Stuttgart shut down Mercedes AMG F1 protests

Let’s get a few things straight – Number 1. Charlie Whiting who was self declared “Mr. FIA” concerning FIA regulations governing F1, wrote a rule book to ensure the Race Director (himself) was always right. Mercedes appeals post the F1 2021 finale in the desert were always doomed.

Number 2: Further, had Toto et al decided to go to the FIA court of Appeal, it was highly unlikely that body would rule against it’s own members. As soon as Toto when crowd surfing and got wasted 3 hours after the Abu Dhabi GP, any thought of legal action was finished.


Number 3: The FIA regulations state, the F1 champion will be declared at the annual FIA bash. So any legal claims following that were futile. The FIA awards ceremony – given time differences – happens less than 3 days following the end of the final 2021 race.

Number 4: Here’s a bit of history. Daimler Benz, the rather boring brand that was a gloabl car manufacturer, were persuaded to buy the Brackley F1 outfit on the basis that they could dominate F1 for the best part of a decade – if enough money was invested.


Now, getting a global automotive car manufacture to invest billions into F1 was always a difficult sell for Bernie Ecclestone. Yet Toto Wolff pulled it off. Having sold 1990’s bubble tech companies for millions, which were just a bloke in his back bedroom with a good idea, he knew the value of marketing.

So Toto’s whiz deal to Stuttgart was, instead of spending billions in thousands of global publications globally, why not spend it on an F1 team and dominate the sport for a decade. As Lewis Hamilton said, the global eyeballs for the sport column reports – win after win – was worth billions a year to Daimler.

Thus F1 entered it’s darkest ever era. The most dominant team building the most dominant car, with the vast funds of a global car manufacturer saving a fortune on regular advertising. And consequently, the GOAT of F1 was born, fawned over by the British media who are obsessed with diversity and the story of a kid from Stevenage who made good.

The fact that any Mercedes driver, was they only driver to win an F1 title for 7 seasons is lost on the Hamfosi (Tifosi derivative).


Anyway, the dollar pays and the dollar must be obeyed.

As soon as Toto and his buddie the barrister stormed the FIA in Abu Dhabi to demand Lewis be enshrined as the 2021 WDC, the board in Stuttgart were messaging each other.

Conversations like, ‘comrades, we’ve had a fabulous decade of free global marketing, it’s time to be gracious. Any protracted legal battle over what is in fact just a motor race, will damage the brand we’ve spent gazillions on’.

So Toto (the Oz dog) was called off. And now the appeal to higher legal opinion will not be heard.

Fact 5: Sir Loo was just part of a global corporation’s sales ambitions. He was a mere vehicle for them to express their historically revised diverse views on the world – and sell more cars.

Yes, Lewis ended up with loads of F1 WDC’s, but when he needed his German masters, they ditched him.

IMHO, Sir Loo will quit F1 racing now. The challenge coming from St. George his new team mate… and the British fans true local gladiatorial representative, will be immense. And of course George will have the same car as Loo. And if perchance Mercedes have a secretly spent a few more billion and created another dominant package again for 2022, we’ll all clearly see it was the car that mattered.

Lesson: When you allow global billion dollar corporate players to dominate your team (cf. Man Utd and the Glaziers), expect the predictable. You will get hired Lackey’s who will achieve their purpose, for ‘The Empire’ and in this case subsequently both Toto (woof) and Sir Loo (the diverse oppressed Brit) have played their roles impeccably.

(PS: Lewis is the alleged oppressed humble guy from Stevenage. Yet in fact he was supported by some old white privileged bloke – Ron Dennis – with fortunes of dollar every year whilst in karting since the age of 12. Funds all his competitors could not compete with).

The sad thing is, with all his fame and fortune and Hollywood jet-set buddies, ‘I still rise’ can’t afford to own/run an F1 team for minorities. He just doesn’t have the clout or the cash. Hey…. Maybe he should speak to Oprah. She can definitely afford it.


116 responses to “Stuttgart shut down Mercedes AMG F1 protests

  1. If rumours are to be believed even Lewis wanted Mercedes to give up on the appeals and accept the result. Looks like it took the Marketing department in Stuttgart to make the final decision.

    • I for one am relieved michael masi’s wife and kids have been released by the “racing gods” unharmed. I’m not surprised the bookies aren’t causing a stink but in fairness I wouldn’t want my balls cut off either!

    • I just read this and being a fan of Formula 1 not anyone particular team you must be deluding yourself if you think that this piece is at all balanced. It’s clear you’re not a Mercedes fan. And for whatever my comment is worth you can’t be expected to be taken seriously can you? Because if you do you are seriously underestimated at least 50% of the people that follow Formula 1.

      • Totally with you. I am an F1 fan too not of any one driver. Having followed the sport for 40 years I’ve never read a report that is clearly bitter and devoid of facts as this one. The author ought to contact Puffin books which is ideal for children reading fantasy.

    • Let the Race Director be just that!
      A great call to once again allow F1 to be a race and not a podium for cry babies!!

      • Hear Hear…not only that, it says that in the rules. Seems Toto only reads so far….plus he was just covering for himself because he screwed up for his golden boy when he was yelling at “Mikey.”

    • What an utterly racist and demeaning article to all concerned. Why do you find it necessary to belittle everyone with your micro aggression? We are all human beings and deserve some respect and especially those who go above and beyond to provide us with entertainment, but it seems at the expense of small minded people like you. This article is despicable written and I regret have had it shoved in my face by social media and those who skew everything with their own biases.

    • I suspect that was all PR, after they heard from Stuttgart. He was a no show in Paris. Don’t give me the excuse that he was in the UK getting tapped by the Prince because the Queen was a no show. There was plenty of time for him to don some ridiculous outfit and get there.

      • Was Sore Lew getting raped by the prince?

        Before or after kneeling to him?

        Is that why is he rrrrreally sore?

    • Totally agree. Incredibly poor writing with absolutely no attempt to cover up extreme partiality. Really rather sickening.

    • I totally agree with you. It looks as if the writer was waiting for LH to fail. So so sad. The rules were not followed full stop. LH will be back next season.

      • Ur a sniveling, fang baring fiend. Tell me if u read over this piece, did u find joy in it? Very offensive.

    • Nothing new from this shoddy site. Every article on here is utter ripe and is blatantly some closet moronic racist posting drivel.

    • Little tip pal, if you actually want your opinion to taken seriously it’s better not to call the people you are writing about by silly childish names (Loo). It makes you sound like you are 5 years old. Other than that there’s literally no evidence to support anything that you’ve said, you’ve not even credited a source and the title is complete clickbait.

  2. Who wrote this absolute trash content? I’m annoyed this even featured and wasted my time. As a Max fan this toxic rubbish should be buried. Another example why anyone with an IQ below a 90 should be regulated from using the Internet

      • Predictable, and yet demonstrably wrong at the same time. Lewis is in the top % of tax payers in the UK

        Show me a UK F1 driver who hasn’t moved to a “more tax friendly” location.
        Nigel Mansell (IoM)
        Jenson Button (Guernsey)
        Lewis (Switzerland them Monaco – via the US where he would presumably have paid local taxes)
        DC (Monaco)
        Even the much lauded Jackie Stewart moved to Switzerland for tax reasons, FFS

      • Another BS comment.
        #LH44 is employed in the UK.
        So0o he pays £millions in paye.
        Why you only refer to 1 person, who you’re obviously seriously jealous of is quite telling.
        Cootart, jail dodging Bernie, Jackie embarrassing statements Stewart, jennsin 1 title ALL live abroad.
        Like I said.
        Singling out the 1 driver who’s not white…🤔

      • Tax dodger? Each racer pays tax in earnings in every country they race in. That’s why countries love F1.
        Also, in 2019 HMRC showed he was in the top 5 individual contributor of tax in the UK ans in the top 5000 overall. Also, has a home in the UK. So, no not really a tax dodger is he now?

        But you and this author are filthy racists who clearly hate the idea of this successful rich blsck guy being the greatest of all time in this sport.

        Fortunately people like you are dying out quickly with covid & your moronic antivax logic.

    • Glad to see that the vast majority of F1 fans have evolved beyond nonsensical narratives designed to discredit Sir Hamilton who has been nothing but exemplary his entire career. Max was faultless in Abu Dhabi, but the reality is that the end result was contrived and the entire planet saw it that way. This is F1 not WWE. I sincerely hope that the FIA rectifies the errors for the good of the sport. Nobody cared really who won, but both gentlemen were robbed by this tragedy of a Final courtesy of the FIA. Max and Lewis deserved and untainted result and they were both robbed of it. Let us not have a repeat next year.

  3. …..but the race director didn’t follow his own rules (heard this somewhere else ?). And now the FIA mark their own homework.It is a disgrace.

  4. Is this auto-translated? And/or written by a 12yr old that just uses Reddit and Wikipedia as sources? Terribly written, maybe keep this for your diary/hate manifesto

  5. The biggest load of rubbish I’ve read in a while. There is no regard for the facts that the rules weren’t followed. That a travesty occurred. That those of us who followed and watched F1 all year were robbed at the final hurdle of a fair and ethical conclusion to a brilliant year of racing. Some controversy is good and acceptable but not the wholesale destruction of the rules which brings anarchy. The Judge said that Lewis would walk away. So we will know in a couple of months that he is full of crap when Lewis comes back for pre season practise and car setup tuning.

  6. Useful article as I can now block this crap from my news feed.
    Unhappy people need an unhappy world to make it seem better. Jog on.

  7. Brilliant article. That view of Hamilton is held by lots of F1 supporters around the world, no matter how much British media try to make him the messiah. There isn’t and will never be a debate irrespective of him wining 8 or 9 WCT. He will never be consider the GOAT, nowhere near actually.

  8. I found it nauseating reading and listening to so many pundits and commentators repeat almost mantra-like that Max “deserved” or was “deserved “of the Championship t as if the final race was simply a formality. I mean why even bother with the race; why did not they crown your new king before the race started . Someone in the Red Bull camp must have circulated to the pundits (who hate Lewis) “talking points” when talking to the media to gas light to the public so they would not protest as they know public opinion, if strong enough could make Max an unpopular world champion.

    Let’s be honest the real winner of the race was SLH . He obliterated Max from the start and only manipulation by Masi led to this horrible one sided and corrupt fiasco . My view may not be popular but I think Mercedes should take the matter to court and insist Max and Red bull be stripped of their ill gotten gains and unjust enrichment .Sorry Max does not deserve d to steal the crown from Lewis.

    It seems a lot of people have no interest in sporting fairness or integrity and just want an outcome that suits their bias . That was something I have seen and makes me disappointed and sad. The race win and 8th world championship was stolen in broad – daylight . SLH was robbed pure and simple . We saw it with our own eyes !

    • Sportsmanship is something that is hard to find at Mercedes this year, see how to f*cked RedBull in the DTM. I also wonder how fast Hamilton would have been last weekend if he had only had used 3 engines in the season as envisioned by the 2021 rules. Bottas stated that a newer would make 2 tenths of a difference and I guess Hamilton could make more of that.
      Wolff being in a bad mood is something that can happen, it is human and I wonder if sportsmanship can exist when so much money is in play.
      But why should Stuttgart have said to stop the protest? The other owner of the team, Inios, also produces cars, so it could be bad for their order book.

    • Your projection has no limits.

      I bet you don’t notice.

      A race only finish at the finish line. Not before.

      He can’t be robbed of what is not his yet.

      Sore Lew’s & Merc had plenty opportunity to win.

      They were too afraid and bet wrong. Twice.

    • BTW Verstappen deserved the WDC because he was clearly superior *overall* the whole season.

      Even before running the last race.

      Even if Sore Lew would have won the last race.

      Verstappen was clearly superior.

      Deal with it.

    • Yeah, not sure what internet gods I offended to end up with this nonsense popping up.
      I was actually more pleased than I thought I’d be when Max won, although I’d watched the race hoping to see Lewis collect his 8th wdc. So not personally traumatised by the outcome & so not feeling defensive about the content here. But by gods, what a pathetic piece of writing!
      Think what we have here is a butthurt Ferrari fan who misses Uncle Bernie manipulating the rules to keep them top.

  9. Sir Lewis was quoted as saying he didn’t even want Merc to protest after the race let alone a legal appeal, in which i have more chance of winning euromillions than Merc winning.
    Had lewis been second and latifi crash he would have put softs on and do exactly what max did to win.
    How the lapped car scenario , safety car in & restart was handled was a shambles and i don’t think Mr Whuting RIP in his time would have created the mess in the first place.
    I agree with the marketing and global brand machine and the distinct likelihood with Red bull losing Honda , unless ferrari finally produce a decent package then Mercedes will get a few more championships yet.

    Oh and hopefully red bull told vw/audi u can’t have a w12 engine in f1 yet…

  10. You’re a sad disgusting racist bigot, I truly pity you. The amount of racist connotations in this article are absolutely disgusting. The rules were broken by Masi which massively benefited one driver over the other, that’s the fact of the matter.

  11. Such a biased view does not deserve reply except to ask from who do you expect payment. RBR or the FIA?

  12. I’m genuinely wondering what I’ve done wrong recently, having this vile, racist, overly smug, self important and idiotic piece of writing appearing in my newsfeed feels like a punishment.

    You need to have a really good look at yourself.

  13. I’m genuinely wondering what I’ve done wrong recently, having this vile, racist, overly smug, self important and idiotic piece of writing appearing in my newsfeed feels like a punishment.

    You need to have a really good look at yourself.

  14. What the fuck are you all on about? Seek help desperately, yall clearly got fuck ton of shit in your heads that yall need to shit out of your mouths. This thread is 100% RETARDED

  15. What kind of an a** writer wrote this? Must be a joke of a website. Not even sure why Google recommend it to me. What a waste of 5 minutes!

    • If you wrote this and you’re reading this comment you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Racist connotations all over the shop

      “The sad thing is, with all his fame and fortune and Hollywood jet-set buddies, ‘I still rise’ can’t afford to own/run an F1 team for minorities.”

      Dumbest thing I’ve read all year. Stop writing **** on the internet. Take a long hard look at yourself and then go educate yourself on racism.

      If the website has any sense they’ll take this down.

    • You can set it to not recommend this website. Click on the three little dots below the image of the website and select “Do not show content from thejudge13”. It will reflect badly on them and will likely not be recommended to others.

  16. Obviously you’re not a Lewis Hamilton fan, but I am, and this piece is TOTAL SHIT!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕

  17. What a sad pathetic piece of writing. I’d almost feel sorry for you, but in the end cannot. People like you who hold these views will never be at ease with yourself or the world. Just enjoy life, it too short to waste it on hatred and bile.

  18. Reading your garbage, it’s obvious you’re a self pity, bitter little person. Your comments stink animosity for no reason. Calling Lewis Sir Loo, how low is that. You got an agenda that’s for sure (what ever the reason is next time, do yourself a favor keep it for yourself) and you know what’s worst than loo? Shit… that’s what you and this comment are

  19. Just stumbled across this, and objectively my dog is a better writer. So, moving past that, the obvious question is why you even bother watching F1 if it’s riddled with conspiracies? Probably the least intelligent analysis of Motorsport I’ve read all year 😄😄

  20. This is an appalling bit of journalism. The “facts” as you portray then are nothing more than ramblings of a biased hack that has clear dislike for Mercedes, Hamilton and the British. Not a very smart move considering the demographics of fans and participants of F1. All with a tinge of racism thrown in as well…career suicide.

    • You are making the critical error in assuming that he is a journalist (he is not). He is not even a “hack”. He writes for no publications, has no accreditations, and his “sources” are no good – Andy Cowell to Red Bull?

      I got vehemently shot down last time I criticised “The Judge” for even mildly insinuating that there may be some ulterior motivation behind the continuous burning and scathing of Lewis, even going so far as to threaten blocking my IP from the site…

      For the record, before the usual suspects lob a load of shite back… whinging LooLoo fans / crying little girls (good to see you back again my old friend, Badgerman), as a Lewis supporter, I couldn’t give a rats ass that he didn’t get the title now, and didn’t before the race started. In my eyes, they both deserved it equally having given us the best competition in decades, and am genuinely pleased that Max won it. My only gripe is the way that the rules were bent, broken and applied, and the precedent (yet again this year) that this now sets

      • Fair enough, but all the teams knew from long time ago (and reminded before this race), that they were going to prioritize finishing under racing conditions –green flag.

        And the rules are written toward that flexibility.

        Knowing this, Mercedes squashed the opportunities they had to be in fresher tires. Twice.

        The 2nd opportunity, understandable.

        But the 1st one (VSC)? What’s the excuse?

        They would have kept position even after stopping for tires a lap after Verstappen.

        They were were too afraid and squashed all opportunities.

        They trusted to have clout.

        They were entitled.

        They lost.


  21. About time someone had the balls to say how it has been for years. The best CAR dominating F1. Hamilton should not have been allowed to impose his political views on the sport. The sport will be better when he is gone

    • I dot get your point, (unless there’s something you aren’t saying) – single cars or manufacturers have regularly dominated the sport. Just going back to the late 80’s

      McLaren MP4/4
      Williams FW14
      Williams FW18
      Any Ferrari between 00 and 04
      Any Redbull between 10 and 14
      I’d even go so far as to say that the Brawn was dominant, wining 8 out of 17 races

      In 05, the Renault won 8 out of 19 and won the championship, while the Mclaren won 10, so who dominated there?
      In 06, Renault again won 8 out of 18, with Ferrari this time winning 9, so again, who dominated there?

        • Remind me again, “Rampant Horse F1”, what F.I.A stands for….

          I’m sure there is an Italian version of the British saying, “people in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones”

          • It wasnt really a question though, but if you want a debate about it, I give you the change of regs on the floor this season, that rather conveniently pegged back the design philosophy that MB had, rather than oooh, I dont know, say RedBull?

            I would argue that was a change to REDUCE “domination”, rather than CONTINUE

            Also, seeing as you have raised particular attention to the “7 years” domination – the 5 years between 2000 and 2004 is at least comparable, no?

        • The change of regs in regards the floor was accepted by all teams. James Allison is on record stating nobody knew who would be affected most.

          As to 00 to 04, only 2002 and 2004 were dominated to the level of Mercedes since 2014. 2000 and 2001 were closer contests and 2003 went to the last race.

          What was critical in that period was Max Mosley was constantly changing the technical landscape to peg back Ferrari.

          Similarly, RBR winning between 2010 and 2013 were subject constantly to FIA directives

          Mercedes has been gifted token systems that handicap their rivals, stop development and allow the domination to continue.

          I measure dominance by how the second driver in a title winning car fares. Barrichello would never have won in 2000,2001 or 2003. Webber also would not have been a four time champion.

          But without Hamilton, Mercedes could have had Rosberg as a 7 time champion, or Bottas a a quadruple champion himself – such has been their dominance

          • Great reasoning!

            I’ll guess it will go over Sore Lew’s fans heads.

            Why reasoning when you can whine? and cry razism!! Reee!

  22. Such a garbage “article” if you can even call it that. It’s just a waste of storage and electricity…

  23. This writer ought to be stripped naked and dragged behind a an F1 car for some 3 laps for such rubbish, racist-laden, hatred-inspired and uneducated write-up.

    Such nonsense and utter waste from such bigot of a writer

  24. “…the British media who are obsessed with diversity…”

    I don’t think this is true, but if it were, would it be a bad thing?!?

  25. Why does the illeterate who wrote this not have his material checked for egregious spelling and grammar errors?

  26. Wow. I had to read to the end just to see if you signed off by saying you’re off to take your meds. You are one sick puppy. Hope you get some help

  27. What a terrible article. Biased and disrespectful with tasteless undertones. Sir Lewis becomes a knight through his achievements and some how George is now crowned a saint? Gtfoh

    • This has to be the dumbest and sorriest excuse of journalism you’ve put up here. We know an opinion piece when we see one and can tell the difference between an objective piece and this BS you put her. I can’t share, recommend or subscribe to this nonsense.

  28. Bottas is in same car. Lewis was 11 seconds ahead of Verstappen even after being held up by Perez. Lewis was at the top with McLaren. Many thought he took a risk going to mediocre Mercedes but suddenly, after he gets there he takes them to the top.

  29. You sound very bias towards Lewis, but I bet you haven’t written a piece about when Seb and Red Bull had no competition for years, you sound like a hater man. And please let Lewis balls breathe, they were clearly going to sim the championship, max should thank god latifi is a bafoon. You are so bias and racist man. You suck.

  30. Wow! This “report” is clearly written by a bitter, racist, and outright Ignorant clown masquerading as a journalist. It’s obvious that you hate Mercedes, Lewis, and any sort of objectivity, so I’m just going to chalk this up as another rant by some lonely and resentful troll sitting in his mom’s basement posting crymilton on his social media accounts.

  31. É uma vergonha a atitude da Mercedes, saiba perder, pois tem sido beneficiada muitas vezes de uma forma escândalo a nestes últimos anos. Saiba perder e ser mais humilde e se esse Sr. Toto, não se sabe comportar a Marca Mercedes tome uma posição e ponha-o na linha, tem muito mais a ganhar com isso e não precisa que um menino grande estrague o seu bom nome de muitas decadas.

  32. What a load of rubbish!!
    Lose the argument and divert attention from the matter at hand.
    Lewis was robbed because the race director wanted max to win. He heard arse licker Horner say,” only the racing god’s could save us”.
    Masi if course thought he meant him and duly complied.

    This has nothing to do with the history of mercedes.

    Writer should be sacked.

  33. What do you hope to achieve from journalism of this form? A Pulitzer? Feels like if Bernie Ecclestone and Helmut Marko had a child, that’d be you. Sore about their very existence and degrading anyone who seems to do better than you, which just might be everyone else on the face of this planet.

  34. Really poor writing in this article. Many spelling and grammar mistakes! I hope this isnt your actual profession in life.

  35. Whoever wrote the above article is a complete and utter Moron. The 2021 WDC was decided by the astonishing incompetence of one race director.
    Max deserved to win but was clearly no match for the other driver who also deserved to win. Masi needs to walk and the BS written above is nothing but that.
    I have watched and supported F1 for 30 years and what happened in Abu Dhabi is enough to make me walk away. Get a Life

  36. See ya! How dare you think that because you have supported??? F1 for 30 years you are the be all end all of the sport. Get a life and learn to read…guess you that isn’t something in F1 you haven’t done.

  37. Not many black people in F1 frontline but the one that there is showed superior driving skills, absolute class and is a credit to sport. Well done Lewis, you face absolute nonsense from people that live in fear like the writer of this article but come out looking like more of a champ every time.

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