Hamilton’s comment on Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton reveals his relationship with Verstappen – As the F1 French Grand Prix gets underway with qualifying today, Lewis Hamilton is aiming to take over the overall lead from Max Verstappen, the current Formula 1 Championship leader.

The Mercedes driver recently spoke about his relationship with the Dutchman and after the surprising race in Baku, the main contenders for the world championship will want to both be winners in France.


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will have to make up for their big mistake in Azerbaijan. The Mercedes driver, second in the overall standings, does not want to miss another opportunity to overtake the Red Bull driver and regain his lead. To do so, he will have to take the fight to Max Verstappen, and after yesterdays’ free practice, it looks as if Mercedes have the pace.

Lewis Hamilton spoke about his relationship with the Dutchman before the start of the weekend.

“There are words but it’s often the excitement of the moment, the adrenaline,” admits Hamilton,

“But I see a lot of respect between us otherwise. On and off the track. There’s no need for change,

“Everything is fine in my opinion. Max is an amazing driver and it’s great to have to fight him, with an F1 car that’s competitive. ” Lewis Hamilton said.


Meanwhile, Max Verstappen’s Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, has concerns about the Pirelli tyres for the weekend, with very high track temperatures, and a huge blow out on the main straight in Baku last time, causing Verstappen to crash and retire from the lead.


“We worked fully with Pirelli and the FIA to for them to try and understand what’s gone on because we have worked within the guidelines and prescriptions that Pirelli and so on come up with,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“So then you’ve got to ask yourself, why did it happen? So the result is that obviously pressures have been increased. Is 2psi enough to prevent [that] something might happen again? I don’t know.

“We obviously need to rely on Pirelli and their technical expertise. But hopefully, we won’t see incidents like we’ve seen obviously in Azerbaijan.”

Both Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen suffering tyre failures at the last round in Baku, there has been an inquest into why the incidents took place with Pirelli saying an increase in 2 psi should prevent similar incidents from taking place.




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