Former F1 bosses slam Wolff with serious accusation

Former Formula 1 team boss Colin Kolles is making serious accusations against Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. Kolles also sees the deal with Lawrence Stroll as a danger for Vettel, quoting former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s opinion on Austrian.

Colin Kolles talked straight when the subject of the Mercedes team and its motorsport boss Toto Wolff came up.

The former Formula 1 team boss sharply criticised the Austrian and insinuated that he was flattering himself at the expense of others.

“The structures were put in place by Ross Brawn. The team is like a big steamship. If it sails and you change the captain, the steamer still sails. The build-up work was done by Ross Brawn,” Kolles said on Sunday in the AvD Motor & Sport magazine on SPORT1 about Mercedes’ dominance.

Background: In 2009, Brawn had taken over the then Honda Racing team and immediately led it to the constructors’ title as Brawn GP. One year later, Mercedes took over the racing team and continued to run it as a works team.

Kolles, who was running the Hispania Racing Formula One team at the time, also spoke about the rift between him and Wolff in this context.

“The friendship broke down because certain people make things up and then don’t remember them. That is the big problem. Mr Wolff was a business partner of mine and I brought him into Formula One – even if many people don’t want to know about it,” Kolles especially feels that the Mercedes boss lacks gratitude.

What also bothers him about Wolff is his involvement in Sebastian Vettel’s racing team. According to concurrent reports in the media, the 49-year-old had acquired shares worth 42 million euros in Aston Martin, which is run by his good acquaintance Lawrence Stroll, in the spring of last year.

“I think the Stroll/Wolff combination is a very dangerous combination for Sebastian Vettel. There are a lot of factors at play in the background,” Kolles says.

One thing, however, was clear from his comments: that he does not see Wolff on a par with the Canadian multi-billionaire.

“They call him [Wolff], Mr Stroll’s lapdog. That’s a quote from Bernie Ecclestone,” Kolles said.




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