc. Quick get on the phone to Toto and while you are at it insist that you get paid the same as the Great Sir Lewis

          • This is exactly why he should quit. Schumacher won all of his title with a mobullet engine including Sebastian.
            Isn’t it funny.

      • Just like all the other deluded Max fans living in La La Super Max land! Why do you all say the same thing like sheep, has any of you ever had an original thought! In what world did Max destroy Lewis as I remember it your hero was back in fifth place having his arse kicked until Masi decided to break his own rules and create the greatest controversy in F1 history. Also Max got his arse kicked in Jeddah despite trying to drive into Lewis three times, Rosberg style and then finally brake testing him because he couldn’t beat him without cheating. Also, what is this rubbish about crying because other than you pathetic Max fans who care little about racing, rules or facts. None of us are crying just sick of the fact that our sport has now been turned into WWE. Max is no more an F1 champion than you are but the FIA wanted a change and they got one so all hail Max the most unworthy champion ever. By the way you want to talk about cry baby’s then remember Jeddah where Max sulked and cried like a baby and actually has whined pretty much all season ‘ The FIA hates me…’ how pathetic and what a great example for a champion. You want to see how a great champion behaves then look how Lewis after being robbed blind behaved in Abu Dhabi, stoic and gracious as a champion should be. All you sad Max fans make the most of this as without more help from the FIA Max wont win any more titles mark my words.

          • Best reply ever. Max was handled his F1 on a plate because they didn’t want Sir Lewis to have a 8th title. Is all about money

        • I couldnt agree more, Max fans keep saying he destroyed Lewis and lewis only won his titles because of his car. Valterri has the same car and… Rosberg had the same car and… Max and redbull had the superior car for most of the season and regulations changes to suit the high rake cars which played entirely into Redbulls hands. Then all the the controversial calls by FIA during the season, that said, who got handed the title , Max or Lewis. Congrats to the Max fans though, it lead to the best season of racing in history and I look forward to this season.

        • Wow you Hamilton fan boys are just uneducated mouthpieces, you talk about rules and racing, Lewis has been the golden boy of f1 for years and the fia has been so blatantly biased towards him for years and when a decision finally goes against him it’s like the pandemic is back cos you lot have have used all the big roll to wipe your tears. Grow up and remember this is sport. If he’s as good as you all say then tell him to shut up get in the car and prove you are worthy. Take a look back over his career and all you see is a spoilt brat to used to getting his own way. This is the same Lewis who referred to his child hood neighbourhood as the slums offending all his old friends and neighbours. He has no idea about slums he was brought up in a lovely area and has never experienced hardship but let’s his little potty mouth run because the truth is he is an arrogant little git and f1 would be better without whinging little brats like him. And no max didn’t spank him as some max fans are saying but it is a long championship and max and and red bull worked their arses of all season to be in a position to win on the final day. Maybe all of you neds should find a sport that doesn’t needs brains to follow. Dry your eyes bitches he lost .

          • Wow I’ve heard some ridiculous replies from Max fans but yours takes the biscuit, you clearly have the brains of a prawn sandwich. Firstly, what the hell do you know about Hamilton’s past! Yes, he didn’t live in a slum, he lived in a modest house and his Dad worked in IT but had to switch to contracting which pays more but is very unreliable so he did extra jobs to pay for his sons racing. Contrast that with Max who has never had to ask for anything as his daddy always paid the bills. Also, again if you knew anything at all without a dad to open doors for him Lewis had to fight for everything he had and got into F1 against all the odds and being the first black driver didn’t help either. You Hamilton trolls are all the same spouting the same old rubbish like sheep, don’t any of you think for yourselves! The best drivers drive the best cars and in spite of your obvious bias Lewis is the best driver and didn’t have his titles handed to him like Max has as much as you would like to believe otherwise. Having been around racing for over 40 years I know a lot of drivers who mostly regard Lewis as GOAT. He had already proved he could win his eighth title which the FIA denied him by handing it to Max. You talk about rules and FIA fairness then look at Jeddah where Max knew he was losing his advantage and responded by trying to crash into LH three times, Rosberg style. He then brake tested LH and despite his lies he was caught red handed on telemetry. However, in their desperation to make the final race a showcase the FIA just gave him a time penalty which was ridiculous as he was caught with dangerous driving which normally goes with disqualification, Max still sulked and whined though. In the final race all Max fans cried foul in the first corner which was daft and the stewards saw it as such and after that LH drove the pants off of Max leaving him 12 seconds and five laps behind. When the SC came out Lewis rightly stayed out to preserve his position with 2 laps to go, I would have done the same. Max however opted for ‘the do the opposite of Lewis’ strategy which wasn’t genius just desperate as Horner was caught saying ‘We need a miracle’. So no great champion and no great win just a lucky boy who was handed the title on a plate with all his supporters choosing to ignore the bloody obvious. Next season Mercedes have more power so i predict many Mercedes one two’s and Max sulking and whining all 2022, I can’t wait.

          • Funny how you say stuff about Lewis fanboys and then immediately start stacking up a pile of lies and utter bull shit. The FIA never ever favoured Lewis. As the only black driver he had actually also the racist spirit of Ecclestone to fight; Lewis beat Alonso in his rookie year with the same car. He won several titles when the Mercedes was not the best car but among the best. Truth is Max is just an average driver who has had many advantages past year because the FIA was tired of the same team always winning. Once a neutral race director is found and cars are equal Max will never win a title. He’ll always be Average Mad Max Masi who was handed his one and only Mickey Mouse title

          • Isn’t it amazing all the pros and cons concerning Lewis and Maz.The playing fields were level. How many times did Lewis have to start down the field because of Stupid FIA rules? And yet he still finished on the podium. The BIGGEST GRIPE I HAVE IS THE “SAFETY CAR”! This is the most stupid rule in F1. Lewis HAD A 14 SECOND LEAD OVER VERSTAPPEN WHEN THE SAFETY CAR WAS DEPLOYED! This just VANISHED INTO THIN AIR WHEN THEY HAD TO RESTART THE FINAL LAP. So much for FAIRNESS AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!! LEWIS WAS ROBBED AND THAT IS THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. I almost believe that the crash on the final lap was deliberately staged to force a result in favour of Verstappen!

        • Here Here Steve , couldn’t have said it better myself ! Let’s hope lewis has the bit between his teeth and continues to spank dirty Max , the boy who can’t beat him without resorting to dirty / cheating tactics

          • Spot on Steve! Remember how little Max went crying off the podium in Jeddah after none of his dirty moves were successful? Compare that to the class Lewis showed after he was robbed in Abu D.

            About being a champion. What is that? Isn’t it people accrediting you for you being able to beat your rival?

            Well you and I can buy us a cup with F1 CHAMPION on it. We can paint a number 1 on our cars. We can give interviews yelling how we are the only true deserved champions of F1 ’21. Is it true? Not more or less than Max is the champion. After all, you didn’t beat Lewis. I didn’t beat Lewis. And Max for sure didn’t beat Lewis. Max had the best car with the most upgrades, newer tires and he still was 12 seconds slower despite Perez helping him out. Otherwise it would have been 20 seconds.

            Masi rigged this as we all know. Max fanboyz just hate Lewis so much they don’t care about that. All they care about is that the black BLM minorities supporter lost. That’s what makes them happy.

          • Yeah! Lewis showed so much class! For 15 minutes… after that he started crying and hiding and still does so.
            And Max the best car? Maybe. At least his car passed all post race checks. Lewis’ did not. And Lewis had the best engine and when it wasn’t the best anymore, they just replaced it… and replaced it again… and again …

          • It must be nice living in the ‘Max is a worthy champion’ bubble where you don’t have to worry about the real world with things like controversy, facts and the truth. Can you imagine the scenes if it had been Max that was robbed, he would probably demand the race be run again and would hold his breat until they do it.🤣😂🤣

          • When it was the reverse situation, max’s fans would probably behave exactly the same as lewis fans are doing now. So that makes the one not one bit better then the other. Keep that in mind when spewing your sarcasm.

        • Exactly Steve. Max had the best car all season. Mercedes didn’t even spend a single development token on the W12. Had only 1 upgrade and a new PU with 18hp more. That’s not wow. Max had the most upgraded car, illegal flex wing, they cheated with lower tire pressure to get more grip. That went eventually wrong in Baku and a cover up followed. Despite a faster car, newer tires, Checo who raced dirty to hold up Lewis, average Max still couldn’t win. Horner needed to call Masi who as always was happy to help them out. In Silverstone Max tried to punt off Lewis. When that failed orange lala supermasi land went crying so hard, we, here in Belgium where I live had tropical crystorms for months. It ruined our summer.
          In Monza average Max ended Lewis’ race intentionally as that little brat cannot handle defeat.
          This season the cars should be more equal. If Masi is sacked and they can find another Charlie Whiting, Max will be treated just like anyone else and he will never ever win a true title. He’ll always be remembered as average max masi. Dirty Max Masi. Sorry if it sounds aggressive but we all know I’m right.

          • I completely agree, there have been a lot of intelligent responses which is really encouraging after all the rantings of the sheep in the Max fan club. Like you, I just want the races to be about the drivers deciding it on the track. People hate Lewis because he wins so much and not because he is in a great car but because he is a great driver probably the best ever, great drivers win a lot it’s how it’s always been until last season. I’ve always loved F1 and just want the FIA to butt out and let the drivers do the driving and races decided by the best driver and again like you I think Max is going to get a bit of a wake up call next season, so cue lots of sulking and whining and Horner having a nervous breakdown.

          • I wish we could say your response was avarage… alas… even that level is too high for you.

          • Clearly spelling is a bar too high for you 😂It’s average you moron. Try three or four letter words next time 😂🤣😂

        • Steve, I absolutely agree with you; I do think SLH should leave the cesspool that is f1 racing. They have shown the world how far they are willing to go to beat him, its chilling to think what the bigoted filth might do next.

        • After the open slather in Abu Dhabi, most drivers will take a more aggressive attitude, ergo Max will be having to take everybody queuing up to punt him off the track!
          Lets see if he can take the agro without whining to Horner.
          Helmut Marko and Max’s father have a lot to answer for with their pressure in Max ti perform.

      • So all the other records were handed to him as well. Max runs his competion off the track more often then any other F1 driver. Just check out his points on his licence.

        • Indeed Nicholas. Max now has 30 penalty points on his license since 2014. That in fact is his only true number 1. No driver does better.

          • I’ve had a lovely day sailing on the river Dart on our friends boat and telling my partner she was all wrong about you after your intelligent and meaningful reply. Yet since then I’ve returned and heard nothing when you were always quick to come back with a barb so after ceasing of hostilities I’m disappointed to hear nothing at all. Please don’t prove my partner right and at least come back with something as I think you have a lot of intelligent things to say and I would like to hear them.

          • Steve… for me social life and family have priority over our little feud. So i do respond whenever it suits me. That can take a while sometimes.

            Surpised me? yes and no. Your tone is a lot more friendly but the idiots and morons have not left nor has the bragging about your lifestyle. I just don’t care. True or not, it does not make you a more credible or pleasant conversation partner.

            My replies are not ludicrous. I have mentioned all my arguments in earlier comments. I just grouped them together for you. The path to F1 cán make one feel more sympathetic towards a driver as I said before, but I just dont take it into account in my judgement of his performance. If Mazepin had the same upbringing and difficulties as Hamilton, I would still not think he’s a good driver. I only judge performance.

            And about exceptional talent… that is exactly what also paved the way for Max. Only his father played the roles of Anthony Hamilton ánd Ron Dennis. You keep calling any driver that beat Hamilton idiots. That is a bit rude and also shows lack of respect. It still seems that you just don’t accept any negatives about Hamilton. Which is your full right by the way.

            I did not admit Max had the fastest car, i admitted he had the fastest car in the first half of the season. And no bad luck for Max? How can you say that?

            – A blown tyre in Baku,
            – Bottas destoyed his car in Hungary,
            – Hamilton pushed him of track in Silverstone (now dont say Max did that. F1 judged Hamitlon guilty so stop denying that).
            – In Imola Bottas caused a red flag so Hamilton could repair his wing AND get rid of a lap behind

            Maybe you should read this what-if analysis:https://racingnews365.com/where-have-verstappen-and-hamilton-dropped-points-in-2021

            I’m sorry to hear that your misconception of me hating Hamiltom, is still firmly in your mind. I do not hate Hamilton. I just think he is no GOAT and has some characterflaws that I don’t think a champion should have. Same goes for Max. Only difference is age so i hope Max wil be better when 37.

            I agree that the battle Lewis Russell will be very interesting to see. We can only hope that Russel is less docile thean Bottas was.

            And finally… your argument that Bottas is a very good driver… Have you by any chance checked the power rankings on the FIA site? Not even in top 10. And also in power rankings in other media that publish it…. is that not food for thought?

          • I’m glad to hear you have a family, my children are my greatest and most proud achievement. I only expected a reply when we returned as you have always replied promptly so it surprised but I hope you had a great time with your family. I’m getting on a bit now and happily retired but as with my Dad with age comes lack of patience. I had to drag my Dad out of a shop once because the girl used a calculator to add up a few items of shopping instead of doing it in her head, he’s now a grumpy old man. When I said your replies were ludicrous it was because that was exactly the reason you got under my skin because whatever I said you just replied with same old thing and it really irritated me which was why my partner kept telling me to drop it but I’ve always been determined and was determined to get some sort of proper reply from you which I was delighted to receive. I’m not the sort of person who brags in fact I hate it when people do but you kept questioning my credibility so what I told you was just the truth and I have no need to brag, the people I care about all know me and what I’ve done. I do regret what I’ve said in the past as I clearly misjudged you and as I said you obviously are no moron but as i just said when I get irritated or angry it comes out in what I write which really isn’t like me and why my partner wanted me to stop.
            Hamilton’s journey from karting is a tale of talent overcoming adversity but he succeeded in spite of the odds. I know Max works hard and I know what a bully and difficult father Joss was always demanding excellence from Max. I remember he ignored Max for two days once because of a mistake he made and made him walk home. However, lets face it with a father who was successful in F1 Max was always going to have a shot like Mick Schumacher, Damon Hill and Villeneuve as well as others and also funding would never be a problem unlike Hamilton. Their paths were quite different but both are dedicated and great drivers. I’ve said before I’m not a Hamilton fan and of course he isn’t perfect. He speaks out of turn and puts peoples noses out of joint with his passion for things and as for his dress sense well what can I say! He is a genuine guy though and his team all adore him, he isn’t demanding and arrogant like Schumacher but he is aggressive and his will to win gets him in scrapes sometimes but he isn’t and never has been a dirty driver.
            You said that I call any driver who beats Hamilton an idiot but that is simply not true. I called Rosberg an idiot because he is, I know the man and he is a worm and not very popular and his title win was no more valid than Max’s but Lewis wasn’t able to talk about it and that is not a conspiracy theory that is truth and it will all come out one day. I also find it hard to like Max, I admire his massive talent obviously but he is very immature, he sulks and whines when things don’t go his own way and people tell me in the pit lane he doesn’t mix and is there to win at any cost and doesn’t care what it takes to get there and has upset many drivers in the past particularly Vettel. I believe in fair racing and no matter where your loyalties lie you have to admit that without the help from Masi twice breaking his own rules that Hamilton would have won that race and the title, Horner had all but given up.
            In racing blown tyres are a fact of life not bad luck, Lewis has had many blow outs to has as Bottas. Also the crash with Bottas was not intentional he was late decided to dive down the inside and misjudged it, it happens all the time and no driver in their right mind would deliberately ram another driver your health is far more important than your racing. Look what happened to Senna, no driver should have been hurt by that impact. I don’t believe Bottas did that deliberately any more than I believe Latifi crashed to help Max. I’ve seen Schumacher and Rosberg use their car as a battering ram but it shows desperation and definitely not any sense. I read the link you sent me and there were no accusations of unfairness but it was concluded that Max had the larger share of bad luck which I accept but the final race changed all of that. Also, at Silverstone all I’ll say was that Hamilton was in the wrong for being where he was and was rightly penalised but the crash could have been avoided. If Max had taken the sensible line as Le Clerc did later he could have carried on and continued the fight as any sensible driver would. However, Max’s stubborn refusal to budge from his line led to an inevitable crash which was madness. Worse still Max was fine but Horner and Marko insisted he went to hospital and started the rumour that Max could have died to then launch a mission to get Lewis disqualified, dirty tactics indeed!
            You say you don’t hate Hamilton but your messages suggest otherwise, you’ve called him a narcissist called for his knighthood to be taken away and even the tone suggests you don’t like him too much. You don’t consider him GOAT which is fine but I can tell you that many ex F1 drivers do as well as many of the current ones. Sir Jackie Stewart went on to say that Hamilton is on a different level to many drivers around today and in his view the best driver he has ever seen. I’m sure Max will win more titles, fairly this time but I’m pretty sure he wont reach 7. Unfortunately, Bottas record doesn’t due his talent justice but I feel that is a drawback of being around Lewis but he is well respected and I hope Russell proves to be the great driver he appears to be and will certainly give Max a run for his money.
            Anyway, my grandson is coming over shortly and he isn’t walking yet but we still have to move everything in the living room out of reach. Enjoy your weekend and let me know what you think.

        • That comment just shows that you obviously can’t express your opinion like a grown up. Oh and before you say I know nothing about F1 , I work for F1 .

      • You’re not a racing fan but yet another Hamilton troll spouting the same old rubbish, what a sad bunch of sheep you are. My dog knows more about racing than you do, have you ever been a single seater, I doubt it. You are probably the normal armchair critic that thinks being good on a PlayStation qualifies him to talk absolute rubbish. No one is crying you moron, why do all Hamilton trolls say that? It’s F1 that has suffered ever since Masi turned F1 into WWE. I’ve been around racing for over 40 years and know many drivers including some ex F1 and they all regard last season as a farce and Masi as an idiot. Also, Hamilton gifted 7 titles!! Max destroying him!! How does with 2 laps to go and Max being 12 seconds and 5 places back be him destroying LH? Horner was saying we need a miracle but then hey Max was just giving him a head start, hilarious! You clearly have the brains of a ham sandwich so if you are going to make any comments try and have one tiny bit of truth in them.

      • What a toxic response. Lewis merited all his titles. Not a single time FIA helped him. Max had the best car all season and in the end he didn’t possess the skills to beat Lewis. Max was superior as long as he had an illegal car with an illegal advantage. Once the W12 got in the proper window Max was lost and mistake after mistake showed. Brazil, Qatar, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi. In equal material Max is lost. It’s an average driver who, when equal rules are applied will have to stop dive bombing into others and then he’s totally lost.

        • HAHa… LH never had equal material. Always superior. And when that superior engine became a little less superior, they just changed it. Because 5 gridplaces is nothing for a superior Merc.

    • Lewis is the best and in 2022 he will prove just that.
      He was robbed of chanpionship in 2021 due to bad management of the race.
      Those that comment negative about his future has nothing to prove.
      He is a 7 time world champion and will prove you wrong

    • Dont do it Hamilton. Your the best, you proved it in the snydy shinadaggons of the cheating lot at F1. You won that hands down they knew it. The rules were to suit themselves. Watching you when you had stopped, sitting in the car, your face of what the hell had just happened, we all were with you feeling exactly that. I will never watch F1 ever again.

    • This stupid article is the reason why Lewis is silent. He is laughing his head off at the lack of subjects to write about

    • So true, he robbed lewis, Lewis did not get defeated, Max got his stolen title that clearly was Lewis, Max was to blame for his aggressive response that sent him flying into barriers, the poor sod still has not learned any lesson, then landed on top of Hamilton what a reckless idiot trying to kill his opponent.

    • Really, you think that kind of reply is necessary. Someone wasn’t taught to be polite and respectful growing up

  2. As i argued before… Lewis, in his mind, is in a loose-loose situation that becomes worse with every day he stays in hiding. He wil not be thinking of his 7 titles. In stead he is weighing: Continuing his career has a huge risk of ending on a low with uncertainty around the new cars and his new teammate. Stopping his career is also leaving on a low because of the missed 8th and his public hiding as a reaction on it. Psychological, he has deadlocked himself.

    • If that is the case he really has lost the joy of racing. Continuing would be a risk, but the new cars would be a great challenge to take. Retirement would only be an option if he does think he cannot/ will not take the fight anymore, the new generation of drivers fight hard (maybe a bit too hard, but with safer cars and tracks it is possible) or he rather do something else besides training whole days.

      My guess he will continue, he left on vacation right after the last race and turned off his phone. Probably shows up in Brackley next week or so (how often do drivers need to be in the factory nowadays?)

      • I hope you’re right Hedgehog. I’m not a Hamilton or Verstappen fan but did we not have the greatest season ever? I want more of those.

        • You say your not a Max fan yet you think last season was the greatest ever, how does that work! The FIA credibility is in the toilet and right now they are running around like headless chickens terrified Lewis will retire citing lack of faith in the FIA. They have forced teams and drivers alike to support the decision that they still insist was correct to provide a united front but most think the whole thing is a farce. So F1 is in the worst place it s ever been and is now being compared to WWE and we have a champion that didn’t deserve it but was given it on a plate because the FIA wanted to shake things up a bit which they now bitterly regret but cant undo it. That to you is the greatest season ever! Yes, there was some great driving but the FIA kept intervening all too often instead of letting the drivers do the driving and the stewards enforcing the rules not bending or breaking them. As an ex racer I was always taught to trust the stewards, how is Lewis supposed to do that now! Meanwhile Max is living in his own private world claiming there was no controversy and he won fair and square. Typical of someone that has had things given to him his whole life.

          • Ok Steve. Lets go back to the usual with Merc 1 and 2 and LH champion 5 races before end of season. Having no opposition whatsoever and a totally docile teammate. Great times that were!

          • So you would prefer that the FIA decide who they want to win instead! I’m sorry to rain on your parade but it’s called racing for a reason and if the best driver keeps winning what do you want to do give the others a head start. I’m sure next season will still be exciting especially with Max trying to drive into everyone.

          • And that is exactly where you’re wrong Steve. All your reasoning is based on the premisse that LH is the best driver. So whatever arguments you hear, you immediately will reason towards your fixed, desired outcome… lh is the best. But newsflash .. he’s not. He’s good, I give you that, but not the best. All he can do is drive the fastest car to the finish with lots of help of a teammate (causing convenient red flags, ramming opponents of the track, testing engines). Oh btw… did i mention his 29 track limits in Bahrain without any punishment? Now who says FIA is against him… 🤔

          • Really, the same old nonsense again! Aren’t you tired by now of always getting it wrong or does that sum up your life which is why you hate Lewis so much because he is a success and you are a loser. So Lewis isn’t the best in your opinion as an armchair racer who’s nearest racing experience is on a PlayStation 🤣🤣I’ve spoken with many real racing drivers as well as ex F1 drivers who mostly regard Lewis as GOAT which isn’t hard to understand given what he has achieved and still you pursue this best car crap. Firstly, like football all the best drivers drive the best cars as footballers play in the best teams but it’s what you do with it. Schumacher drove a dominant car for years but still had to cheat to win. As I have said many times before F1 is full of great drivers, Bottas is one of the best and how many titles has he won in the same car, same as when Lewis raced with Alonso as teammate. I know you wont accept it because your hatred of Lewis is so great you want him stripped of his Knighthood and accepted as an average driver, you need serious help. Secondly, I’ve been following Lewis even before he broke into F1 as he was a massive talent and everyone in the sport knew it. He has never had a history of deliberately driving into drivers or causing crashes as he has more sense unlike Max, Rosberg and Schumacher. Yes, he made many mistakes through inexperience and was always an aggressive driver but dirty never. Also, what about Perez holding up Lewis so Max could catch up it happens it’s what teammates do and always have done or have you only started watching F1 last year. In the real world Lewis is widely respected by his peers whereas Max still has a lot prove and is generally regarded as very talented but reckless. Oh, by the way yet again you got it wrong about Bahrain because of your hopeless knowledge of racing. The stewards were notified of Lewis exceeding limits on turn 4 but the stewards said it was acceptable and so Horner then told max he could do it. Later Max overtook Lewis in that corner but ran too wide and was told to give the place back as he had gained an advantage. Why don’t you follow tiddlywinks that seems more your speed 🤣😂

          • Haha Steve…. armchair racer? I don’t even have a playstaion. I can’t even say i have a neighbour that knows someone that knows someone… as you do. Or have years and years of racing experience… as you do. You walking encyclopedia :).

            Poor man. So lost in your Hamilton = God illusion. I wonder if you lick the street if Hamilton would ever pass through wherever you live. Please keep believing Bottas is a great driver too. It will help you find peace of mind. And someday you might even understand that saying and claiming things is not the same as proven facts and truth.

          • You claim to have racing experience from your basement so lets hear it. I know many people in racing so lets see if anyone has heard of you, I doubt it. You really are a very sad case heard of Billy Liar, why don’t you just quit while you are way behind or back up these claims of racing experience I would love to hear it. First what license did you have what did you race and where, what team and when. I don’t expect you to reply as everything you have said so far is total bollocks.

          • Yo Steve… learn to read man. I clearly state that I DON’T have that great experience you have. But pleas telll us everything you asked me to tell!

          • I already have, you are a very sad boy and I’m done. I’m not playing message ping pong with a loser that just says the same thing over and over, that has nothing better to do than bait people and wind them up. Get a life for god’s sake

          • For the neutral fan this was 1 of the best seasons. I don’t get this soccer-fan mentality on this site. Both Hamilton and Verstappen drove brilliant this season and without one of the two, we would not have seen this.

            Without Hamilton, Verstappen would have had the title 5 races before the end, without Verstappen Hamilton would have had it 5 races before the end. Last years most drivers could have become WC in the Mercedes, but this year it was really the difference that both Hamilton and Verstappen brought in. You only get great games with great opposition and you should be happy that you get a great game and have respect for your opponent (I wasn’t a racer, but a chess player, if you are being a jerk to your opponent you run out of people to play against)

          • Whilst I understand what you are saying, I don’t quite agree that Lewis and Max are of equal ability. For most of last season Red Bull had by far the fastest car but Lewis was able to level in Jeddah. Lewis once said he would be able to beat the driver he was at Max’s age and I agree as although immensely talented Max still shows poor judgement and inexperience but is to arrogant to accept it. I’m not a Lewis fan but admire his talent as I do Max but I do care greatly about racing. I appreciate that no one wants boring races but then neither would any racing fan want the FIA interfering and deciding who they want to win.
            The football reference was an analogy to help make my point, I wasn’t trying to bring football into a racing site.
            You talk about being a jerk to your opponent. In all my years of racing, I never felt compelled to brake test someone or crash into them and Max has done both. Take Silverstone, that crash could have been avoided had Max taken the line Le Clerc took many laps later but Max was too stubborn and pig headed to move and kept his line causing an inevitable crash which was madness. He had room Lewis didn’t yet he just refused to budge, Lewis was punished rightly for being where he was but there was no need for a crash. Then a little later in a following race Max tried to overtake Lewis in a chicane when Lewis was on the racing line which is just plain crazy and was always going to end in a collision. It was only because of the Halo that stopped Lewis from being seriously injured but Max didn’t even bother to check on him. He has been a jerk several times last season.
            Like you I want next season to be exciting with no processional races but I also want it to be down to the drivers and not the FIA deciding who the victor should be.

  3. I’m so sick of Rosberg commenting on F1, he couldn’t beat Hamilton in a month of Sundays! His title was almost as controversial as Max’s especially as he retired straight afterwards, who does that?? He is not a particularly great driver but in a very good car but unlike with Bottas, Lewis was plagued by problems not normally associated with Mercedes whilst Rosberg had no such issues. When LH’s car was working Rosberg tried to take him out like Schumacher, like the ‘I didn’t turn into him’ case, where the racing cam showed him doing just that. Like with Max the whole thing stinks and Hamilton was forced to sign an NDA before he could continue as a driver with Mercedes, when has that ever happened. Rosberg is a joke and it was hilarious when he tried to interview Lewis and he walked right past him without saying a word, I laughed out loud and it says a lot. He didn’t beat Lewis any more than Max did and I’m not a Hamilton fan just sick of people playing politics with the sport I love. If it wasn’t for these interfering people with no interests in racing Lewis would have won at least 8 titles by now. Let the drivers race and if that was so neither Rosberg or Crashstappen would have a title.

    • Interesting quote Steve: “He is not a particularly great driver but in a very good car…” … Does this not apply to Lewis too ?

      • No, because unlike Rosberg who was gifted the title like Max, LH has won 7 titles without any help. Yes he was in the best car but if you know anything about racing the best drivers are always in the best cars like with footballers always being in the best teams. Rosberg couldn’t beat Lewis in karting and other formulas and wouldn’t have beaten him in F1 without help. It was clear he had to retire afterwards as he would have been made to look stupid the next season without the same help. Bottas is a really great driver and hasn’t won any titles so don’t judge Hamilton by his car but by what he’s achieved. He has massive respect on the grid by his fellow drivers but some people who know nothing about racing still try to belittle what he has achieved and as a racing fan I don’t understand that. Unless you are a Lewis hater then all the above is pointless.

        • “Bottas a really great driver”… of course you múst say that otherwise LH would look bad. But let’s agree we disagree there. And your theory about the best driver in the best car… dont you think Verstappen, Leclerc or Sainz would not also become wdc in a Mercedes?

          • I’m so sick of this LH being in the best car! If you knew anything all the best drivers are in the best cars like all footballers are in the best teams. The difference is what you do with what you have. LH has won 7 titles more than any other driver apart from Schumacher who had to cheat to get what he did. Bottas is a great driver and as LH teammate totally overlooked but how many titles has he won? At that level they are all great drivers but there is something that separates the great drivers from the exceptional and LH has that. Right now Max hasn’t and had it not been for Masi would be sulking about losing to LH again but if he stops being so arrogant and realises he still has things to learn then he too could be exceptional. You are right to say we all have our opinion but I have over 40 years racing experience and still know a lot of drivers in the sport so I know what is going on behind the scenes and it’s not good, what qualifies you?

          • Haha! 40 years f1 experience? If you say so… Your development as an intelligent human being stood still i guess those 40 years. At least you admit lh was in the best car during his wdc titles. Now let’s see what he can do in a not-the-best car like Verstappen or Sainz or Norris do every race. Cheers mate! Goodluck next season with mourning for your hero. First he needs to be big enough to crawl from under his rock 🤪

          • Yeah that’s what happens when you stand still, you go from karts through FFord, FFirst, FRenault and F2000. Then cars from Caterhams to Touring cars, I raced against Tiff Needell and Nigel Mansell in TVR’s once so yeah I didn’t learn anything 😂😂 You really are an idiot, don’t you get tired of being wrong all the time! My neighbour was an F1 driver who was Schumacher’s teammate and through him I met many ex F1 drivers. I also met Schumacher in Monaco who had the personality of an ironing board.
            So because of the people I know, some of which who know Hamilton, I can tell you that he is thinking of returning and has been in talks with a new engineer to improve his car. Also, Mercedes have found a lot more power for next season so the only one that is going to crying into his cocoa cocoa pops is you.

          • Well, i’m glad you share this inside knowledge with us. I hope your right so we can have another great season. But … seeing is believing.

          • Ps: so LH is next season going to have the superior car again? That will give a lot of shine to his 8th

  4. My bad as there were lots of pictures of Rosberg and he has come out of his hole and made some controversial statements recently. Personally, I wish he would stay in his hole and keep his thoughts to himself. It is quite well known in the paddock that Prost isn’t a great fan of Lewis and I don’t know whether that is just because he is French or because Hamilton’s hero is Senna who was Prost’s nemesis. Either way what he said is still rubbish.

  5. I think he doesn’t want the challenge and that’s precisely what is on his mind.
    The perfect scenario for him would be to have the 8th championship now and leave F1 right then.

    But not he has a more challenging teammate, a new formula (to which he may not adapt as well) and there’s no warranty that the Mercedes will be the top car for the new formula…

    So, there’s a risk here: if he stays it could well be that he lingers, he never gets the eighth title and leaves F1 not at the cusp but as a beaten driver, and that’s not what he wants. He wants to leave at the top.

    Is fighting for an eighth that may not be as easy to get as before important enough to risk exiting the circus in a few years without it and at the bottom of the curve?

  6. Apart from any controversy….I think this season has been extremely intense for Lewis and he could very well have gone into that last race with the goal of taking the 8th Championship and immediately announce his retirement afterwards (kind of a Rosberg move but with an all-time record high). Not sure if he ever thought of a plan B having to go for the 8th one again in a new season with a new car and new team mate. Every driver is able to look ahead to the next race if bad luck strikes, why can’t Lewis do that this time?

  7. Just my own personal take on this article….

    I see no correlation between the headline, and the material source from which it based (unusually credited by The “Judge” for a change).

    For example:

    “I want to stay optimistic because there’s this eighth title to go and this new technical regulation, with maybe three teams on point and four or five drivers vying for the title. It’s a challenge that Hamilton might want to take on.”

    Over the past few weeks, while it was always there, it has become abundantly clear that there is more than just a regular axe to grind against Lewis by this website, and more specifically The”Judge”. What this is, one can only speculate but it clearly goes beyond the “I’m personally more of a fan of Max / Charles / Daniel / Lando” etc. Since the conclusion of the season the website has become somewhat of hate platform towards Lewis, but its reassuring that there have been so many people that have spoken up and added their voice to calling it out for what it is

  8. F1 has been a one horse race, now it isn’t, some individuals are really good when winning, will be interesting how LH reacts, still has one point to prove, or maybe a good time to retire ????

  9. F1 needs new faces, and more car makers, this whole thing is turning into a cart race with all cars having the same engins, The inerrest to watch the same car with different drivers is boaring, and limit the amount of tyre type and hardness, it’s all to technical, lets test manufacturers and drivers not tyre type and luck with safety car build up, they should restart with the same time gaps as they were when stopped, maybe possible maybe I’m just thinking out ioad, but it is not right to lead by 4 seconds to see it destroid because of a safety car, I’m a Max fan but would have loved to see him take 4 seconds in racing, than get it back behind a safety car, just my thouhts about F1 that will become a two engin cart show, merc and hopefully Ferari will stay

    • As true as it is what you say, sc’s and red flags are just a part of the sport. Learn to live with it or live learning it…

  10. Lewis will race this season, he won everything so he will wannan try the new cars and regulations before retires, ans by the way, if he clinch the 8th title that wouls be the cherry on top of the cake

  11. Alan should take the time to educate his daughter about dating younger racing drivers as it is going to end on tears.
    Lewis is much better than most of these so called racing drivers in f1 at the moment.
    They all came through the ranks with parental support on a large scale and their parents are willing to buy they way through life.
    Lewis is occupying a position that they feel is not financially and commercially viable.
    With Max or any other character at the helm is good business for f1 as the big sponsors will put their .money regardless but with Lewis it is just sports.
    The American owners want a more dramatic approach like WWR wrestling so that they can change things to please the paying public.

  12. When you get losers like Ricardo saying the is the best then max , this is when you have to take a step back and shake your head in disbelief as Max I will give a lot of credit to as he did more than what was expected of him but Daniel was rubbish on all levels as he was kick to the kerb by Lando and he only won that race because of pure luck of being in the right place at the right time also he is trying to save face with the Red bull team just in case

    To be honest he is finish and will NEVER win a world championship so he might as well start drinking champagne from a glass like most people.
    Next season will be the best time to see who is good and those who need to leave formula one and let the new rookies in.

  13. No one is talking about Silverstone. Who was the villain who won by hook or by crook? Celebrated like a fool after Max was taken away by ambulance. The cry baby is spoiled indeed.

  14. Hamilton is a champ and a hero of the century… It’s sad that F1:don’t see till now that they have damaged themselves and they are still giving a blind eye to the complaints from fans and bitterness that is boiling inside…. Without Hamilton…… You can start shutting this sport for good…. Stealing Ham’s victory in broad day light was stupid and devilish .. PUH!!

    • All those nagging Hamilton fanboys seem to forget a few things:

      1) The driver is only 15% of the performance. The car does the rest.
      2) Hamilton had the HUGE luck that FIA only gives 5 gridplaces penalty for swapping the engine. Thanks to that rule he could easly change engines and thus getting a rocket engine again that only stays a rocket for a few races appearantly. Those 5 places are laughable and big teams like Mercedes have the funds to take a new engine every race if they would like with these minimal punishment.

      I’m not saying Hamilton is a bad driver but the godlike status the fanboys give him is ridicolous. Let him first show his skills in inferior material.Then we’ll discuss further.

  15. Loving all the deluded Lewis fans crying into their tissues, because for once, something did not go his way…..
    No, Max did not spank Lewis, but over the full season was the better driver.
    And talking of taking out other drivers, calling Max dangerous, when he himself was taken out by Hamilton at Silverstone, then by Bottas in Hungary……Lewis’s mistake sliding off into the barrier, going one lap down with a broken front wing, but is gifted a red flag by somebody else’s accident, gets to change tyres, wing, and unlap himself, and finish second!
    If Lewis is as good as you all say he is, he will come back, with a new car, with new regulations (Mercedes will probably still start the season at the front), and a new young, hungry, talented team-mate, and show us all what he is made of.
    Personally, I don’t think Hamilton is as good as he was, he is a great F1 driver, but not greatest of all time just based on his 7 championships. He needs to come back and show us all what he is made of, but I suspect he will slither off and “concentrate on his music, fashion, and political career”, because if he is beaten by Russell in Russell’s first year in the Merc, that will take the shine off his “greatest” description.
    I accept that the best drivers usually race in the best team, eventually, but there are only 2 seats at Mercedes, that have been the clearly dominant team for 7 years, and both seats taken, one by the golden boy, and one by a yes-man. Sainz, Verstappen, Russell, Norris, etc, all have to drive for other teams and do the best they can there, and beat their team-mates, as that is the only benchmark a driver can show, in different machinery with different budgets.

    • The only deluded fans are the ones living in La La Super Max land where things like Facts and Rules don’t matter and there was no controversy in Abu Dhabi, Max won fair and square! In the real world the only loser was F1 as that ludicrous decision, the worst and most controversial in F1 history which shamed F1 and turned the sport I love into WWE! Why do all Max fans come out with the same old rubbish, they are like sheep, has any of them ever had an original thought! Reality check, Max is reckless and cares little for his fellow drivers. Had it not been for the Halo he could have killed Lewis with his rear wheel when trying to overtake Lewis in a chicane with Lewis on the driving line, who does that its madness and would always end with a collision but then Max likes crashing, hence Crashstappen. Talking of which the Silverstone crash, RB’s Holy Grail. That crash could have been avoided had Max done what Le Clerc did many laps later. I’ve been involved in racing for over 40 years starting in 100Nat karts and racing many formulas and finally cars like TVR’s. I can tell you that any experienced driver would avoid a collision to take the fight for later, racing is an endurance but not Max. Lewis was wrong in both cases and got rightly penalised for forcing the other driver wide but unlike Le Clerc that used the space he had, Lewis had none, Max decided to stick to his line and create the inevitable collision that followed. Worse, he was fine but Horner insisted he went to Hospital and perpetuated the lie that Max nearly died to try and get Lewis disqualified. In Jeddah as Max realised that his lead was evaporating he became desperate and tried taking Lewis out three times unsuccessfully because unlike Max, Lewis doesn’t like crashing. Then finally he brake tested him and was caught with the telemetry showing he not only speeded up and slowed down but weaved left and right and finally when Lewis went to pass he braked, hard! That is dangerous driving and normally is accompanied by a disqualification but the FIA wanted an even fight for the final race and just gave him a time penalty which was ridiculous. The final race was the same as Jeddah, all Max fans crying foul in the first corner but the stewards correctly ignoring it then Lewis drove the pants off of Max and with 2 laps to go was 12 seconds and five places ahead, in any normal race it would be race over. When the SC came out Lewis chose to stay out and preserve his position, any experienced driver would do the same. RB however, played the ‘do the opposite of Mercedes’ card not through a great strategy but desperation, At the time Horner was quoted as saying ‘We need a miracle’ then Masi decided to give him one and hand it Max on a plate. Anyone, who thinks Russell is going to step in and start beating Hamilton is an idiot. Yes, he was great in his first drive with nothing to lose but he is still a rookie and racing is about experience and Lewis has it in spades. I tell you what will happen, Mercedes have more power for 2022 so I predict many Mercedes one two’s and Max sulking and whining like a baby all season, can’t wait.

      • Never in the history of morons, has one spew so many bullshit in one comment. Congratulations! Your the GOAT of all morons.

        • Another original reply, can’t think of anything to counter and definitely can’t handle the truth so now resorting to abuse, how predictable. Your parents must be so proud 😂🤣😂

  16. Despite who you’re rooting for, even Max fans who have some integrity inside, you can’t deny what you saw. Lewis won that race and Mercedes strategy was spot on based the rules would be followed. The only option to end the race under green flag would be to leave the backmarkers as there was not time left to let them all pass as the rules say. Letting only SOME pass the safety car did not only rig Lewis’ race. It also destroyed ALL other drivers’ chances to beat the guy ahead. Max had a double illegal benefit: not only was he unrightfully placed immediately after Lewis on new tires, Masi also made sure Carlos Sainz who was in 3rd place would never be a threat to Max as Masi left the backmarkers between Max and Sains at place. As such Max didn’t need to worry that if his aggression went wrong, Sainz would be right up his tail to take advantage of it and eating his 2nd place.

    What Masi did was beyonc scandalous and Lewis would be 200% in his right to show the FIA his 2 middle fingers. In fact Mercedes should start a competition of their own and bypass the FIA. They have the money. Also, some independent prosecutor should investigate FIA. Who says Masi didn’t rig it because he put all his money in bets on Verstappen? This stinks from all sides.

  17. Hamilton is the biggest baby ever when he loses cry baby cry. He would have done exactly what Max did if the other way around. He was sleeping and max stuffed him. Hamilton tried it on with Nico Rosberg when he won championship. Hope Hamilton leaves F1 spit the dummy out baby. RR.

    • I thought the last message I read was bad but yours is worse, never has there been more wrong statements in one message! Do you know anything about racing making ludicrous decisions in your armchair! Firstly, Hamilton a crybaby, really!! Remember Jeddah where Max sulked and whined after being caught out lying to the stewards but still only getting a slap on the wrist thanks to the FIA wanting the final race to be a showcase. Then Lewis in Abu Dhabi who was stoic and gracious even though he had been robbed blind, that’s how a true champion behaves. Max is a brat who sulks and throws all his toys out of his pram when things don’t go his way so watch out for lots of that this year. Also, it was Rosberg driving into Hamilton you muppet and he also got gifted the title and couldn’t beat Lewis fairly in a million years, hence his instant retirement. Did you also know Lewis had to sign and NDA, why did he have to do that if nothing suspicious was going on. So if you are going to make stupid posts try and get one tiny thing right.

  18. Just something to throw a spanner in the deluded Super Max fan club celebrations. Has anyone not noticed who Latifi was clashing with before he crashed? Someone that’s been instrumental in helping out Red Bull a few times before. Mick Schumacher, a less than average F1 driver but someone who has a lot to say about someone beating his Dad’s record. Also, old holiday buddies with Max who grew up with him. He’s been mixing things up and no one seems to have noticed as he does crash a lot like Latifi but with 2 laps to go and at the back why crash? Just saying but the whole thing stinks to high heaven as far as I’m concerned.

    • You forgot the aliens Steve! And i heard the CIA also hates Hamilton and tried to fuck with his engine… 😂😂😂😂

  19. Been following Motor Sport for seventy years…. What I read and hear about modern Formula One is utterly disgusting. The sport, if you call it that, is awash with pampered prima Donna’s piloting inverted aircraft! Would all these gobby people just backtrack in history and appraise Juan Manual Fangio, Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks, Mike Hawthorn, Pete Collins all real gentlemen respected and admired.

    Chapman’s wing heralded the demise of Grand Prix racing as we knew it. Much of the garbage written today is provoked by the minefield of rules and regulations designed to improve competitiveness? Formula One has become a money jamboree with technology rampant and utterly dominant. Yes, I am living in the past… Bring back the four wheel drift, arms working like fiddlers elbows. Dump the two-legged billboards shadowed by minders with mini recorders. Oh, for drivers with personality… Who let Kimi go? And how about privateer entries like Tyrell, Walker, Rosier? Not a hope in hell these days!

    • Agree! In the old days the driver was way more important than the car. Nowadays the car is far more important than the driver. But ‘fans’ still think that their hero does it all…

      • Your a moron! Have you ever driven an F1 car because I have and it’s bloody hard to drive and only gets easier the faster you go. I’ve driven in many Formulas so I know my way around a single seater but if you think it’s just the car then why don’t you give it a go, we could all do with a laugh. You’ve already made yourself look a big enough idiot, you never counter an answer just repeat the same old nonsense because that’s all you can do, my grandson would make a better argument than you do and he’s not three yet.

        • I think your grandson would also better understand what i wrote then you do. I would not be suprised if your grandson does anything better than you …

    • I understand a lot of what you are saying and it was a joy to see the likes of Moss and Chapman drive but they didn’t have the technology then but would have jumped at the chance to drive what cars we have today. My father-in-law was an ex England footballer who played in the 1966 squad and he despaired of players today. When he played for Chelsea he earned the same as a Bank Manager. I’ve been around racing for many years and the drivers aren’t all pampered prima donna’s, there are many that care about the racing and are dedicated to it. The car’s nowadays do still do four wheel drifts you know. You seem to be stuck in the past, Kimi left because he was near to retiring and actually retired last year. There are many new drivers coming through and unfortunately to run a racing team costs billions of pounds and without large companies support privateers haven’t a hope of succeeding and have all been bought by large corporations for the advertising they provide. Like football it’s progress and although it’s good to be nostalgic progress and technology are inevitable.

  20. I hope Lewis doesn’t come back, he is a bad loser and doesn’t deserve a drive. He is a privileged bratt. He wasn’t even that good at karting.

    • On what planet was Lewis a privileged brat!! It’s Max that grew up not wanting for anything and his daddy opening doors for him and getting him anything he needed. Lewis had his dad working more than one job to pay for his racing and being the first black driver made it even harder. The only reason he did succeed was because he was bloody good at karting as well as the other formula’s he went through, he didn’t have an ex-F1 dad making it easier for him. You are just one of those sad Hamilton trolls that hate him because he is such a great driver.

      • Lewis is a spoiled diva with narcissistic flaws now trying to blackmail fia into giving him what he wants … ‘i will only come back if your investigation is good enough for me, boohoo’ … That ‘sir’ title must ve withdrawn immediately. He’s a shame for everyone than can call himself sir.

        • Why such hatred, I think a Psychiatrist would have a field day with you, where does it stem from? My feeling is that people that hate successful people who excel in the profession they choose do so because they have failed in what they do and are losers in life. As you got everything else wrong, I may as well tell you that it wasn’t Lewis that requested the investigation and if you had won a title only for it to be taken away by politics, why would you return to go through it again! Facts is he does want to return and is making preparation but obviously wants to hear what FIA have to say as they still refuse to accepts they did anything wrong. As for his Knighthood, only a bigoted idiot would deny he deserves it. Geoff Hurst got a Knighthood for being a mediocre footballer but doing one exceptional act in 1966 the man he replace Jimmy Greaves was the true great but was ignored. Lewis has broken more records than any other driver and would be 8 times champion had it not been for FIA and he is British. True racing fans recognise his achievements but sad little men that hate him because he is different will always exist unfortunately.

          • “Fact is he does want to return …” .and those ‘facts’ you have from wich source? Any prove of that? Or did your God speak to you in a dream? Fact is also that LH won 6 out of 7 championships in a superior car.

            Fact is that Bottas (also a great driver according to you even while in the same superior car he did not even get second in the wdc) was used as a testdummy for LH and has had to gift LH multiple race victories.

            Oh and thank you for explaining knighthood for me. I now know better how to value it.

          • I’ve told you this already twice before, are you drunk or just have a memory that lasts ten minutes! I’ll try in smaller words so you get it this time, I have been in racing for over 40 years and know drivers and people that move in the same circles as Hamilton, my neighbour was an F1 driver. As hard as that is for you to believe in your windowless basement I have friends (remember them something you seem very short of) that tell me as disillusioned as he was he really wants to return and is talking to people about it including a new engineer. The FIA who are still claiming they did nothing wrong are desperate for him to return as their worst case scenario is him retiring citing lack of faith in the FIA so they are trying to make it acceptable for his return with new changes that they think will help him return without a repeat of Abu Dhabi. Also, and I say this as someone who respects Bottas that your claim that he is a test dummy, what qualifies you to make that statement! Any racing experience at all, anything that would qualify that statement as a loser in a basement that his only racing experience is on a PlayStation! Most drivers I know rate Bottas very highly but as someone with no friends and no racing knowledge how could you possibly know that. He was a good teammate as Perez was to Max so just accept you know sod all and should stay in your basement and leave the debating to the grown ups that at least know what they are talking about.

          • And again… lots of words. Lots of claims. No proof. Nothing but bla bla. You really have to come up with somehting substantial man. Prove!! Facts!!. I too can say im a racedriver for 40 years and i live in Monaco between all F1 drivers and speak to them every day in the supermarket. But i’m honest.
            And Bottas… he is good… sometimes… he even outqualified lh every now and then… but i’m afraid that sais more about lh than about bottas. Cheers mate! I hate you nor hamilton. Just say it as it is.

          • I don’t have to prove anything to you but just to shut you up. After racing in 100Nat karts where we ran our own kart I had some sponsorship from Blue Arrow who put me through FFord and FFirst. I had some success and then progressed into FRenault and F2000 but as I got older I got bigger and in those days we used to time each other how to get in and out of a car and my times got slower as did my lap times so I moved into cars. I started in Caterhams which were great fun but my main living was in IT. We started a software company in 1990 called Innovise which went multi national with offices in Brisbane, Singapore, Jacksonville and some in Europe it made me a wealthy guy which helped me do all the racing I wanted. Then we moved to a lovely big house in Little Baddow and my neighbour was a guy called Perry McCarthy who wasn’t just an ex F1 driver but the Black Stig. Through him I met many ex F1 drivers and got a lot of experience from mixing with guys like Johnny Herbert and Martin Brundle. I did some seasons in Touring cars and a couple of seasons in TVR where Perry helped me and raced against Tiff Needell and Nigel Mansell which was a great experience. I haven’t raced in many years but do the occasional track day and have some very fast cars in my garage. I had a class 2 racing license for over fifteen years. I also have a pilots license and a Sunseeker license to pilot boats up to 30m. My life has been very exciting and I’ve been very lucky I’m retired now and play golf with my sons who are both single handicappers. My daughter works in TV and currently works on the Crown with Elizabeth Debicki so what about you just how sad is your life!

          • Neither do i have to prove anything to you Steve. But wow what a cv. Even if half of it is true i would be impressed. A bit weird though that such a succesfull, wealthy man like you spends his time reading and fulminating on relative small websites like TJ. Usually succesfull people don’t feel the need to spend all their time on the internet, bragging about their connections, succes and wealth. So either it’s all true and you are a very sad and lonely man or you’re exactly the basement-keyboard hero you accuse me of ….

            Either way, we’re not here to discuss your personal situation, we’re discussing our different views on the events last season in general and on MV and LH in specific. As i told you before, i’m not a die hard fan of both but i do notice some bias towards LH in you. Any argument i make is being ridiculed. It’s like discussing religion. No facts, only claims and statements we are supposed to take for truth because you (the wealthy and connected) say so. Of course i have no intention to try to convert you. That would be as pointless as fruitless. I just hoped on a discussion on content. But that’s ok Steve. You’re entitled to have any opinion you want, i don’t mind. Let’s see if the report (and probable sacrifycing Masi) from FIA is sufficient enough for sir Lewis to come out of his hiding and pick up a new challenge in an unknown car and a (i hope) less docile teammate. Maybe he picks up his 8th then. Maybe Max his second. Maybe Ferrari or Mclearen or dark horse Alonso… Let’s hope it’s going to be just as entertaining as last season. But of course in your opinion, even thinking the past season was entertaining, is like cursing in church.

          • First of all get a dictionary, your spelling is terrible so I’m clearly not dealing with an educated man here. I’m not the bragging sort, I’m actually quite a private guy but I like this website and I’m retired so I have the time but I still keep myself active and I like a good debate like any intelligent man would but sadly there are also a lot of very unintelligent people that respond. It seems to me you are the really sad guy, I have a lovely family I’m hugely proud of, many good friends and a great life, what do you have! As I’ve told you before I’m not a Hamilton fan but I admire him greatly and it really irritates me to hear all you Hamilton trolls spouting rubbish about things you know nothing about. So I take some time to reply and my partner tells me that I shouldn’t because I get irritated but as Lewis can’t answer for himself and as I know a lot about racing and Lewis, I feel I should set people straight but people like you just drone on with the same old rubbish. You talk about you making an argument then when?? All I’ve every had from you is the same old dreary stuff ‘stop crying, Lewis should retire, he lost get over it…’ nothing new or original just the same old troll bullshit. If you have an argument I would love to hear it but you’ve been nothing but predictable so far in fact this post is the most original you have done yet by far. As I’ve said I’m a private person and I like to keep it that way and if you think a moron like you is going to have me posting pictures and private stuff on a website then you are even more crazy than I give you credit for. I told you enough to show I’m no liar but paranoid people who question others are often the liars in my experience. I know this is beyond your feeble comprehension but Lewis staying quiet is for a reason. Everyone wants to hear what he has to say but then if he did comment he would only give people ammunition to have a go at him, people like you. Also, my late father in law was Jimmy Greaves I married his eldest daughter Lynn so my life was already extraordinary enough so I’ve no need to make anything up!

          • Oh Steve Steve Steve… of course, an educated man like you can’t imagine that english may not be the native language of everyone on this site. But still, i think my english is good enough to discuss with you. I doubt if you are capable of expressing yourself in any other language. And in your little brain you then immedialty assume those other people are not intelligent? I see a lot of projection in your replies Steve. Your need to ‘set people straight’..? Isn’t that a symptom of a superiority complex. Maybe you should get help for that? Do you treat your family in the same way? I hope not for them.

            I and many others have made multiple arguments why we think about LH as we do but you just dont want to hear them. I’m sure sir Hamilton must be glad (like a lady in distress) that his knight in shining armour comes to his defense. Are you absolutely sure Hamilton needs your help?

            And then another thing… The shouting and swearing? Is that a hobby of yours? Or is it just a lack of proper discussion skills? I believe ‘moron’ is your favorite, correct? Together with bragging about all you know about racing.

            Happy to hear your life is great because you married the daughter of a famous footballer. At least that’s something.

            Please Let me know when you are ready to talk normal again and about F1, the sport we both love.

          • This why my partner warns me about getting involved with people like you but I’m competitive like my children and it’s a good trait for people wanting to succeed but you have a habit of getting under my skin. I wasn’t handed anything in life like Hamilton and unlike the pampered spoilt princess Max. I fought and worked hard for everything I have and I see that in Lewis. In Max I see someone used to getting his own way and spoilt, hence the sulking and whining especially in Jeddah. Also, just so you know you arrogant moron I speak German, French and some Spanish as I’ve travelled all over the world and been to every continent and places where people don’t know there as places as we had contracts with the MOD. ‘Moron’ isn’t swearing and I can’t abide swearing it shows a lack of diction which you clearly know a lot about and moron fits you so well. You constantly talk about talking and debating an argument but when have you EVER done that?? So far all I’ve heard from you is your blind hatred for a man who is ten times the man you are ever likely to be and you say I need help! Just why do you hate Hamilton so much as you always avoid that, I would like to know but are you going to duck that again, I guess Duckey is a suitable name for you. I’ve been to more black tie events than I can count and Duckey is normally associated with the attire but I bet you haven’t been to a black tie do in your life so I’ll stick with ducking questions you can’t answer. When you have managed people for as long as I have and I was always a hands on manager but a good one. I still get cards and messages for people that worked for me that showed I did a good job. As for my children the fact that I play golf and mix with my family regularly shows how they feel about me. I was a good father but more importantly let them choose their own path, all of them are successful but not in the path I chose. The sad thing is that no amount of talking will change your hatred for Hamilton as that is about as much a part of you than your awful spelling. If you are trying to imply that you aren’t English born I don’t believe it as, as bad as your spelling is your English is too good, the sad fact is you are just an illiterate idiot with the IQ of an ironing board. As with my previous two messages I’m still awaiting an argument from you for why you feel Hamilton isn’t a true champion and doesn’t get the respect he clearly deserves but I fear I will keep waiting as you don’t have any argument, attacking him is far easier for you. I have massive respect for Hamilton but have never been a fan and you are right for once, he doesn’t need my help. He has succeeded despite coming from humble beginnings and being the first black driver on talent alone, that alone deserves massive credit. Bigoted morons like you prefer to attack him for the fact he is different and dresses as such which means he is an individual and is his own man which is alien to sheep like you that follow the same tired old lines but as I said he is tougher and more of a man than you could ever hope to be. You sit in your basement hiding behind your keyboard spouting all this toxic rubbish, I bet your parents must be so very proud! Yes, I mention my racing experience a lot because judging idiots like you shout down anyone that dares to contradict your mantra and it seems only racing experiences shuts you up and then you resort to insults. I’m not a bragging person, it was you that asked me to back up what I was saying and I did. I can write more on the back of a matchbox about racing more than you would know in a lifetime yet you sit there tapping away on your keyboard with sod all credibility, you are not only sad and deluded but need serious help.

          • Ok Steve, i see the name-calling and intimidating does not stop. Which is a pitty because i really think you and i could have a real discussion.

            Thanks for not believing i’m not english born! I take that as a compliment. I am dutch by the way but i tried not to mention that because you will immediately use that as prove that i am pro Max. That is the way you think, i noticed. You also keep accusing me of hating Hamilton (which i don’t). By the way, i do attend black tie parties. I did not know Duckey was a nickname for those suits though. 🙂

            Funny that you see every argument against your idol as hatred. Also something you should work on i guess.

            So, just for you, in not so complex language, i will try again to explain why i think Hamilton is not a GOAT and why i have questions about his performance in general. Of course you will respond immediately that all my arguments are old or bullshit and you’re tired of hearing them, but i will forgive you for that. I know you reached the peak of your skills so, thats ok. React on this as you always do or not, at least i tried.

            1) His path to F1 is not important to me. I judge his F1 performance and not how hard or easy it was to get there. Every driver has his story and troubles. For this discussion that is not interesting. Of course it can make you more or less symapthic towards a driver but that is not the issue.

            2) Greatest of all times means greater than Fangio, Hill, Clark, Senna, Shumacher etc. Based on what Steve? Nr of wins? Sorry, thats not good enough.

            3) Lewis is a 7 times champ but 6 of those were in the fastest car. You can’t deny that. Most seasons were just 1-2 finishes for Mercedes and the WDC was already closed and done for, several races before the end. Yes he is a good driver and yes, thats why Mercedes contracted him but still… we have not seen him perform in a lesser car. We only know he is good in rain because he showed that. He has not shown how he will do in a car like a RB or Mclearen or whatever. So benefit of doubt at best here.

            4) Because there wasn’t any better car, there also was hardly any substantial competition. In the seasons that there wás competition, Lewis immediately got into trouble. See Massa 2008, see Rosberg 2016, see Verstappen 2021. All exciting seasons because… there was competition!

            5) He has not really shown a surplus of skills against his teammate in the same car. Bottas was not as good as he is but also not as bad as you would expect when driving against GOAT. Compared with for example Verstappen who crushed multiple teammates, Lewis’ score is not só good. Just look at the stats. Now you counter that by saying Bottas is also good but i strongly disagree there together with all jourmalists in all media. Also in races, Bottas shows rarely that he is a good driver.

            6) Lewis behaviour after Abu Dhabi. I can understand his huge dissapointment but hiding for 4 weeks now? It’s not a very adult way of responding. Yes, Max was also not very polite in Jeddah but at least that behaviour was over after a little while. so for a goat … not so good.

            7) We can discuss endlessly about who did what in the 2021 season and probably never will agree on details but i hope we can agree at least that Max had not much luck on is side during the season (except in the last race, i give you that). Despite that, he still managed to fight with Lewis up to the last race.

            8) I admit Max had the fastest car in the first half of the season. Due to bad luck however he could not maximize his points then. Mercedes pulled by in the second half especially when they started using engines like we use underwear. Experimenting on Bottas and then transferring the knowledge to Lewis. Their engine appearently could only be strong for a few races. So they just gave Lewis a new engine when he needed it. The 5 gridplaces penalty were a piece of cake and washed away in the first few laps. No problem. So that great ‘come back’ from Lewis in the last 3 races was more an engine come back.

            Conclusion: Lewis is a great driver and certainly in top 3, but has yet to prove he is an exceptional driver. Let alone GOAT. I would love to see him do a season in lesser car without so much help from teammates. If he comes back, it will be very interesting to see how Russel will do against Lewis, compared to Bottas. And if Russel will accept the same subdordinate role as Bottas did.

            Ok Steve. This was it from me for the time being. What’s it gonna be? Your predictable ‘i know better’-bullshit again? Or something real?

            Surprise me!

          • I cannot tell you how much it means to prove my partner wrong and after a 100 ludicrous replies finally a meaningful response and a good argument. You being Dutch didn’t surprise me and your English is very good, I guess your spell checker only works in Dutch which explains a lot, your clearly not the moron I thought you were. I’m old but not old enough to have watched Fangio, Clark and Graham Hill, I did however watch Senna who was a massive talent and brilliant driver but Schumacher I despised. When Senna died he was asked if he regretted not having been able to drive toe to toe with such a great driver and his reply was he had beaten him twice and had nothing to prove but failed to mention that both times Senna was suffering from engine problems, what an arrogant bastard he was! He also couldn’t win without cheating and was one of the most dodgy cheating drivers in F1 history, rightly disqualified for trying to drive Villeneuve off the track as he had done to Hill the season earlier. You say that his path to F1 isn’t important but I say it is was as he wasn’t the son of a famous driver like Max and had to qualify on his own merit and he was black which dogged his progress in every formula he drove in. It was only his exceptional talent that paved the way for him to F1. You also clearly don’t remember but he started in a McLaren in his first season in F1 alongside Alonso who he out drove constantly and Alonso has hated him ever since. In his first season he finished runner up to Raikkonen by one point. As for Rosberg, don’t get me started that idiot couldn’t beat Lewis in a month of Sundays and won his title in just as dodgy a fashion as Max. Most people don’t know but to continue as a Mercedes driver Lewis had to sign an NDA because he was aching to tell what really went on that season and when he does retire I hope he does. Rosberg is another paper champion who retired straight after because he knew without the help he had the season before Lewis would kick his arse round the block all season. I wish he would just sod off and retire instead of hanging around the paddock like a loose end, I loved it when he tried to interview Lewis once who walked past him like he wasn’t there, priceless!
            You’ve made this point a couple of times before about Lewis hiding but can you not understand, deciding not to speak and hiding are two separate things. He is staying quiet because the media are desperate for him to say something but then if he does it will be used against him whatever he says. It is best to keep his powder dry until such a time as he can make his comments known by his actions.
            You admit that Max had by far the fastest car but there was no bad luck. Max is inexperienced but is so arrogant that he feels he doesn’t need advice from anyone and he made mistakes because of his inexperience. When Lewis started to catch up and eat into his lead, instead of staying composed he panicked and tried to drive into Lewis at every opportunity. Him trying to overtake Lewis in a chicane when Lewis was on the driving line was insane and had it not been for the Halo he could have killed him, yet he walked away without checking on him which disgusted a lot of his fellow drivers, what a brat!
            You are Dutch which as I said came as no surprise but as loyal as you are to Max, you hatred of Lewis is pretty obvious and very misplaced. He is different yes, he dresses strange yes, he speaks out about things he believes in like BLM but he is a decent guy. He gives a lot back and donates anonymously to many charities as he believes in using his success to better others, does that sound like a Narcissist to you.
            Finally, Lewis has done seasons in a lesser car already and proven just as competitive because he is a truly great driver and in mine and friends of mine humble opinion the GOAT. You clearly don’t rate Bottas which is a shame because he is an exceptional teammate and not just cannon fodder or test material as you put it he is too proud a man for that nonsense but he was a great teammate. You seem to forget the things that Perez has done for Max holding things up for him to catch up, that is what teammates do and has gone on for decades. Next year Russell will be the new teammate if Lewis returns and I happen to know he holds Lewis in the highest regard and has massive respect. He is very competitive though and I’m sure will be very quick but all those who think he will outdrive Lewis are very naive.
            It is good that after many many messages we finally have something to talk about and I respect your views and hope that mine have made sense and I hope I have surprised you 👍

          • Hi Duckey, as you haven’t replied I’m guessing you have a job but given that you are illiterate and not very intelligent I’m going with shelf stacker or labourer. We wont know because as yet you’ve got me to explain my life yet yours remains a mystery probably because it’s so very sad and will show you as the loser you clearly are. I’ve been flying this morning in my Socata over the bay and up the coast, it’s a clear lovely day and everything looks great from the air. This afternoon I’m shopping with my partner for my new grandson who is due soon something I can’t imagine you will ever experience. You are happy dishing out vile insults and toxic messages about a man you know sod all about and attacking me for exposing you as the clueless loser you really are. You still, despite many repetitive clueless messages you have yet to explain just why you hate Hamilton so much or even why you show him no respect. You back a talented but flawed driver who was gifted a title yet someone who has earned seven titles you revile. So come on for the last time, write something meaningful, not the usual deflective rubbish show something of yourself instead of hiding behind your keyboard or are you just chicken. Grow a spine and tell me why you hate Hamilton and this time make sense, not the usual Hamilton troll garbage something that matters to you. My partner told me I was wasting my time with you, a lost cause, so prove her wrong and tell me something that isn’t like your past 100 posts and actually shows meaning and what you feel. If you can’t do that then as my partner suggested I may as well talk to the dog.

          • Oh dear oh dear, the insulting and bragging has not stopped i see. And… Steve… really? Two TLDR’s in the span of a few hours? Unlike you i dó have a social life. And unlike you i don’t sit in my basement pressing the refresh button every 10 seconds, waiting till someone finally reacts on me. I understand why your partner urges you to stop getting involved. This is unhealthy Steve. Did you press the right button? It’s F5 to refresh Steve. Look better before you start hiiting your keyboard 🙂

          • Hi Duckey, I’ve replied again which I hope you’ve read by now from your last post where you told me you were Dutch which I had suspected and it was a great post finally putting your argument forward and it made me so happy as it proved my partner wrong and she isn’t wrong very often. I’ll ignore what you said as I wasn’t very kind either but as I’m sure you know I don’t live in a basement, I have a nice house in several acres in Devon. I also have a place in Bergerac in France that we visit a lot as we both speak very good French. Have a read through my last message and lets stop with the baiting as you clearly have something useful to say. It’s a lovely day here and today we are going to Dartmouth where some friends of ours have a nice boat and we will be having lunch on the river Dart which is always nice, Agatha Christie had a house near where we will be. Have a great day yourself. BTW I’ve been to Holland many times particularly Amsterdam and we saw in the Millennium in Dam square where everyone was letting off fireworks in their hands, it was a truly memorable night.

      • dear Steve, i’m reading you’re comment. I don’t know if LH was privelidge or not in carting en futher going up the motorsport ladder. What i do know is how MV did it. Yes his dad has connections in motorsport en they used it . But Max got nothing without working for it. He did not have the support of a big F1 team in his path up the motorsport ladder. He did that on his own merriths.
        But helas this comment wil only get a response by you saying howe great / perfect / godlike LH is. Clearly you don’t have a certaine byas for one driver.
        For al the F1 fans i can only say, lewis lost the championship because they didn’t go in for the fresh tyre set. Because they where afraid to lose the lead.

        • I do know about Max’s upbringing and I know his Dad was a brutal bully who was charged with beating his wife. He apparently didn’t speak to Max for two days because of a mistake he made in karting. I don’t doubt Max’s talent or his resolve but you can’t compare what Lewis went through to Max. However hard his father was he still had an ex F1 driver for a Dad and that opens many more doors than a kid from Hitchin who’s dad worked in IT. Also being the first black driver made it even more difficult which is why he is so passionate about BLM. You clearly are a Max fan but I’m not a Hamilton fan although I’ve followed his progress and admire and respect his talent. You surely have to admit that Max is still young has behaved like a spoilt brat in many cases and I have two sons who were equally as difficult growing up thinking they knew it all. Lewis once said he would beat the driver he was at Max’s age and I completely agree as you have to earn experience not teach it. Max has made many foolish errors and at times has been downright reckless believing he was right every time irrespective of the rule book. If he wasn’t so arrogant he would realise that as great a driver as he is he still needs to learn and if he doesn’t it will be his downfall.
          Lewis is not God like but he is in mine and many other ex drivers opinion the GOAT and had it not been for Masi wanting a different outcome would have 8 titles which he deserved by driving the pants off of Max in the final race. I’ve heard this nonsense about tyre strategy so many times and it’s nonsense. I can tell you as an experienced ex driver that if you are in the lead by such a margin with two laps to go and the SC comes out you would remain to save your lead why risk it. Max had nothing to lose and played the ‘do the opposite of Lewis’ card out of desperation not great strategy as Horner was quoted at the time saying ‘we need a miracle’. Also no one could have foreseen the terrible decisions that followed where Masi broke his own rules to hand it to Max on a plate. I respect your view but there was no great strategy in Abu Dhabi just a dreadful decision which shamed F1 and something they now bitterly regret but cannot change. the FIA is in turmoil and because they can’t go back or admit they were wrong they are now making everyone back the decision to look like a united front even though most drivers believe the whole thing is a farce which it was.

          • Reading your last lines i get the feeling that whatever outcome FIA will bring, you will reject it. Btw… experienced driver? Tell us more.

          • Listen Duckey I’m tired of repeating myself. I imagine you to be either drunk all the time or someone with a brain retention of ten minutes. Either way I’m not going to keep repeating myself just because you don’t have the brain cells to remember. Do yourself a favour and read your old posts and then do us all a favour and turn your ancient computer off.

  21. Your so called Hamilton is the cry baby if he can’t get his own way,best he is a has been,just admit your second

    • Yeah he’s a has been and yet this has been kicked Max’s arse in Abu Dhabi, leaving Max 12 seconds and 5 places back with Horner saying we need a miracle. So as no one wanted Max sulking and whinging again the very nice people in the FIA decided to change the result and gift wrap it to Max. You just want Lewis to retire because you know Max has no chance of repeating last year with the kind people at FIA helping him out. Also, who’s the cry baby? Have you forgotten Jeddah where Max sulked and whined just because he had been caught lying his arse off, yet in Abu Dhabi after being robbed blind Lewis was stoic and gracious like a champion should be. Max needs to grow up and you need to get your facts right.

  22. let him be. good riddance and karma having the final say on bringing politics to sport. Beat Last Minute and loved the drama and excitement both during and after. Well done Max.

    • Another deluded moron would be a better name 🤣There is no room for Politics in F1 and if FIA continue to interfere then the true racing fans will leave the sport in droves. Lewis is as passionate about his driving as he is in his beliefs and has suffered in being the first black F1 driver and believes strongly in fixing that. Sportsmen have often used their profile to elevate their beliefs so why shouldn’t Lewis. Fact is the FIA bitterly regret what happened but cannot be seen to admit or reverse it so instead they are making everyone toe the line and get behind the decision to appear a united front even though most drivers think the whole thing a farce. Max is no more a worthy champion than you are, he drove like a maniac and behaved like a spoilt brat in Jeddah and was then soundly beaten in Abu Dhabi before Masi decided to change the outcome by breaking his own rules in the process. We all want excitement but we also want fair racing not trying to take drivers out like Max or FIA deciding who they want to win. Races should be decided on the track by the drivers and not in the stewards office, if that had been done in 2021 Lewis would be champion. Before you say anything I’m not a Lewis fan just a racing fan.

  23. Total shit followed f1 for 45 years never seen such a shambles how Much did Massey get paid need investigated corrupt

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