Toto Wolff speaks about Mercedes future in F1 to Austrian press

Daimler is discussing the future of the Mercedes team in F1, despite the repeated successes of the German manufacturer’s team in recent years.

For several months now, rumours have been suggesting that the German carmaker Mercedes would like to stop its F1 project in order to reduce costs, but more importantly, to be more in line with its communication strategy, which is almost entirely focused on electric models.


TJ13 exclusively published a story on this as far back as late last year after the decision by rival manufacturer VW Group not to race in any category that isn’t electric.



It would, therefore, make perfect sense to see the Mercedes F1 team disappear, despite the fact that the team has outrageously dominated the top category of motorsport since 2014.

Team boss Toto Wolff has confirmed that he is currently in discussions with Daimler [Mercedes’ parent company] about the future of the Mercedes F1 team.

“I’m now without Niki – Lauda, only with Mercedes as a shareholder in the team and it’s not just a question of extending my contract as team boss, but also what we do with the company and that’s what we’re currently discussing [with Daimler]. ” Toto Wolff told ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian state media company).

However, the Austrian reiterated that his recent investment in Aston Martin will not change his position in the Mercedes team.

“Aston Martin is simply a personal investment, as I have always done. I believe in the brand and I believe in a long-term strategy that may or may not work for the next few years.

“In reality, it is a diversification of investments and it has nothing to do with my operational activities. ”





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