Red Bull to develop its own engine from 2025

The Red Bull team will develop its own engine from 2025 rather than using a manufacturer, it announced in a statement on Friday.

The Formula One team has recruited an engineer from Mercedes to do this. As technical director, Ben (Hodgkinson) will join Red Bull Powertrains (the team’s engine department) in a key role that will see him lead all technical aspects and focus on the development of the first Red Bull-developed power unit to comply with the new regulations currently planned for 2025, it said.


Following the withdrawal of engine manufacturer Honda from F1 at the end of the current season, Red Bull has acquired the Japanese brand’s technology and will produce it in-house between 2022 and 2024, before developing its own power unit at its headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

When Red Bull announced the creation of Red Bull Powertrains, it also announced “a new phase of its ambition in Formula One: to bring every aspect of car design in-house and to put our destiny in our own hands,” explained boss Christian Horner.

The ultimate expression of this is the development of a Red Bull power unit as part of the next generation of Formula 1 engines.



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