Hamilton, merely a 5 time world Champion

Thug team mate spoiler was from the Stuttgart Daimler team – Let’s be honest, we can all do count back. The same is, ‘What if we take out of the season the ‘non-driver’ error loss of points to establish the true F1 WDC’.

We did it here at TJ13 the year Sir Lewis Hamilton pipped Nico in Abu Dhabi – the double points season. The very year before Rosberg melted Hamilton’s head to win the title. Our conclusion? Rosberg should have won both those seasons.

Then we have Timo Glock lying down for his mate Sir Lewis in Brazil 2008 -at the last corner. Massa was the champion, Glock handed it to Hamilton.

what happened to lewis hamilton


That’s easy, there’s two less world titles Sir Loo should have than he holds already.

I only say this to counter the nonsense articles written claiming Hamilton was robbed this season and then bizarrely suggesting in fact should Sir Loo should have won 10 F1 titles now. This kind of drivel is clearly written by F1 by passers by who understand nothing of the sport.

I only observe this because the talk prior to the F1 season finale – from the diversity obsessed British media who are like, ‘please give me an interview Lewis’ – was predicting either Max or his team mate would crash into and take out Sir Loo in Abu Dhabi to win the WDC.


Yet the reality was it was Badass – Lewis team mate Bottas, the ever supplicant and compliant to Toto – who wrecked the Red Bull team’s main protagonists titles hopes.

Like an idiot in Hungary, Bottas the (nothing like the great Hakkinan) Finn, rammed Max Verstappen from behind at the first corner. His team mate scored 18 points and Max just 2.

So who are the team who use their number two driver as an incoming missile to attack the opposition.

The car company that owns the Mercedes Benz brand and will do whatever it can to dominate global car sales and have it all their way.

PS: Never buy a Merc if you want F1 back on track.

(BTW Don’t mention the war to Toto. He’s Austrian…. in fact…. Errr wait????).


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  1. Absolutely spot on! This little zot driver was chosen to make the sport of F1 “more inclusive”. Sir Useless were handed titles when his team mates were not allowed to attack yours truly Sir Entitlement. He will never achieve the status of Senna, Prost, Fangio or Schumacher. Your articles are always true to the point. Only the lewis pissants hate it

      • Didn’t enjoy the competition from alonso didn’t enjoy the competition from rosberg and won’t enjoy the competition from Russell

      • This article is pure rubbish. If we use this kind of rationale then Schmacher would only have maybe two, since Benetton were cheating with their software and Schu’ rammed into Hill deliberately. With Ferrari it was a stitch up with Eccleston, Moseley and Bridgestone that gave Schu custom tyres, which were considerably quicker. Also any teammate was never allowed to even contemplate challenging Schu’, even when Barrichello was quicker, there was no question of him interfering with Schu’s position. With Lewis, he had to face Alonso, Button and Rosberg and he beat them all. Rosberg only got one title through dirty tactics and reliability.

  2. Revisionism has nothing to do with what happened in Abu Dhabi.
    Race director didn’t follow the rules and his interference altered the outcome of the race.
    It is not a question of who won or not but how it happened.
    It is not a question of who deserved winning most or not, but who was benefitted by such an interference.
    Race director, as the office says itself, is the race director, not the championship director, and his function is to ensure that races takes place strictly under the rules.
    The rules that gives him this power are also above himself.

    • Publicity stunt noted… I mean you got nothing good to do with your life bro… For a person who hasn’t driven a F1 car you have a load of horse shit to say…. Congratulations on your PR stunt that doesn’t even benefit the economy in any way… Bravo

    • Well said Manuel Red Bull to me are the best Love Max he is a winner and wish him the best for 2022.. I may be 71 but never miss a race .

  3. What an idiotic,sycophantic and biased opinion…applying ifs and buts at personal choosing… choosing to pick apart decisive moments to suit your own need to criticise a proven champion driver and man who has used his success to strive for greater inclusively and equality in not only his sport but the world…you sad little man

  4. Leave it be boiz, Sir Lewis was deserved of this 8th title, Max is a loose canon, Michael Masi, made an entertainment call, got it horribly wrong.
    New rules next year, no raked stance for cars, Mercedes will walk it…
    One other rule: incidents featuring a safety car within 10 remaining laps…red flag…. New tyres ..let’s have a fair fight to the finish!

    • Well, it wouldn’t be fair anyway since all done during previous laps would go down the drain. This would only benefit those who didn’t do right before, giving them a second oportunity totally undeserved ( In fact, this is what already happens with the SC… something that I personally deplore ).

      • Well, if you consider he cruised in the front comfortably clear of the field and any competition and has never been tested in an inferior or even equal car to a rival, he has 0 earned or deserving championships.

        Just saying.

  5. Scummy little article from a small minded & desperate little man.

    If you’re 12 you might grow out of it, but I suspect this is you for life now.

    Tragic really.

  6. What an idiotic article. If this happened, if that happened, we’d all be millionaires! What is the conspiracy theory that Timo Glock handed the WC to Lewis! Why would he? Glock was on the wrong tyres on a wet track, similar to Lando in Russia. Did Lando throw the race to try and help Lewis?

    Seriously this kind of journalism is what is ruining F1, driving a wedge between fans an inciting rivalries. We never had this before and its not needed. Can’t we just enjoy the spectacle without all the hatred?

  7. Don’t fabricate lies.. Glock was on the wrong tyres when it started to rain !
    “When it started to rain it was always difficult to find the right line with dry tyres,” explained Glock. “At the end the track was totally wet. For five laps we asked if it was better to come in, but I stayed out.” McLaren’s CEO Martin Whitmarsh, meanwhile, said the team was following Glock’s position on its GPS system and was aware the Toyota was slowing and Hamilton would catch him.

    Aside from the official explanations, consider that Toyota and Glock have absolutely no allegiances towards Hamilton or McLaren and that they were trying to score as many points as they could. That given the over-aggressive penalties lobbed by the stewards at Hamilton this season, the matter would probably have been investigated if there was any semblance of truth in the allegations. True, Glock’s final lap time was seriously down, but it was visibly clear he was struggling to control the car on the increasingly slippery surface.

    And even if Toyota had inexplicably decided to help Hamilton, surely they would have found a less conspicuous way of doing it? As one blogger posted yesterday: “You don’t rig it for the last 400 yards do you? Hollywood does, but if there’s anything riding on it you just don’t leave it till the 100m sprint equivalent of the last five metres.”
    But Hollywood is now controling f1 with Michael Masi as director.
    Michael Masi changed the rules and took the championship away from the real winner Lewis Hamilton.

  8. TOTO’s Childish Tantrum
    Wolf wanted the race to end under a yellow flag, which would have screwed the fans, but guaranteed his driver the championship. Michael Masi (the FIA) ruled in favor of the millions of viewers and ended the race with a one lap shoot-out. Mercedes has withdrawn all protests yet Toto continues to display the behavior of a 2 year old. Lewis could have enhanced his public image by attending the ceremony in Paris and acting magnanimous, but apparently he will not be able to summon up the integrity to do that. The British motor sport press continues to do their imitation of the death scene from Madam Butterfly. It is over: Verstappen is world champion. Toto and the whole lot stamping their feet and whining will not change that fact.

    • Sore Lew at least could have bragged about his entitlement.

      I guess he will have to conform to be the best race card driver the sport has ever seen.

  9. To write this article, by using the same logic, is effectively suggesting that Max Verstappen has 0 championships…

  10. To write this article, by using the same logic, is effectively suggesting that Max Verstappen has 0 championships…

  11. Childish article. The race was a farce. You can’t even win a race in this way on F1 X box game. Total fraud.

  12. Judge13.com how bloody sad, the writers of these psychotic dribble articles you keep churning out just goes to show you have absolutely no substance in your material apart from click baiting.

    • Yes, this dude is CLEARLY biased and his journalism is Pathetic. I only read the first paragraph and gave up DISGUSTING WORK

  13. It was quite clear after the first paragraph that you are biased, so why bother reading the rest of your nonsense. Plane idiotic drivel

  14. Clearly written by a Red Bull fan. There is nobody that can justify the FIA’s actions Sunday. To so blatantly throw someone under the bus in front of the world. It’s not just the heart break for Lewis, but Max too who now has this grey cloud over his championship and the fans of F1 who witnessed their beloved sport fall apart like a amateur circus show.

    • Excellent reply Sirrom666.. how biased must you be that Red bull fans cannot see the blatant manipulation by Masi.
      #F1xed #FIA #Masiout #cheating #farce #IStandWithLewisHamilton #JusticeForLewis #Robbed

      • You clearly have a massive chip on your shoulder about Hamilton, let’s hope it’s down to you liking Max rather than anything about Hamilton that sets him apart from the other drivers?

        I was unaware Hamilton had been gifted 2 championships, I will have to look back and see where the race director changed the rules with one lap to go to hand him a championship…

        By your flawed logic Schumacher only has 5, given he had an illegal car and ’94 clearly doesn’t count.

        I have no issue with Max winning the race, it wasn’t his fault. The issue is with how Max won the race. I hope you are intelligent enough to figure out the difference.

  15. There’s a thin line here. Mention facts about Max, then you’re pro LH and vice versa. Unfortunately, LH has more time at the top of the game and there’s more facts to consider. If it seems unfair, go back and do your own research before slandering the author of the article.

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