Morality in question? Ferrari is crucial to season start in Canada

Former NASCAR and Indycar driver Patrick Carpentier believes that the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix will not be able to take place in June, in no small part due to the Ferrari team.

In fact, it appears that the driver from Quebec only thinks there’s a 1 in 10 chance the F1 season will start in Canada on the 14th of June. The reason for this doubt is the Ferrari team who’s headquarters in Maranello happens to be at the centre of the worst afflicted areas of the globe in Italy.


Carpentier also believes it would be simply unthinkable that the Maranello team would travel to Montreal while hundreds of people die every day in Italy. The dubious morality of this act would be too great.

Officially, the 2020 season is scheduled to begin on June 14th with the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

“Ferrari is an important part of F1. If they cancelled the first race of the season because McLaren was affected by the coronavirus, they won’t come to Montreal because Ferrari won’t be there. ” explains Patrick Carpentier.

“Right now, it would be very, very, very bad form for Ferrari to go racing while nearly 1,000 people a day are dying over there. ”

“I wish François [Dumontier, organizer of the Canadian Grand Prix] that it would happen, but I don’t think it’s possible. ”


But would Ferrari themselves push to race in Montreal if the opportunity arises?

Ferrari themselves are under incredible pressure from shareholders to get the season moving as fast as possible, the business hit not only by the delay to the Formula 1 season coupled with the huge losses in TV revenue, but also car production in northern Italy.

Officially, Ferrari plans to restart road car production as soon as 2 weeks time. An incredible ambition when the Corona Virus outbreak has a daily death toll of between 700 and 1000 in Italy.

But perhaps Carpentier underestimates the passion of the Italian people and what is, in essence, their national team? Could Ferrari competing at the Candian Grand Prix be seen as a signal for national ambition to bounce back from the epidemic?

These questions will no doubt be answered in the next few weeks.



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One response to “Morality in question? Ferrari is crucial to season start in Canada

  1. Corona virus is a tragedy – no doubt.
    However, far, far more people dies every day of other illnesses and natural causes than have ever died in the pandemic.
    Take Italy as a case in point, with 60 million living in Italy there would regularly be more than 2,000 people passing away daily. OK the virus increases this by 50% but 90% of those are in a vulnerable category and over 80 years old.
    If F1 were to start up again it would bring pleasure to millions around the world and especially to the Italians, who could see their beloved red cars circulating and carrying the flag again. If they won then the pride and celebration would be even greater.
    The virus has to be overcome and, even with world deaths exceeding 100,000 so far in three months, this is nothing to compare with world deaths every day running to almost 300,000.
    If people can still father children at the age of 89 then there is still a chance that humans will continue to over=populate the planet.

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