Toto Wolff, the next FIA President

For some, there is a conflict of interest has blighted the presidency of the FIA boss, Jean Todt – Ferrari and their Formula 1 team are now unlikely to block any moves to place a successor to Todt.

Jean Todt has confirmed that he will not run for the presidency of the FIA in 2021, as the Frenchman can theoretically no longer stand for re-election due to the established limit of 3 terms. That said, it’s not outside the realms of possibility that this limit could be ‘amended’.


It must be stressed that Todt would be unlikely to ever try and go for a fourth term after the significant loss of support from F1 team bosses in recent times, most notably the deal struck between Ferrari and the FIA last December.

For many F1 team bosses and commentators, there was a clear conflict of interest as Jean Todt was a former Scuderia Ferrari manager.


As for the successor to Todt, one has to look to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, it is common knowledge that the Austrian has been seeking the presidency of the FIA for some time. And frankly, who else is realistically in the picture?

The only question that remained open was whether he would join his friend Lawrence Stroll at Aston Martin. This rumour was refuted two weeks ago by Stroll and Wolff.

The situation has indeed changed. This time, the Italian team bosses will not be able to use their right of veto, as a non-aggression pact has been signed between Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Grand Prix, and the chairman of Ferrari, John Elkann.


Now there is no clear obstacle for the presidency going to Wolff. What this means for continued Mercedes participation in Formula 1 remains unclear.


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