Hamilton points finger at team for failures against Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton is not hiding his motivation ahead of the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix, with the Mercedes F1 team seemingly on the backfoot, with everything to play for in his battle against Max Verstappen – The 7 time Champion seemingly points his finger at Mercedes for failing to keep up with Red Bull.

As the Formula 1 season draws to a close, the suspense remains for the World Championship title. The leader, Max Verstappen, has a 12-point lead over Lewis Hamilton with only five races left to go. The Mercedes driver has no room for error if he wants to win an eighth world title and is determined to achieve a satisfactory result at the next Mexican Grand Prix.


“Winning is what I want, of course, says Hamilton

“I’m not downhearted. Winning is what I want, of course! It’s what I always want. Last time they were slightly faster than us here.” confirms Hamilton,

“This is a Red Bull track. We’ve also had success here in the past, but only because Max made a mistake and got a penalty, but they were much faster than us.” laments the British driver,


Lewis then goes on to point the finger at Mercedes for failing to keep up with Red Bull Racings astonishing developement.

“We haven’t had any new parts on the car since Silverstone, but the others have kept coming up with new things,

“I think Red Bull Racing has the advantage here, but it’s up to us to make the most of our opportunities. I hope that’s enough to put pressure on our opponent,” said Hamilton,



3 responses to “Hamilton points finger at team for failures against Verstappen

  1. Stupid reporting if you got nothing to write DONT .No facts just personal attack on a good driver british driver oooh he is black i forgot. Just get real we tired of reporters lime you

    • Quite.
      His comment is hardly the stinging criticism of the team that the headline makes out…

      Ooh, Judge13 takes a swing at Lewis shocker

  2. Lewis has had it too easy for too long, a touch of pressure is showing. A bad workperson blames their tools…..

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