Grosjean talks skin grafts

Romain Grosjean was the guest of Laurent Delahousse on Sunday evening for France2 TV and spoke a little more about the next steps in his recovery.

The Frenchman announced this Sunday in Bahrain that he will not participate in his last race with Haas this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, notably because his left hand still makes him suffer after the terrible accident he had in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

When asked if he thinks that an operation or a transplant might be necessary, he said: “I am not sure. be considered in the future, the French driver replied: “I hope not!

“That’s why I don’t take the risk of driving during the week. next, since today we had rather good news. ” explains Romain,

“The skin seems to want to recover, even where it is the most burnt. The hand Right, in a week’s time it will be nothing but a bad memory.

“The left hand will still take, I would say, two to three weeks to get better and I really hope that I won’t need to have any grafts or something like that, because it necessarily lengthens the process and it complicates things. ”

Concerning his future in Formula 1, the Frenchman – who has no contract for 2021 – said that he had said goodbye to the paddock this Sunday at Bahrain, but that he was planning to come back “to see his friends”.


“For the moment it’s over, in any case I’ve said goodbye to the paddock. I went out with my pass and I told myself that it was perhaps the last time,

“I will return to the paddock at certain times, that’s for sure, to see friends. But in any case, for the time being, it was definitely
Probably my last Grand Prix last week. ”


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