Rosberg joins the rumour-mill on Mercedes & Hamilton future without Wolff

While Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton still haven’t extended their contract, Mercedes’ future would depend on that of its boss according to Nico Rosberg – “His departure could lead to serious consequences”.

World champion in 2016, Nico Rosberg knows the Silver Arrow family very well. A team-mate of Lewis Hamilton for four seasons and under the command of Toto Wolff, the German driver is aware of the importance of these two men for Mercedes.

And whereas neither Hamilton nor Wolff is under contract for 2021, the doubt grows. Especially for the boss of the team faced with the rumour of a takeover by Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos. But for Nico Rosberg, the future of Mercedes would depend on the Austrian businessman.


In comments reported by F1 News, Nico Rosberg spoke again about the importance of a renewal of Toto Wolff’s contract.

“A lot depends on Toto Wolff. I remember Lewis saying that Toto was the pillar of the team’s success, and I totally agree with him.

“There is no guarantee that the team will remain stable if Toto decides to leave. I would say that his departure could set off a chain reaction and many people in key positions could do the same.

“Some will say that Mercedes’ dominance is over while others might look for something new and be tempted to follow him. This could therefore have serious consequences for the future of the team”.



4 responses to “Rosberg joins the rumour-mill on Mercedes & Hamilton future without Wolff

  1. When I read that Toto had bought shares in Aston Martin the thought entered my head “what if Toto and Lewis were going to the Aston Martin racing team. Then it was announced that Seb was going there, and the thought entered my head “I wonder how Seb and Lewis would get on as teammates”??!!

  2. The sooner Hamilton leaves MercedesAMG the better for #F1
    He set the Silver Arrows upside down: black instead of Silver and the #BLM-actions almost kill the entire F1-intrest
    Using a world sport as a forum for a theme that’s deviding the world in two camps is not good.
    Always be aware of that,
    Hamilton lost 90% of his supporters !!!!

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