F1 determined to start season off, questions must be asked if it should

F1 remains “determined” to offer fans a 2020 season and a Formula 1 championship this year.

Formula 1 has reaffirmed its desire to set up a world championship this year, despite the various postponements and cancellations of races since the beginning of the year due to the coronavirus.


“In light of the current situation at COVID-19, Formula One has announced a number of race postponements in the interests of the safety of our fans, the communities we visit and the F1 community.

“As stated recently, our intention is to start the 2020 season at some point this summer.

“Right now, no one can be sure of the exact date when the situation will improve, but when it does, we’ll be ready to start running again. We are all committed to giving our fans a 2020 championship season.

“Formula One is currently working with the Promoters on a revised 2020 calendar with the actual sequence and timing of races that may differ significantly from our original 2020 calendar. This will be published in due course.

“As previously announced, we will be using the advanced summer break in March/April to run during the normal summer break period, and we expect the season end date to extend beyond our original end date of November 27th to 29th.” concludes the press release.


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To reiterate TJ13’s general thoughts on what is left of the 2020 F1 season, I quote what was written here last week:

If we exit the Piranha club bubble mentality – where the real world exists – and try to apply some common sense; there may be a very simple and obvious reason why the F1 season should be cancelled.

The psychological damage CV-19 will have on much of the population will see many less F1 and sports fans wanting to go and mix with tens and hundreds of thousand of others.

Further, the economic devastation the current world [except Sweden] isolation policy will wreak is of truly Armageddon proportions.

Circuits do not generate their cash from advance ticket sales in just 15 weeks prior to their F1 event. And the notion everyone will come out of lockdown desperate to go to sporting events is dubious.

Further, people are taking big hits on income. Is an F1 race really where they’ll be budgeting their spend in a couple of months?


Information for ticket holders of cancelled or postponed Grand Prix

The press release continues with:

“If you have purchased tickets for races that have been postponed or cancelled via F1Tickets.com, F1 Paddock Club and F1 Experiences, we are currently working with each race promoter on the transfer and refund options available. We are working quickly to finalise these options and will contact you.

“Ticket holders who have not purchased via these services should obtain the latest information on transfers or refunds via their point of purchase, either the relevant ticket retailer or the promoter’s official website, as the transfer or refund process may differ for each race. For races not postponed, ticket holders’ tickets remain valid. ”



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