Lance out: Vettel finally speaks about expected arrival at Racing Point

For two months now, the suspense has been at its height regarding Sebastian Vettel’s arrival at Racing Point for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

When questioned on the subject, the four-time World Champion said he had “had no news on the subject”, confirming that he has been in discussions with the British team and that something seems to be stuck in the negotiations.



“At the moment I have several options open to me.” says Vettel,

“One thing is certain: I will be driving next year. Now you want to know where and I don’t have the answer yet.

“ be honest, I have no news on this subject.” says Vettel when specifically asked about Racing Point, soon to become the Aston Martin Racing team,

“There’s a lot of press coverage that I’ve already signed or that I’m going to sign something soon.

“I usually have a lot of pens with me, but I don’t have any magic ones. ” says the German whilst laughing,



A probable sticking point and persistent rumour is that Vettel will very likely replace Lance Stroll and not Perez. 

Stroll did absolutely nothing to slow the rumor mill during driver presser on Thursday with both Lance and Sergio giving distinctly different and somewhat telling responses.

“I feel, both parties, we want to carry on and we believe in each other and we believe in the project, so nothing really more to say,” said Perez,

“I think it’s good for you (in the media) to have something to speak about. I’m very happy with the team. I’ve been here for a while and I see how the team is going upwards. We all feel internally that everything is working well.

“So, we see no reason why we should change anything. I think we are enjoying a great season on the track, and things are working really well in the team. I don’t expect any change.”

On the other hand Lance’s answer was a short sharp “I have nothing to say about that,”







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