Big changes demanded by hypocrite Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton calls for huge changes in F1 – Coming from a fairly modest family, Lewis Hamilton has managed to make a career in Formula One. However, a career like his has become almost unthinkable for the current generation according to Lewis.

The British ex-Formula 1 Champion would therefore like to see some changes so that his sport becomes accessible to all, but really is this a genuine call or the mark of pure hypocrisy?

Lewis Hamilton came from a modest family, but he still managed to make a career in Formula 1. For this, the British driver can thank McLaren and Ron Dennis, which supported him at the time, but also his father, Anthony, who remortgaged the family house and took on a number of odd jobs to finance the beginning of the 37-year-old driver’s career, who has now been crowned world champion seven times.


However, a career like Lewis Hamilton’s is almost unthinkable these days, as Formula One is becoming increasingly expensive for young people. Hamilton says he would like to see this change so that his sport becomes accessible to just about everyone.

Hamilton wants F1 to become “an accessible sport, for the wealthy as well as for people from more modest backgrounds”. Touching on his core messages of fairness and equality seen and proven in recent years by his support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“If I had to start from scratch in a working class family, it would be impossible for me to be [in F1] today because the other boys would have a lot more money.

“We need to change that to make it an accessible sport, for the rich and for people from humble backgrounds,” Lewis Hamilton said in an interview with AS, reported by

But really, is Hamilton being genuine with his support in the matter? Could such a statement be considered hypocritical? The fact is, he was disadvantaged to begin with, and it is very true that his father and the family had to give up a lot to support his karting career, but the truth is once McLaren and Ron Dennis started supporting him, he was far more privileged than his competitors. And this was the case from the latter years of his karting up until his first F1 drive with McLaren in 2007.


Regardless, the point of the matter is that yes the stepping stones that are required for karters to become F1 stars are getting tougher financially, and highlighting this issue is a good thing. But never believe that Hamilton was disadvantaged in his junior career because once support came from McLaren he enjoyed the best of everything ensuring he would have the biggest opportunities over his rivals.

This is an unsavoury fact that does not fit with the ‘brand Hamilton’ today. 






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  1. Lewis Hamilton was given the support he was given by McClaren and Ron Dennis because he was noticed as being an outstanding talent from a very early age.

        • I wish this person had a holistic understanding of talent and how scouting works.
          Maybe a reduction in the level of ignorance would help you as an author produce better articles.

      • Exactly, also it isn’t hypocritical to criticize a system you benefitted from. This is like saying white people can’t criticize slavery or that the British can’t criticize colonialism.

    • Yes, everyone deserve a chance in life, that would result in the best for themselves and others. Lewis is not a hypocrite.
      Those who describe him and support such a view, are the hypocrites wanting only rich white kids to succeed in motor racing at F1 level. Grow up and man up, he is simple the best.

    • Hamilton is not an hypocrite, why all of a sudden has everyone started on this man with great talent. (Jealousy) maybe. Who funded him in the start of his career and who helped him along the way is how it works. Have you no idea how scouting works. Who do you think has paid for Mad Max from him starting to him getting where he is. Oh yeah he paid for it from doing one paper round a week. WAKE UP. Every sports person gets help a long the way that’s how it works. My Goodness talk about back stabbing jealousy . He is BRITISH does this not make him the one we should be supporting in our what was once called (GREAT BRITAIN). Come on really is it that hard that you all have to slate such a great sportsman.

  2. He may have had a support from McLaren however only because he was already good at that time.

    • Hypocrite I think that’s the person writing this article, I believe you have not tried enough so did not get the luck you think you deserved. Hamilton was a title contender from go so for Ron it was business bang on.

  3. I believe that Sir Lewis desire for the change he proposes in F1 would enrich the sport he loves with the most talented drivers, technicians and administrators the world has to offer. There is no hypocrisy involved.

  4. What a ridiculous argument, which comes from an even more ridiculous premise! If there was an logic to it then Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen Carlos Sainz Jr and Mick Schumacher are not/were not good enough either and only made it to F1 because they benefitted from tremendous nepitism. Why oh why does Lewis and his incredible achievements constantly attract such obviously prejudiced derision? The authenticity of articles like this one should be treated with the contempt they deserve because they clearly lack any impartiality. By any “normal” sporting metric Lewis is the outstanding performer of his generation and by the same measurements is in the conversation for the greatest F1 driver of all time! Sadly assessments like the one in this article have nothing to do with his achievements behind the wheel and originate from a far more distasteful and sinister place. Clearly Lewis’ intention is to use his platform to spotlight the elitist nature of his sport at the very top level and what may I ask is wrong with that? There is a long list of International Sportspeople in this country who simply would not have made it without lottery funding. I guess we can also look forward to future articles from this moronic author in the future which label the next Jason Kenny a privileged hypocrite because he is provided with the support necessary to have a £50,000 carbon fibre racing cycle!

  5. F1 can learn from football. Have incubation clinics around the globe in all continents. Conduct trials where kids are given opportunity to prove themselves and then those who pass are natured wuth funding from all continents irrespective of the colour of skin. Show that it’s a spot open to all people of all walks of life. Then it will stop being an exclusive ub for the rich that it is today, to the extent that some have the audacity of comparing a seven time champion with someone who has won just one championship and is yet to prove himself. Lewis has proved himself car or no car. His first win was not in a Mercedes. When he joined Mercedes it was yet to win any championship despite taking on the great Michael Schumacher. He went on to take Mercedes to where it is today indeed together with the excellent drivers he paired with. No doubt F1 is a rich man’s club. And that can change. I guess we have missed the Usain Bolts and Christiano Ronaldos and Messi’s of F1.

    • Just a question. What has Mr. Hamilton done so far for the underprivileged young people, financially? Is there anybody he sponsors or is he waiting for others to do it?

      • Your name BOTHA says it all, it’s not a good reminder to millions of people that were denied privileges in South Africa, by the Dutch rulers , so please don’t go there.

  6. So true. All respect for the driver Hamilton but the person Hamilton is a different story. He has always had the habit to lecture other peopje. Being as political correct as one can be. Sitting in his ivory tower, feeling morally superior. Typical behaviour for peopke that have been praised and admired for years on end… they start believing they are really something special. They loose contact with reality. And that shows in the exact ‘I am better than thou’ behaviour Hamilton displays. Esteban Ocon, Verstappen and Leclerc have had similar carreers so Hamilton is talking bs. Just another ‘i will show i am a better human’ story. But when reality, fair or unfair, hits him in the face, he start mocking like a todler.

  7. This article is frankly a load of rubbish. He was spotted and supported by Ron Dennis because of his obvious talent at an early age, and was offered a spot in their development program. Kids don’t just turn up at the Emirates with their boots and get a game of football for Arsenal y’know!

  8. Hes been saying this for years, yet you post this story 8 hours ago. He only got the support from ron dennis & mclaren because he was determined to get noticed, if he didnt, his f1 ambitions could have been over there & then. I get hes disliked due to his arrogance, but hes no worse than max or alonso or other great drivers, he just has a tendancy to preach too much

  9. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 just say u don’t like the guy. Who DF cares what you think. You must be full of Dodo because all you write is s×%$. Get a life you natural born loser. Dead set idiot who writes this shite. Regardless of what you think. He has done it better than anyone who has ever done it. Take that and smoke it in your pipe. Statistical or whatever crap excuses you want to come up with you can’t change that. Sir Lou? Lois?….😆😆😆…idiot.

  10. Do you know the mean of the word hypocrite?

    Had Hamilton not shown outstanding levels of talent, would he have git anywhere neR the grid? Would daddy gave given him seat (Stroll), would he be given a seat because his billionaire backers pay his wages Perez, Mazarin. Should he have got his seat because of his name (Schumacher)

    Pathetic article. You show your misguided hate writing drivel like this

  11. The point you are totally missing is that what happened to Hamilton wouldn’t happen now. You have to be advantaged and wealthy now to get to the point where you are spotted by one of the manufacturers.

  12. The point Lewis is making is the fact that it was his farther that made the initial sacrifice…it doesn’t matter who saw the potential first because who ever he has driven for has benefited …it was his.Dad who saw the potential hence the sacrifices he made at the time.
    Hamilton is right there should be more openings right across the board…rich or otherwise…Thank goodness there is a bit more leveling in the Motorbike world for whatever your back ground ..colour or nationality.

  13. Successful F1 Drivers are created by tremendous hard work and steely determination, and talent not born

  14. There is no doubt Lewis Hamilton was very talented as a young boy and that is why Ron Dennis supported him, he saw the talent in Hamilton. Publicly he portrays a a person who fights for the smaller man but one thing I take an issue with is; in his formative years he and his family used to live in a council house which is paid by the British tax payers but now he lives in Monaco so he can get away from paying taxes. Think how many families he can support by paying taxes. A person just getting by pays tax is one thing but a multi millionaire getting way is a crime.

    • Most F1 drivers live in Monaco, oddly it’s better weather and training terrain than Stevenage (as lovely as Stevenage is). Why single Lewis out? He’s sunk 30 mill into mission 44 (admittedly tax deductable anywhere) so he is doing more than most.

  15. I love how these “news” outlets still manage to find negative criticism in people, even when they’re advocating for positive change. Who cares how he got there, his point is, it should be easier for people from humble backgrounds. How is that in any way hypocritical?

    What positive changes are ‘The Judge’ fighting for?

  16. This is a totally prejudiced article with unfounded statements. Biased from a person who knows nothing about the man. Not worth the paper it was printed on.

    • What a totally prejudiced and nonsense article that was. I could go on and give reasons as to why it is so but its all already been explained in previous comments. Won’t bother reading anything from this writer again.

  17. Why did I read this, obviously author has no understanding of words and their meaning and likes to wind people up. Please improve on your skills so you offer writing of value and truth.

  18. The author of this article is an absolute bumbaclart who has sex with his mother’s sofa… virgin Clart pussiole

  19. Wow, so much judgement! I suggest you get to know the subject matter before you comment. Utter drivel.

  20. What rubbish is this person talking about, Lewis got notice by Ron Dennis because Ron Dennis knows a champion when he sees one.

  21. To the writer of this article ….Gets Your Facts right mate ….In what world do you brand Hamilton as a hypocrite…Ron Dennis starting backing Hamilton when he was 13 or 14 is because he was exceptionally amazing at his job and worked his ass off to get to that point ….which meant his hardwork paid off finally with the backing of Ron …Again only because of his exceptional talent and 23 years later he is still at the top of his game …..So shut the hell up and do something more useful than writing such shot Articles ……pathetic …Fuck You Mate …

    • And the quality of argument that you bring to the table, confirms you as being a bit of a narrow minded, bigoted twat

      Hugs tho

  22. Who wrote such absolute spew of vomited hate? How well does he,she or it knows Lewis Hamilton’s history? Does he , she or it have facts to backup such hateful text? There’s no logical approach or any fundamental criticism to Lewi’s suggestions, just desktop hate from a troll. Clic bait at its worst…..and Google, you would post anything for some clics but this…🤢🤮

  23. If Hamilton hadn’t got lucky and received support from McLaren he would not have been able to get to the F1 on his family’s finances which is his whole point. The writer of this article is a moron.

  24. Any excuse to insult and demean a great champion! What a bitter, pathetic child the author of this article must be.

    Lewis got support from McLaren because they saw his raw talent and commitment. They only saw these virtues because of the hard work and sacrifice he and his family made just to be able to be on the grid at each meet.

    For almost every other F1 driver, they could treat karting as a hobby and throw money at it as they pleased.

    The whole point of Lewis’s campaign is that his story, even with the McLaren support was unheard of at the time and downright impossible today.

    Any kid who doesn’t have multimillionaire parents might as well not bother dreaming of making it to F1, because nowadays it doesn’t matter how talented or committed you are to that dream, if you’re not rich enough, it’s impossible.

    If you love Motorsport you should be supporting Lewis’s campaign.

    Hang your head, journo. You pathetic, jealous toddler.

  25. It’s like this articles this site are just to hate on Hamilton and mercedes ,what a shit blogger 🤣🤣

  26. The person who wrote this is an absolute idiot, Lewis Hamilton showed his talent at a young age and earned his way to the f1 seat. Do some research before calling Lewis Hamilton a hypocrite.

  27. Reading through all these comments, a few thing stand out.
    1 the same baseless hate the commenters say they reject, is thrown to the author.
    2 Hamiltons succes is thanked to the support of his father. That support made it possible that Hamilton was spotted by Mclearen

    So all the complaining of Hamilton against the sport is false. Once his talent was discoverd, the sport embraced him. Nobody cared about his colour or money. His talent was what counted.

    Actually Lewis is complaining about all those lazy fathers that dont support their kids enough… talking about hypocricy.

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