Red Bulls’ dire oberservation after Qatar

After the second place of Max Verstappen in the Grand Prix of Qatar, Helmut Marko, consultant for Red Bull, analyzed the poor performance of the Austrian F1 team.

Nothing has yet been finalized in the race for the title. Thanks to his victory in the last two Grands Prix , Lewis Hamilton has caught up with leader Max Verstappen .

In the general classification, the Briton has 343.5 points and is just behind the 352.5 units of his Dutch rival. For Helmut Marko , Red Bull was unable to compete with Mercedes in Qatar .


“We have never been able to find the level of the beginning of the weekend”

“It was our fault.” says Marko,

“We were four tenths ahead in the first practice session. Then we got lost.

“Hamilton, for his part, improved gradually, adjusting his car as needed. For us, it was the other way around.


“We have never been able to find the level of the beginning of the weekend. In the third practice session, we suddenly lost three tenths in the first corner. We got closer at top speed.

“For the first time in weeks, we haven’t been at a disadvantage. […] We still have to win one of the two races. Everyone says Jeddah will be Mercedes’ country. So we are going to win there ”, observed Helmut Marko.



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