Red Bull’s announcement on Max Verstappen’s future

Max Verstappen has just been crowned Formula 1 world champion, but his successful partnership with Red Bull Racing could last for some time yet.

At 24 years of age, Max Verstappen has just won his first Formula 1 World Championship title. At the end of an incredible season, the Dutchman got the better of Lewis Hamilton. A just reward for the work done with Red Bull.

The relationship between Verstappen and his team is excellent and this is reflected on the track. And it’s not likely to stop any time soon.


A contract extension to come?

Max Verstappen has made it clear that he is happy with Red Bull and expects to enjoy further success with his current team. And the feeling is the same at Red Bull. In fact, an extension is expected to be discussed shortly.

In an interview with Formel1, Helmut Marko said:

“We will discuss and perhaps agree on an extension.”

Max Verstappen is currently under contract with Red Bull until 2023. This commitment could therefore soon be extended. To be continued…



12 responses to “Red Bull’s announcement on Max Verstappen’s future

  1. Verstappen and Horner are a joke,hope next season is disappointing for you, l dislike your racing tactics
    Underhand a d devious

      • Miracal was what Red Bull hoping and got it to happen tby ROBBING a man leading for 53 laps.Even the God is unfair.

    • A champion winning joke. Lol you guys are the saltiest losers ever like toto and lewis it’s quite hilarious

    • Max Fakestappen. We all know that the officials manipulated a false result for TV Drama. Max was never going to win without the rules being thrown into the bin

    • Well, it is a team strategic to be smart at all time to win races at any circumstance. Don’t use your emotions to comment. Be professional

  2. Just have to see how he gets on in the future all it takes is a season of bad results to change Red Bulls minds

  3. If I were him or redbull I won’t be celebrating a daylight robbery and call it a win. Hamilton surely got the Tiger Woods treatment.

  4. That was a brilliant race. It could have gone either way. Congratulations Max. Job well done !

  5. Max never got the better of Lewis the FIA did and he wasn’t competing with them. The most disgraceful world title in the history of all sport. Red Bull is Bullshit for crowing after cheating.

  6. Max will always have an asterix by this title, as the World knows that the race was manipulated by officials to give a false result. So for now, it’s Max Fakestappen.

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