“Ferrari, always blame the drivers and never the car.”

Mark Webber, the outspoken ex Formula 1 driver and team mate to Sebastian Vettel, see’s the German struggling in recent years – the Australian reveals his thoughts on Vettel, Sainz who joins Ferrari with Charles Leclerc to the Spanish paper Marca.

He doesn’t hold back on how he believes Ferrari seems to blame drivers rather than their own car.

“Being at Ferrari means being part of a team with a higher level of intensity. F1 is tough, but Ferrari is even tougher, because any driver suffers from the difficult environment because the Red cars are a religion in Italy,” Webber explained to Marca.


“The driver is always a target, if the team makes a mistake, the scapegoat is always the driver, because the car is never the problem. I like Carlos Sainz a lot, he’s motivated and hungry.

“He deserves to be in F1, he’s very fast and he’ll have a very tough opponent in Leclerc. He will have to do everything very well, from qualifying to his relationship with the team.

“I think Ferrari is keen to keep this pair of drivers for a long time. We’ll see if he can do better than Charles, it will be difficult but you never know. Meanwhile, he’s off to a good start and could give Leclerc a headache,”


The Australian confessed that he is eagerly awaiting the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen however, who can finally count on a Red Bull capable of challenging Mercedes but had more to say about Vettel.

“I think Vettel’s confidence is incredibly low at the moment. His time at Ferrari has not gone well.

“I think this generation of cars doesn’t suit Sebastian very well, he prefers cars with a lot of grip and downforce. That’s a problem for him, it’s not a problem for Hamilton, for example, who is always strong.”









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