Alonso responds to the criticism

Fernando Alonso had a positive F1 race in Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and was keen to answer his critics for his performances since the start of the Formula 1 season.

Sixth in the last Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso put in a satisfactory performance for Alpine. Since the beginning of the season, for his return to Formula 1 after two years, the Spaniard had been struggling to adapt fully to his car.


As a result, his results have been affected, as he is currently eleventh in the drivers’ standings. As a result, the 39-year-old driver has been the subject of much criticism.


Faced with this, Fernando Alonso was keen to respond to his detractors after his race in Baku.

“I wasn’t too unhappy with some of my other races which, by all accounts [in the media], were very bad.” admits the Spaniard,

“But I don’t think they were that bad… In Barcelona, obviously, we were at a complete standstill on our strategy, and we didn’t perform there. But we had more or less the same pace as Esteban, and in Monaco, and I think I finished two seconds behind him.

“And it was repeated every weekend: the general opinion was that I was in great difficulty, even comparing myself to other drivers who changed teams this year, like Daniel or whatever.

“But I didn’t think it was fair, because I think there is a very big difference – between their problems and mine. I wasn’t worried. I knew it was just a matter of time,” the former McLaren and Ferrari driver said.



Russell to join Hamilton at Mercedes

Alas, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku showed many just how out of his depth Valtteri Bottas is right now; the Mercedes teammate of Lewis Hamilton confessed to the media that he still has no idea why he could not pick up more pace resulting in a ‘nil poi’ result in Azerbaijan – With that, George Russell will join Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes F1.

It was a minor miracle that Bottas made it to Q3 in qualifying at all, not to mention that, despite  Verstappen’s and Hamilton’s retirements, he didn’t move up any further than 12th place.

2021 has been a……. READ MORE ON THIS STORY


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