Hamilton responds… Ecclestone “no longer a fighter”

Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton reacts to Bernie Ecclestone’s criticism – In the week before the British F1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone exchange blows again.

In an interview, Bernie Ecclestone accuses his compatriot of not having the right attitude to succeed anymore, Hamilton disagrees.

Ecclestone told the British Press Agency PA: “Maybe Lewis is not quite the fighter he used to be.”

The former Formula One supremo saw his statement confirmed that after years of dominating the world championship, Hamilton could not match his performances this season.


“There are many occasions this year when he could have done better, but he didn’t,” Ecclestone criticised

“He didn’t have any competition [in recent years], the equipment was always great, and he didn’t really have to push himself. But maybe now he thinks he’d better take it a bit easier,” the F1 veteran further speculated.

Hamilton did not originally want to comment on the statements of the long-standing Formula 1 figurehead. He said he was completely unaware of the criticism from Ecclestone last week.


“I don’t really have a response to that. It’s been an interesting week with a lot going on with football and my commission,” Hamilton said referring to the Hamilton Commission’s publication on diversity in motorsport.


“I’m certainly not the driver I was when I started. I got better,” the 98-time Grand Prix winner asserted confidently.

It has been clear for some time that Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone are not on particularly good terms. In 2020, the former F1 boss and the sport’s most successful driver sharply lashed out at each other several times in a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement.




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