Ricciardo has a solution to rescue the season

While the Formula 1 season has not yet started, Daniel Ricciardo suggests several solutions to avoid the cancellation of many Grands Prix, starting with the possibility of shortening race weekends.

It is difficult to know when and how the Formula 1 season will unfold. Many postponements have already taken place, while the Australian and Monaco Grand Prix have been cancelled. As a result, at best, the season will consist of 20 events and could start in Canada on June 14th although it’s looking likely to be cancelled. Certainly, this date is threatened by the progress of Covid-19 in North America.


Consequently, it is indeed the whole season which is threatened by the crisis but in order to avoid a cancellation, Daniel Ricciardo proposes solutions such as switching to race weekends down to two days.

“I think the race weekends should be shortened if we have to race a Grand Prix every week. We should have two-day weekends, not three-day weekends.

“I’d like to try that format. It would have to be a logistically logical schedule, with one part in Europe, then another in Asia and another in America.

“When the season starts, I hope that we will be able to run as many races as possible. We have the GPDA, which is the association of Grand Prix drivers. It is the best communication channel.

“The promoters can contact us through it and vice versa. All together we can propose ideas and find solutions. We would like to be consulted.

“If they have a proposal, it will surely help them to have the drivers’ opinion. For example, concerning weekends over two days and not over three, I think that we drivers agree if it allows us to have more races”, said the Renault driver to Canal+, the French broadcaster.



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