Mazepin seat already in doubt

‘Maze-spin’ seat already in doubt – Macau GP winner, Russian driver Nikita Mazepin, is creating quite a stir in just his second weekend of F1 competition. His F1 record includes a spin in his first qualifying of the year, followed by a spin before the first corner of the first race.

Today Maze-spin added, FP1 to his Seb spin impersonation and a loss of control, which saw him bounce across the grass during a red flag in FP2.

Quite a debut.


His critics would suggest Nikita is the very epitome of the pay driver given his father is a Russian billionaire who ‘invested well’ when the society of comrades (USSR) was broken up and all Russian people who were once equal under communism became a little less so.

Dmitry Mazepin is considered one of the most charitable of the Russian Billionaires. One of his biggest donations was around £500,000 to fund cars for low-income families. Compare that to The Hut Group Plc entrepreneur, Matt Moulding, who yesterday committed £100milion to charity; and bizarrely is persistently criticised for running a ‘lack of accountable corporate governance’ by The Times.

Hey ho, Russia v UK comparisons. Comme ci comme ca.


Those who believe Nikita is merely a Russian billionaires beneficiary and is not in fact a better driver than Kevin Magnesson or Romain Grosjean, base a certain amount of their belief on comments made during the 2020 Netflix series, Drive to Survive.

I paraphrase, however, Gene Haas, once bullish Murican entrant into the F1 piranha club – and owner of the Ferrari bitch team surprisingly called Haas – called his team manager and said, ‘Gunther, there’s no more cash’. Gunther replied he had drivers who would contribute towards the budget.

Result: Exit Kmag and RoGro, enter Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.


Further, if there was any doubt about the power behind Haas in 2021, consider the Russian Flag and the quasi similarity to the current Haas car livery.

Nikita’s F2 career was hardly stellar. He finished P5 in the 2020 championship with just 2 wins. Previous GP2 graduates to F1, include George Russell and Charles Leclerc who each won 7 races in their championship years – c. 1/3rd of the races.


Maze-spin by comparison won just 2 races in 2020 and a total of 2 races in his 48 race F2 career. Add this to zero pole positions in F2 and a picture is emerging.

Some believe F1 under the ownership of Liberty is less liable to bending the rules than under Ecclestone’s reign. Yet the Court of Arbitration for Sport has decided to ban Russian athletes from competing under as ‘Russian’ due to corruption in Russian sporting regulatory federations that makes the East German Track and Field athletes of old look snowy white (and no I’m not referring to Charlie).

Still, the Haas car looks like the Russian flag and despite listing Mazza-spin as the only driver with no national flag alongside his name; the F1 commentators persist in referring to this pay-per-drive incompetent as ‘Russian’.

Some say, even Putin has begged SkyF1 to stop referring to Niki as Russian, given he is an embarrassment to Putin’s great nation, who single handedly won WWII.


And this is why Niki Mazza-spin is already under pressure, because even Daddy wants to win at whatever he does, and the Russian culture should force him to disown his son Nikita if his present form continues. Allegedly, Dmitry is presently considering offers from the Al Maktoum family who have a troublesome daughter in need of a firm hand.



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  1. This guy is a disgrace. The way he spoke to his engineer during FP3 who was trying to help him understand where he was losing time was utter arrogance.

    He also was rude to Brazilian F1 journalists.

    Clearly a child of entitlement – not disciplined – and allowed to treat Daddy’s servants as shit. F1 will chew him up and spit him out as it always does with shit drivers.

    Mazzaspin he is now named. Love itnTJ13.

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