Hamilton will never match Schumacher now

We’ve heard very little from Toto Wolff or Lewis Hamilton since the stewards threw out their lawyers petty protests following the 2021 F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi – And it is certainly looking very likely now that Hamilton will never match Schumacher.

This is for a couple of possible reasons. Toto knew the FIA were never going to entertain a further appeal and so went out on the town and got hammered as the videos in certain publications reveal.

The second reason, as TJ13 wrote earlier this week, is because MercedesAMGF1 masters, Daimler Benz masters decided they did not want their multi-bullion brand car reputation dragging through the courts for the sake of an Austrian and a someone who has accused F1 of being racist.


Last night this statement was published by the FIA

“Following the presentation of a report regarding the sequence of events that took place following the incident on Lap 53 of the Grand Prix and in a constant drive for improvement, the FIA President proposed to the World Motor Sport Council that a detailed analysis and clarification exercise for the future with all relevant parties will now take place.

This matter will be discussed and addressed with all the teams and drivers to draw any lessons from this situation and clarity to be provided to the participants, media, and fans about the current regulations to preserve the competitive nature of our sport while ensuring the safety of the drivers and officials. It is not only Formula 1 that may benefit from this analysis, but also more generally all the other FIA circuit championships.

Following that presentation and an extensive discussion, the World Council has decided to unanimously support the President’s proposal.

The FIA will therefore do its utmost to have this in motion within the Formula 1 governance and will propose to the Formula 1 Commission to give a clear mandate for study and proposal to the Sporting Advisory Committee, with the support of Formula 1 drivers, so that any identified meaningful feedback and conclusions be made before the beginning of the 2022 season.”



Lewis Hamilton would do well to calm the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Hamfosi, whose tears at present are contributing to the ice cap melt and causing sea levels to dramatically rise.

The cold hard reality is Hamilton will never beat Schumacher’s record of five consecutive F1 titles, despite having arguably easily the most dominant F1 car in history.


Whether, Lewis will ever get an 8th F1 WDC hangs in the balance

Firstly, the British driver refused to sign his latest contract without the guarantee that Toto (woof) Wolff would remain as team principle – presumably to have is back in inter-team disputes. Wolff is disliked almost universally amongst the other teams’ senior members for his obsessive refusal to concede any ground that would make F1 more competitive and Mercedes less so.

What is certain is should Mercedes F1 produce another dominant machine in 2022, George Russell will understand this opportunity to win a WDC with the team could last but one year. So just as in the Rosberg era, he will refuse to play the Bottas supplicant role and fight Hamilton all the way.

This willl make Lewis life in more difficult than this year, and despite Perez ‘the beast’’s performance in Abu Dhabi, Max will remain the Red Bull F1 team’s number one priority.

The silence from both Wolff and Hamilton is deafening, both highly likely to be considering their positions following the legal route to dispute Max deserved F1 title being shut down on them.


22 responses to “Hamilton will never match Schumacher now

    • Never heard such a biased and uneducated opinion. I don’t like Hamilton, but there is no doubt he has legitimately won every one of his seven championships. Schumacher cannot claim that as he should have been disqualified in 1994 and Verstappen was gifted his first, he did not win it.

      I was an F1 fan until the disgrace of Abu Dhabi. What is the point of following a sport when the Race Director decides who wins and who loses. I’m out, I’m done. Best season ever …… utter disgrace.

      • What a moron!!!! He’s already has the same amount of championships as schmy does and more wins,so what are you talking about he’ll never match schumacher wtf???

    • You chupacabras can’t get enough milk from Sore Lew’s huh?

      He has just been found out, that most of his titles were due having a clearly superior package and no internal competition –except one year where he still lost.

  1. You are a fucking idiot – Hamilton is the greatest driver by all counts , he is tied in one and better any way you want to shred the stats. Verstappen is a spoilt child and Horner a bullying crybaby. If that’s what you want to see in a sport go and follow Wrestling.

  2. Wow Judge!
    I’ve read some of the media tosh on this subject but your article takes the biscuit; “petty protest”, “most dominant car….. ”

    Shumi had the most dominant car of his era as did Seb with his Red Bull. Dominance in F1 is cyclical; the ball may well be passed back to the Bulls next season.

    There was a time when the top few teams were more closely matched and it took dirty deeds to deny the championship
    to the likes of Mr Hill junior.

    Lots of criticism of Mercedes as a manufacturer but I believe they are subject to the same budget cap as the rest.

    However, I am pleased to see max with his first WDC but I also know he won it due to a manipulation of the rules. What buggers belief is the way this is being denied.
    Let them just stop being Trump like and admit ” It’s our scalextric and we will decide what’s what”. I can live with that but not the sophistry and downright nonsense.

  3. Hum. For you, to have the same number of WDC, more victories, pole positions, podium, victories on a single track, and all the records LH has, he is not matching Schumacher? LH 8 WDC and countless records is matching Schumacher?

    Why is that? What does LH has to make him over achieve and still not matching the goat in your eyes?

    Please telle us.

  4. Notwithstanding the foul language, n has a point; if the manipulation of the rules was partly to provide Netflix with a Holywood Fairytale finish, their ongoing involvement may reduce F1 to the level of professional wrestling.

    The final irony is that Max, apparently, despises Netflix and their involvement in F1.

  5. I wonder why Lewis is not regarded as the best of all time when his statistics clearly state so. I wonder why an old man like Bernie would challenge him being Knighted. Unfortunately, due to old racist ideology it is difficult for some to accept the reality of today, but it shows that it is still very much alive in parts of F1. We all know that Lewis was winning the last race hands down and was going to be Champion but like Bernie stated he’s glad that Lewis did not win because he wants Shumacher’s record to stay intact. I guess he does not acknowledge that Lewis shares the record. I wonder why. The race and the Championship was stolen from him. I wonder why.

    • It’s seems that Sore Lew’s entitlement are for being the best race card driver & propagandist.

      I don’t think it’s because what Ali G said.

  6. Looks like someone really hate Hamilton. Don’t worry you can continue to be a person with lots of hate as Hamilton will win few more and you will continue to hate 😜

    • If the “Judge” had any integrity and decency left, this user would be banned. Failure to do so will just validate any previous assertions, be they true or not, that I and others have made about him

      Incidentally, the definition of Wimpie is “a timid little dog” – seems entirely fitting

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