News on Mercedes F1 buyout: “Toto, take the money & go…”

Eddie Jordan: “Toto, take the money they offered you and leave this team.” exclaims the former team boss of the Jordan Formula 1 team.

A few days ago, Eddie Jordan announced through the Daily Mail, the buyout of Mercedes by its current technological partner, Ineos, as well as the departure of its director, Toto Wolff, at the end of the season.

The Austrian replied a few hours later that all this was pure speculation… However, Jordan repeated his assertions, this time on the Dutch TV channel Ziggo Sport.

When Robert Doornbos, a former Formula 1 driver, asked him if there was a possibility that Toto Wolff would not renew his contract with Mercedes and leave next year for Aston Martin, the Irishman replied :

“It’s obvious that there’s a good chance of that happening. The only thing I’m really sure of is that Ineos will buy the Mercedes team,

“I recognise that Toto is a phenomenally successful manager. But the time has come for him to leave. He has already won everything he can. He has also created a whole myth around Lewis Hamilton and this team.


“We must not forget that there are always good and bad times in life.

“And for Toto it is the right time to leave. If I were his advisor, I would tell him: Toto, take the money they offered you and leave this team, because it will be harder to do so later.”



One response to “News on Mercedes F1 buyout: “Toto, take the money & go…”

  1. Eddie J, knows a thing or two…

    I am fairly certain that BOTH Bernie Ecclestone and Jackie Stewart would agree with Eddie Jordan…

    Best to leave now Toto Wolff

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