Verstappen to blame for the dangerous driving at Haas

Criticised for his defences, which were considered too robust at the F1 race on Sunday, Romain Grosjean defended himself by pointing out that he couldn’t see much in his rear-view mirrors and that there were no specific rules prohibiting him from moving in the braking zone.

In Sunday’s race, the Haas driver – who finished sixteenth – was at one point battling for fifth place and defended himself against attacks from Carlos Sainz’s McLaren, which earned him a black-and-white flag.


A little later, it was with Daniel Ricciardo that Grosjean once again put up a strong defence, for which he was summoned to the stewards’ office after the race.

When asked about the black-and-white flag presented for defences deemed too aggressive on Sainz and Ricciardo, Grosjean replied: “I haven’t seen the pictures, the mirrors don’t work, so I can’t see much in the mirrors. ” Grosjean told the French Channel Canal+.


“If that’s the case, I’m sorry, but I think I always left more than one car wide, so yeah, maybe I moved late, but I always left more than one car. 

“There’s no rule against moving in the braking zone, it doesn’t seem to me, we complained about it, but nothing was ever done, so I did the Verstappen technique, so we’ll see what happens. ”

Later today Grosjean received an official warning for his late moves, but no penalty or points placed on his Formula 1 Super license. 





2 responses to “Verstappen to blame for the dangerous driving at Haas

  1. Last time it was Ericsson’s fault. I actually like this guy but jeez mate, take some responsibility.

    • I think the point he is trying to make (if it is’t obvious) is that the Committee seem to have one rule for one set of drivers and another rule for others.
      Consistency on application of rules and punishments has never been consistent in F1.

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