Schumacher fears Covid-19 will wipe out all teams, Ferrari desperate bid to restart car production

Former Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher fears that the coronavirus crisis will have serious consequences for Formula 1 teams, “and not just small teams”.

“For the time being, we shouldn’t only worry about the smaller teams, but also about the bigger ones,” Michael Schumacher’s brother said in an interview on Sky TV on Sunday.

The Formula 1 season has not yet been able to start with the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne at the beginning of the crisis and the seven Grand Prix on the programme until June.


No one can yet predict when the season will be able to resume. And for Ralf Schumacher, it’s not just teams like Williams or Haas that are threatened with big financial losses. Big manufacturers such as Mercedes are also affected.

“It’s difficult to predict what will happen and they will have to save themselves first. We’re talking about thousands of employees, hundreds of families who are going to be in trouble.

“Sports issues take a back seat. I think a team like Ferrari has other concerns than hoping that the race can resume in July. We can only hope that this will soon be behind us. ”


Behind closed doors, team’s such as Ferrari are looking at the future with extreme concern. Meetings between teams and the FIA, Ferrari put forward finishing the season off as late as January 2021 rather than outright cancel race, with one eye on TV revenues.

“The teams are in discussions with F1 and the FIA and there are several hypotheses on the table and each one is being studied at the moment.” said Ferrari’s boss Mattia Binotto.

“A reduced [2020] world championship or the assumption that the 2020 championship ends, for example, in January 2021 are some of those options, but for the moment we have to be open to all the assumptions to try and do as many Grand Prix as possible. ”


Indeed, the Italian team is even planning to reopen the road car division as early as mid-April despite the Corona Virus wreaking havoc amongst the population as the disease spreads like wildfire.

Over the weekend TJ13 reported on this astonishing plan, a clear indication that not only the F1 team, but also the entire brand that is Ferrari are very concerned about remaining viable in the future.

The press release Ferrari published last week, ends with the statement: “creating value for all stakeholders beyond near-term uncertainties,” revealing the fact that those in charge at the highest level are feeling the pressure already as quarterly and yearly financial projections go down the toilet day by day.



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