Perez slams Mexican hospital for fake tests

It appears the UK has dropped the ball on Covid-19 testing. Recent figures would suggest that of the developed western nations, they have done less testing than most of the others.

Merica (otherwise known as the USA), who were late to the testing party have knocked out over 1.5m tests in no time whatsoever. The UK total is still under 200,000 tests.

Yet Health Minister Matt Hancock revealed this week, the government had rejected several batches of test, which they had originally committed to buy. The reason? The tests were faulty. One batch gave 3 false negative results from 4.


The disaster this kind of testing would create is unthinkable.

It may be other nations are being less scrupulous in their selection of Covid-19 tests for sale. And it has taken F1’s own Sergio Perez to call out medical malpractice in Mexico.


In the Mexican Province of Jalisco, there are just three testing facilities approved to perform Covid-19 tests. One hospital not approved, The Puerto de Hierro in Zapopan apparently decided to charge locals for tests anyway.

A patient found negative at The Puerto de Hierro was soon after found positive at an approved testing centre. 


An angry Sergio Perez took to twitter to express his outrage. “It can’t be! I hope the least you will do is return the money of all of us who trusted you… but I would sincerely like to see you do something important for society to compensate for your serious failure. Today is a time for all of us to be united and support each other.”

Clearly the amount of testing being done may not necessarily reflect the actual situation on the ground given rogue tests, some of which are allegedly being shipped from China.



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