Portuguese Grand Prix is on

The Algarve circuit located in Portugal near Portimao has finally received its FIA Grade 1 rating, a mandatory condition required to be able to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

During a first inspection carried out by the late Charlie Whitting some time ago with a view to obtaining grade 1 certification, the Portuguese track needed to make some additional improvements to the existing infrastructure.


The modifications required by the FIA having been carried out, the Portimao circuit has finally been awarded grade 1 and will now be able to become a candidate to host an F1 Grand Prix, although, for the time being, the circuit would likely be more interested in hosting winter testing rather than a round of the Formula One World Championship.

That said, due to the current Corona Virus outbreak and the likely requirement to condense and elongate the 2020 Formula one Championship into 2021, it’s possible that the Portuguese circuit could be called upon to host a special race. Perhaps without spectators as a ‘closed-door’ race.


“We have been working on this license since last year, following an inspection by the late Charlie Whiting and Eduardo Freitas. We have been working on this license since last year, following an inspection by the late Charlie Whiting and Eduardo Freitas,” said the director of the company that runs the circuit to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

“All the modifications requested by the FIA have been made and we have now received the highest certification from the federation. ”

Paulo Pinheiro said about the prospect of organising private motorcycle or car tests at his circuit :

“This is one of the possibilities. We first need to see how the coronavirus pandemic develops.

“Unless significant changes occur, the current [motorcycle] race schedules are likely to be overlooked. ”




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  1. Estoril has been a Grade 1 circuit for many years. The Portuguese Government are not interested in investing into Formula 1, that is why there is no rumour of either Estoril or Portimao, hosting a Formula 1 race, for about a decade. Portimao is a circuit to drive, or race motorbikes, not an entertaining Formula 1 circuit. Compares to Zandvoort or Hungaroring in layout and difficulty in following and racing.

  2. well, it is not. there is only one person in Portugal having enough money, but i don’t think She’d be interested

  3. IMHO, this is a poor circuit for F1. It looks like one of those compact Iberian circuits that are successful in MotoGP, but for F1 it has too few straights (only one) and too many paper clip turns. Hope it doesn’t join the calendar. There are plenty of other better European circuits worth of F1 GP.

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