Binotto confirms preseason Ferrari engine gossip

The 2021 Ferrari (SF21), which will be presented on March 10th, and will be an evolution of the previous Formula 1 machine – team boss Mattia Binotto confirms the gossip heard around their new engine.

The F1 team has invested in a brand new engine this year, and if the results of the test benches translate on the track, the Maranello-based team could once again be near the sharp end of the grid, challenging for victories. 


“We think the car is more efficient both aerodynamically and in terms of the engine,” assured the Team Principal, saying that the lack of speed on the straight was just a problem last year has been corrected.

“So I expect speed not to be a problem.” confirms Binotto.

“According to our simulations, and based on what we see in terms of the test bench power, but also on the data from the factory, I think we have recovered a lot of speed in the straights.”

Ferrari went from the most powerful drivetrain on the grid in 2019, to a “penalised” engine last year following a secret agreement between the FIA and the Italian team earlier this year. 

Indeed, Ferrari was punished for running what is thought to be an illegal power unit with the latest gossip saying the deal meant Ferrari had to run with less fuel flow in 2020 to drop their power down as the 2020 engine could be illegal (carrying over concepts and architecture from the previous year). 

That said, Ferrari seems to be now focused on 2022, a year that will be totally different with a new set of aerodynamic and chassis regulations.


“In 2021 we will focus on developing the car of 2022. That will be the main objective and we will therefore not spend much time on the 2021 car during the season,” says Binotto,

“There is always a balance, it is a choice we have to make. 2022 represents an important change (…) so a large part of the effort will be devoted to it”

Already absent from the circuits for several races last year, Binotto indicated that he would miss other Grand Prix – leaving the place to the French sports director Laurent Mekies – in order to stay in Maranello, home of the Scuderia, to focus on next season.



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