F1 News: Perez hits out at other drivers, Russell switch to Mercedes

Sergio Pérez, who recently won the Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix, has complained that the agreement between the drivers is often not respected.

Sergio Pérez won the last Grand Prix in Baku and has been getting stronger with each race. However, like many drivers, the Mexican is not satisfied with certain incidents that have been occurring during the Saturday qualifying recently.


In qualifying since the start of the season, many crashes have occurred and mistakes have been made. Sergio Pérez spoke out about these problems.

“There are drivers who really respect this unwritten agreement between us, drivers you can trust.” the Mexican laments,

“But now there are some who can’t trust me anymore. It’s very hard, to be honest. I think the chaos starts when the drivers overtake towards the end of the lap when we know we just have to keep our position and try to create gaps.”



The Red Bull driver describes the rush for position ahead of a flying lap, and the avoidance of starting a qualifying run too close to another car, resulting in dirty air over the car; therefore loss in performance.

“It’s like a traffic jam. If all of a sudden people want to go first… it gets worse and worse. It’s been like that for the last few races. ” Sergio Pérez said.

The Mexican driver is certainly finding his feet at Red Bull with a good victory in Baku, showing the paddock that Red Bull was justified in giving him a chance in a top team as support to Max Verstappen’s title challenge.

When compared to Mercedes’ ‘number 2’ Valtteri Bottas, Pérez looks a more promising prospect, something ex F1 Champion Damon Hill confirmed.


“I think it’s a trend. I think it’s a good trend. It’s trending in the right direction,

“He’s not like some drivers who only qualify well. I’d say Valtteri [Bottas] qualifies well and then doesn’t perform quite so well in the race. Whereas Sergio typically goes better in the race.”

Indeed it appears that Mercedes Valtteri Bottas’ tenure at Mercedes could well be ending prematurely in 2020 with rumours that George Russell is soon to replace the Finn. 


Russell to join Hamilton at Mercedes

Alas, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku showed many just how out of his depth Valtteri Bottas is right now; the Mercedes teammate of Lewis Hamilton confessed to the media that he still has no idea why he could not pick up more pace resulting in a ‘nil poi’ result in Azerbaijan – With that, George Russell will join Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes F1.

It was a minor miracle that Bottas made it to Q3 in qualifying at all, not to mention that, despite  Verstappen’s and Hamilton’s retirements, he didn’t move up any further than 12th place.

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